Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century – Before photography, painters were the ones who took visual images of society. Some of the ancient images are believed to have been carved on rocks by the ancient Egyptians as a way to immortalize their rulers and gods. Over the centuries, the traditional form continued to be preserved to represent royal families and religious figures. The best painters in this area will be commissioned to create works of art, which aim to capture the “truth” of their subjects. For this reason, early paintings often reflected a person’s art rather than their true appearance.

Through different periods and artistic movements, photography has evolved along with civilization. From the masterpieces of the Renaissance to paintings of middle-class life during the Realism movement, artists developed their own styles, and some even began to paint their own portraits. Famous painters such as Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, Pablo Picasso, and Gustav Klimt were all concerned with portraying human emotions, and they inspired many of today’s artists who pushed old genres in new directions.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Vancouver-based artist Lauren Brevner creates mixed media portraits of women that resemble contemporary versions of Gustav Klimt’s works. Straddling the line between contemporary art and traditional Japanese art, each stylized image is painted on wooden panels and rendered in a variety of materials, including oil and acrylic paint, resin, floating gold leaf, and pieces of traditional Japanese paper.

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The work of Japanese artist Yasutomo Oka may look like paintings at first, but each painting was covered in oil paint. Each photorealistic painting captures every detail of the women’s portraits, such as their soft skin, flowing hair, and elaborate clothing. Just like the old masters of the past, Oka uses real models as the starting point for his work, but he often creates suitable images for his subjects.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

After painting the official portrait of former US president Barack Obama, the work of New York artist Kehinde Wiley restores classic Renaissance paintings by replacing the white nobility with modern people of color. Her beautiful paintings feature subjects posed as royalty in society, surrounded by colorful floral patterns that reference the textiles and ornaments of their culture.

Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald challenges stereotypes of African Americans, shedding light on experiences often left behind in history. “We get the same stories about who we are – stories full of pain, oppression and struggle,” she said.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

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Perhaps his most famous commission is that of first lady Michelle Obama. In keeping with her signature style, Sherald painted Mrs. Obama standing with her hand under her chin, wearing an Op-inspired dress by designer Michelle Smith.

South African artist Frans Smit recreates European painting from the 13th to 17th centuries by transforming the works of the old masters into abstract oil paintings. Blurring the line between painting and street art, his works feature elements that differ from traditional photography but are layered with artificial swirls and splatters of paint that change their nature.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Celebrating creativity and promoting positive culture by highlighting the best aspects of humanity – from light and fun to inspiration and enlightenment. in Cologne. Without adhering to a set style, without using expressive gestures or visual phenomena, Richter revolutionized painting, helping him rise to become one of the greatest artists of our time.

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Glenn Lowry, the director of MoMA in New York, believes that Richter is the author of paintings “so different from each other that at first glance they seem to be different hands.” ” Not that one can mistake Richter, his guided research into all aspects of human portraiture can only come from him. For over 60 years he has thoroughly explored the possibilities of contemporary painting in the age of digital reproduction, producing challenging and fascinating works ‘ questioning how realistic images can be completely unreliable and unstable.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

His backstory is nothing short of amazing. As a 13-year-old boy, he saw the flames as Dresden burned in World War II. His uncle was killed in battle and his younger sister, Marianne, who suffered from dementia, died in a Nazi death camp. After the war – and although he was supported as an artist in the GDR – he was frustrated with the limitations placed on him, and after seeing the work of Jackson Pollock in documenta II, he fled with his first wife Ema to the West. This was in 1961, a few months before the Berlin Wall was built.

Since moving to Düsseldorf, Richter hasn’t looked back, and has an international reputation as an outstanding artist of the 21st century. In addition to the most expensive – in 2015 his image

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

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Now along with 26 new paintings created last year, many pioneering works from the Ludwig Museum’s permanent collection will be on display. Let’s take a look at some of the unique activities in this exhibition.

Ema (Akt auf einer Treppe), Ema (Nude on the Staircase), 1966 is considered by many to be one of his greatest works,

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

, 1966, is also one of his most controversial. Once the victim of the knife attack now hangs behind unbreakable glass in the Ludwig Museum. The painting shows a nude woman coming down the stairs, probably sleeping. “

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A portrait of Richter’s first wife, Marianne Eufinger (Ema), is two months pregnant. Using his new blur technique, he is right in front of our eyes but as if hiding behind a curtain. Now known as the “Mona-Lisa of Cologne”, Richter’s response when he saw Marcel Duchamp’s 1965 exhibition and his famous painting.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Painted with a sense of wonder, even changing the light source of the original stage painting, allowing the painting to emerge.

Richter is known for his frustration that he often fails to achieve the accuracy he aims for. In an interview with his biographer, Robert Storr, he revealed that he was on the verge of retouching the image to make it work: “It’s a forced movement in the end. To make the image attractive to look at.” But he also makes it clear that he removed “the elements of making everything equally important and not equally important”, so that they look at “the artist or the craftsman but the technology.”

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

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It was a difficult and transitional period for the artist, his daughter had just been born and he painted much less this year than usual – keeping only 31 works throughout the year. The doors tease by offering a way out but never reveal anything beyond. To evoke a sense of change, they challenge the viewer to step into the realm beyond.

With eleven glass panels placed next to each other, Richter plays with the ability of glass to reflect and be seen. The transparency of each pan is gradually affected by adding exposure to each other, providing the trademark clarity seen in Richter’s photographs.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

Linked between design and painting, the artist also plays with the western idea of ​​the image whether it is a window to another world or a mirror that reflects whatever is in front of him.

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Created for the 1972 Venice Biennale, Richter’s oil paintings are designed to resemble delicate black and white paintings. Each head has the same appearance as if from the same source. Oscar Wilde and Albert Einstein are included and each is a European or North American white male in the fields of music, philosophy and science. There are obviously no politicians or artists on the list. The scenes are arranged from center to left and center to right, with a central image of Franz Kafka’s portrait seen overhead.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

In typical Richter style, the artist refuses to give any explanation of what is behind the work, and the work itself does not reveal anything about why these characters were chosen. “I’m interested in the unspoken language of these images: the heads, although full of literature and philosophy, become invisible. People are unknown. That’s the point.”

Krieg (War), 1981 It is said that Richter did not like the picture, and felt that the name was too bright. In his later books he would only list them and not comment on the matter. Painting, according to Richter, must maintain “mystery”, and his goal in later works is for the viewer to distinguish the painting based only on the merits of the painting itself.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

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, large paintings are drawn in emotionless passages on canvas, using Richter’s trademark. The works produced during this period often explore the language of extraction and find strategies to “disassemble the tools of painting.”

Richter often claims that he paints “like a camera” even when there is no photographic subject: “I’m not trying to make a picture, I’m trying.

Famous Painters Of The 21st Century

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