Famous Korean Japanese

Famous Korean Japanese – The data is in. Based on the number of tweets between January and June 2018, here are the 20 most popular Japanese celebrities that Korean fans love!

Subaru Shibutani announced earlier this year that he left Japanese boy band Kanjani 8 to pursue music education.

Famous Korean Japanese

Famous Korean Japanese

JYJ’s Jaejoong is Korean, but he is the only Korean idol to appear in this Top 20 list. His popularity in both Korea and Japan proves that he is an Asian superstar!

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Keyakizaka46 is a popular Japanese girl group that debuted in 2015. With nearly 430K tweets, this idol group ranks #15 on the list!

Famous Korean Japanese

Rina Ikoma from the famous Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 was also part of Team B of AKB48 between 2014 and 2015.

Another Nogizaka46 member, Mai Shiraishi is ranked #11 in the Top 20 Most Popular Japanese Celebrities in Korea!

Famous Korean Japanese

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Kanjani 8 as a group ranked #10 on the list! Now a six member group after the loss of Subaru Shibutani ranked #19 on this list, Kanjani 8 is

TOKIO, now a four-member Japanese rock band, lost member Tatsuya Yamaguchi earlier in 2018, after he sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

Famous Korean Japanese

This Japanese boy group ranks #8 in the Top 20 Most Popular Japanese Celebrities in Korea with over 570K+ tweets!

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Sho Sakurai of the boy group Arashi is not only an idol, but also a singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and even a speaker!

Famous Korean Japanese

Momoiro Clover Z,  often referred to by MCZ or Momoclo, is one of the few very successful girl groups in Japan, along with AKB48. While some find the concepts childish, Momoiro Clover Z’s songs have proven bops!

Kis-My-Ft2 came in at #5 on the list! The funky funky name of this seven-member boy band comes from combining the members’ last name initials!

Famous Korean Japanese

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Kazunari Ninomiya, or Nino, is a member of Arashi who had over 690,000 tweets about him in 2018 alone! That puts him in the 4th of the Top 20 most popular Japanese celebrities in Korea!

, is at #3 on the list! Since the group’s debut in 2005, AKB48 has rewritten the history of the Japanese idol industry with hit songs.

Famous Korean Japanese

Yuzuru Hanyu is a male singles figure skater who was crowned the Most Popular Athlete of 2017 in Japan. His wild list of world records proves that he is one of the greatest male figure skaters in the world!

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Japan’s legendary 36-member girl group Nogizaka46 has become the #1 most popular Japanese celebrity in Korea! A fierce rival group to AKB48, Nogizaka46 became the first Japanese artist to appear on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart. On One Yuh Jung: Chanel cape, jacket and skirt. On Yu-na Jeon: Bonpoint blazer, top, and skirt. In Jin Ha: Blazer and Fendi shirt. Su Lee Minho: Louis Vuitton jacket, shirt and pants. On Minha Kim: Rosetta Getty cuts to Adam Lippes top.

Famous Korean Japanese

The 2017 novel by Korean American author Min Jin Lee tells the story of a Korean family spanning more than 80 years and spanning four generations. Sunja, the protagonist of the novel and the matriarch of the family, was born in the 1910s in Busan, Korea, colonized by Japan, and immigrated to Osaka, Japan. The family is Zainichi, Koreans living in Japan, who are subjected to discrimination and bullying.

Which takes its name from the arcade-style game (Sunja’s family eventually ended up operating a pachinko parlor in Osaka), was named one of the 10 best books of 2017 by

Famous Korean Japanese

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It was a finalist for a National Book Award. Hugh was aware of the buzz, and even though he was an American at heart, something kept him from reading it.

“I think that part of you is afraid to open the book because it would be kind of like having to deal with this pain, the trauma of the generation and the experience of the family in the last hundred years,” he said. But on a flight from London to New York, he decided to give it a shot.

