Famous Korean Influencers

Famous Korean Influencers – We all know famous K-Beauty influencers like Risabae, Ssin-nim, and Hyojin, but now we are past the time when makeup was only for women. Today, beauty standards have become so universal that they are no longer seen as something exclusively for women, but as something you wear to make yourself look better. A form of self improvement!

As more and more gender-related beauty products enter the Korean market these days, so do male beauty influencers! Hope to give you/your male friends some makeup inspiration, here are some male beauty influencers:

Famous Korean Influencers

Famous Korean Influencers

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Park Bo Sung first became famous on TikTok after uploading videos of his skilled makeup. As well as captivating audiences with his good looks, his one-minute make-up videos were hilariously edited and cleverly shot, which earned him a huge following within months.

Famous Korean Influencers

Not only is she incredibly good at putting on makeup, but her creativity is limitless when it comes to this art form. From school looks to idols, check this out if you want to know how to do it in a jiffy!

Choi Tokkii, who is famous among Ulzzang circles for her beady eyes and bunny smile, has been looking especially attractive for her highly praised multi-situation makeup work on YouTube.ldi

Famous Korean Influencers

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If you want to learn more about grooming in general, you should definitely check it out, as it includes not only makeup tutorials, but also a book of fashion looks and general styling tips.

Also known as Lee Sang Min, this former beauty/fashion host is undoubtedly one of Korea’s best kept secrets. The self-proclaimed male beauty influencer does everything from simple makeup tutorials to hair care tutorials.

Famous Korean Influencers

Not only is he a fashion magazine salesman, but he also wrote books on male appearance before creating YouTube, so if anyone knows male beauty better than anyone else, it has to be him.

A Well Known Korean Social Media Influencer Over The Years

The special effects makeup is pretty too… isn’t it? While they often post Halloween/idol looks, Seoulite occasionally shares their latest fashion and beauty finds to teach you a thing or two about keeping your face looking fresh and flawless.

Famous Korean Influencers

This duo’s skills are truly out of this world, and with their endless creativity and hilarious antics, you’ll soon find yourself reaching for a makeup brush to learn a trick or two!

If you want to stay up to date with the latest makeup and beauty trends, HOONION does an amazing job of showcasing the latest cosmetics just off the shelves! Apart from going deep into each product and talking about its features, it also teaches you how to use it easily.

Famous Korean Influencers

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Even though the videos don’t have English subtitles, I’m sure you can learn something too! After all, actions speak louder than words, and her personality is sure to shine through! There are many types of Instagram, so here are our TOP 8 in Korea! From K-pop icons to everyday lifestyle Instagram influencers, let’s discover them together.

As you can see in Korea’s TOP Instagram Influencers, Instagram is full of creative, original and talented content creators. This social network has influence for every brand, with endless categories and styles, from summery aesthetics to sporty and badass vibes. And for this issue, we’re focusing on Korean influencers! From global K-pop stars, actors and actresses to micro-influencers and athletes, get ready to be wowed by these Korean influencers!

Famous Korean Influencers

Our TOP Instagram influencers are based on a score that includes engagement rate, content diversity, audience quality and more. calculated by key performance indicators. Instagram influencers are known for their quality content and engagement rates. Since it takes time to build a strong community on these social media platforms, influencers need to engage with their audience to build their community and grow their following. So by partnering with Instagram influencers, you gain exposure from an audience that trusts the influencers and the products they feature on their feed. In other words, it’s a win-win for influencers gaining experience working with brands and businesses gaining visibility and interest.

Korean Speaking Influencers

Let’s start with the handsome hottie: Bae In Hyuk! Not only does he know how his social media works, but this content creator is also a musician! With an excellent score of 5/5, it ranks first in the TOP with 1.6 million subscribers, an impressive engagement rate of +30% and positive account growth. His feed is all about sharing his adventures as a singer and actor. At the same time, it is enough to post their favorite moments of everyday life.

Famous Korean Influencers

Check out our favorite Korean food! Meet Tina, the amazing cook and talented influencer! Looking for delicious recipes? He caught you! Tina loves sharing her favorite dishes with her viewers, taking pictures of the preparation process, and sharing the ingredients and steps in her post descriptions. With over 733,000 followers, he’s increased his score by +12%, incredible account growth +4%, and the highest.

Have you heard of Black Pink? If not, you’ll want to catch up! They are the most famous K-pop girl group, and Jisoo is one of its famous members. You have to check his followers to see how popular he is around the world… But not only does he have tons of followers, he’s also doing a great job as an influencer with a score of 4.8!

Famous Korean Influencers

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You may have seen her in the American TV series Teen Wolf, because our next influencer is also an actress! Arden has 3 million subscribers, rating 4.6/5, quality viewers and great activity on the account. Arden loves to vary her content, from sharing brand collaborations and fashion shoots to posting quirky looks and fun moments with her friends.

Meet our youngest TOP influencer: @hajumpoo! This youngster loves to share his passion for jumping on social media. Tricks, progress, new achievements… Following him means following his journey and followers love the authenticity of his account. With a super score, this athlete is also on his way to becoming a powerful influencer! Give it to @hajumpoo!

Famous Korean Influencers

The next influencers are amazing travel photographers and vloggers! Jungbin’s goal is to introduce South Korea to the world. So you will find beautiful landscapes, unique places and many other amazing places in its feed. This content creator manages to adapt his content well as he shares his journey with his community. Do you want to see the wonders of South Korea? I think we found the perfect influencer for that!

Korean Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

It’s time to bring you the TOP badass: Meet Ellie! As we can see on his @, he is a rider! Ellie knows a lot about motorbikes as she is a professional rider herself. With 17k followers on Instagram and 32k followers on YouTube, Ellie manages to adapt her content to every social platform. You’ll find all kinds of motorbikes from his bait with suitable materials and professional advice! Ellie impressed him with a great follow rate and content diversity score of 3/4!

Famous Korean Influencers

And last but not least, our TOP Korean Instagram Influencers to end our lifestyle influencers! Kim Si Hoon shared different outfits and locations from his daily life. With 152k followers, this content creator has good account activity and a good comment-to-like ratio with 25 posts shared in the last month.

Social media is a great communication channel for engaging with your target market, but some cultures are easier to reach when working with influencers from the same culture. Just as Spanish brands choose French influencers to reach their French audience, it is advisable to reach out to Korean Instagram influencers if your goal is to gain visibility in this community. Also, because they share the same culture as their audience, they will find it easier to communicate with them than influencers from a different culture!

Famous Korean Influencers

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What do you think of our TOP 8 Korean Instagram Influencers? If you enjoyed reading our article, check out our other TOPs on our blog!

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Famous Korean Influencers

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Famous Korean Influencers

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