Famous Korean Japanese

There is a scene earlier in the book where Yangjin, Sunja’s mother, begs a rice vendor to sell a bag of rice. It’s Sunja’s wedding day, and she wants her daughter to have white rice. The merchant hesitated; In Korea colonized by Japan, white rice is reserved for the Japanese. He finally gave and sold Yangjin a small bag.

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“I think a part of you is afraid to open the book because it would [mean] having to deal with this pain,” says Hugh.

Famous Korean Japanese

“So I’m on this plane and I’m reading the scene, and all of a sudden I start cracking up,” says Hugh. “It’s a sad scene, but more than that, it was a shock of recognition. I didn’t live in Korea in the 1930s, and even when I read that scene where Yangjin went to the rice seller, I felt like and I’ve experienced. it’s in my bones.”

At that moment, Hugh knew he would adapt the book for the screen. This spring, Apple TV + will release the eight-episode adaptation of Hugh

Famous Korean Japanese

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With Jin Ha, Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Minho and Minha Kim. In addition to co-writing the script, Hugh is an executive producer, along with series director Justin Chon and Kogonada.

, what I knew about the history of Korea and Japan came from Wikipedia. I didn’t learn about colonization in school, but there were hints of the traumatic past in the snide comments about Japan whispered to my family after a few drinks and the insistence on using Korean instead of Japanese words for food:

Famous Korean Japanese

I knew that my maternal ancestors lived in the Japanese colonization of Korea from 1910 to 1945, but they were not part of the Zainichi community. The specificity of the book’s depiction of the intimate realities of life under Japanese rule helped paint a picture of what my grandparents and their grandparents’ lives might have been like. After reading it, I bought a copy of the Korean translation for my mother and she started asking questions.

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It’s fiction, but it’s very researched. Lee interviewed dozens of Zainichi women while writing to ensure she accurately captured their experiences: “Japanese Koreans may have been historical victims, but when I met them in person, none of them were so simple. ,” he wrote. in the acknowledgments of the book.

Famous Korean Japanese

“It was never a question that it would be in language,” says Hugh. “I don’t understand how else you can tell the story of colonization because language is part of it.”

Building on Lee’s research, Hugh followed the Zainichi women to hear their stories before it was too late. “These women are 90 to 104 years old, and we had their oral testimony, and it’s actually part of the show,” he said. “I really wanted to make sure I learned the story from the actual mouth of the person who lived it.” The commitment to historical accuracy is evident in the cast’s performances as well. Jin Ha, a Korean American who plays Sunja’s nephew Solomon, speaks Korean and English, but for the show he had to learn to play a Korean man who grew up in Japan.

Famous Korean Japanese

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He first read the novel when he heard the show was greenlit. It is written in English, but the characters speak Japanese and Korean throughout. I knew there were two directions the production could take: “If they decide to do what we’re used to as an English-speaking audience, where it’s like, we’re going to do this ambiguously accented English to mark it as a foreigner . language, then I had a long time, “he said. And if the production was linguistically accurate, “I did not shoot this show.”

Before auditioning for the role, Ha dictated her lines to her father, who speaks Japanese. “I was like, ‘Hey, can you just record yourself reading this?’ “His father also transliterated the lines using Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and sent them to Ha. “So I got the Hangul transliteration in Japanese, and then I transliterated these Korean characters in English as the Roman letters read.”

Famous Korean Japanese

He used this system to make an autocassette that finally won the share. Once he signed the project, the Japanese study really began. Not only did he have to learn to be convincing in Japanese, he also had to learn to speak the various Japanese dialects that his character used in various contexts. “Every time Soo asks me questions, like, ‘Do you want to do more?’ Can we go further in this reality? ‘My answer has always been yes,’ he says. cousins ​​of my ancestors”.

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“It was never a question of language; I don’t understand how you could tell the story of colonization because language is part of it,” says Hugh. “I just don’t think you can do this story without doing the three languages.”

Famous Korean Japanese

The cast is a mix of Korean Americans and South Koreans, all with ties to Korean history.

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