Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News – Prince Harry has just been punished by his supposed relatives. What are we talking about? Find out now!

After all the drama that unfolded in 90 Day Fance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, fans have…

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Earlier this year, we reported on Nick Viall’s engagement to much younger fiancée Natalie Joy. The basis of Bachelor Fam is not…

Gossip Girl’ Reboot Canceled By Hbo Max After 2 Seasons

90 Day: The Last Resort launches next week. Evil seems to triumph when good people do nothing. notorious franchise…

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Last month, former reality TV star Collin Gosselin spoke out against Kate. He was brave and couldn’t…

Since the premiere of season 5, Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa have stood out in 90 Day Fance: The Other…

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

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Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous and successful women in the entertainment industry. Despite being one of Hollywood’s…

In the final episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Gino and Jasmine went on a beautiful, crazy…

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Tammy Slaton has a message for the haters. I really hope they pay close attention to what he said.

Celebrity Gossip & News

After last week’s awkwardness in the Hamptons, it’s time to throw in Real New York Housewives…

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Angus Cloud apparently died of a drug overdose. But his mother wants the world to know that her son did not take his own life. Although gossip has a bad reputation, it helps us form and maintain relationships, say psychologists. Getty Images (3); Canvas

Due to promising reviews. (It will be released on September 23, but premiered at the Venice International Film Festival [PDF] earlier this month.) Or it may be on your radar because of the on-camera drama surrounding alleged scams, snubs, bad blood. and affairs of the heart (including an affair between director Wilde and star Harry Styles).

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Kristen Bell And Idina Menzel Receive Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

We will not repeat all the details; BuzzFeed News has already done so, with Variety, Harper’s Bazaar, and Page Six reporting the rumors. In addition, several actors and crew posted their opinions on their social media channels to fuel the rumors.

While you may indeed wonder what the truth behind these rumors is, the media frenzy surrounding them may also make you ask yourself: why do we care so much about celebrity drama? What is the psychology behind our cultural obsession with gossip? Here’s what two psychologists have to say.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Gossip is so important to our cultural psyche that the American Psychological Association (APA) has its own definition. According to the APA dictionary, a gossip is a personal statement or transmission of information that is often baseless and may (but not necessarily) be scandalous in content or with bad intentions. According to the APA, gossip affects group bonding and has serious implications for the transmission and reinforcement of cultural norms.

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“Some people try to categorize gossip as negative discussion or criticism of others, but really gossip is just sharing social information,” says Dr. David Ludden, chair of the psychology department at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville. Any time you talk about people who aren’t there, it’s gossip, Dr. Ludden says.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

In a study published in April 2019 in the journal Social and Psychological Personality Science, scientists set out to find out what makes people gossip. They found that out of a group of 467 participants, about three-quarters of the gossip people shared was neutral and fairly dull, neither positive nor negative.

Stephen Benning, a psychology professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, says gossip often refers to information about others that is shared with people whose information they would prefer to keep private.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

In Touch Weekly August 7, 2023 (digital)

“We’re social animals and we need to know what’s going on in a social setting, so gossip is very useful,” says Ludden, who studies the psychology of language and how it shapes our social world.

He gives the example of asking co-workers how the meeting with the boss went to get a sense of the boss’s attitude and decide whether to ask for a favor. Basically, gossip can help you better prepare for socializing for what’s to come. “I don’t need to meet someone face-to-face to have an idea of ​​what they’re like because other people tell me about their encounters with them,” says Ludden.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

It can also be a way to build relationships. “Sharing gossip can create social bonds,” says Dr. Benning. “It provides currency in private information that creates a shared sense of community to store that information.” So gossip is especially attractive to those who want to connect with others.

Deuxmoi: The Rise Of Instagram’s Anonymous Celebrity Gossip Sharer With 1.7 Million Followers

We are also attracted to gossip for less important reasons. “Sharing ‘juicy gossip’ (information that hurts or denigrates the person being talked about) is also a form of relational aggression because it attacks people’s social stature and standing on social networks,” says Benning. People may engage in this type of gossip to elevate their social status or join a social network they didn’t have before.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

“A lot of bad gossip is designed to make you feel better than the person you’re talking to,” says Ludden. “This is not a healthy approach to building self-esteem.”

A study published in May 2019 in the journal Frontiers in Psychology confirms all this. Researchers have identified six different reasons for gossip, including information gathering and research, relationship building, self-protection, social enjoyment, and negative influence. While the negative influence (speaking badly of someone or trying to disassociate from them) was a clear motive for some people in certain situations, the study found that it was actually the weakest motivation to get people to gossip. Gathering and verifying information about the people they were gossiping about was stronger.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Hollywood’s Secret History: Scotty Bowers On Sex And Stars In The Golden Era

There is also evidence to suggest that negative gossip can positively influence social groups and encourage cooperation (though perhaps not in the most altruistic way).

In an article published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers found that when people passed on information about other people’s reputations (the definition of a “rumours” researcher), others tended to interact with people who were described as cooperative and rejected those who were described as selfish. As a result, those who were ostracized tended to change their behavior and act more cooperatively.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Whether you engage in harmless or harmful gossip, says Britt Frank, LCSW, a psychotherapist in Overland Park, Kansas, and author of The Science of Stuck. Ask yourself how you would feel if the person you are talking to heard your conversation. Would you feel uncomfortable if other people talked about you in the same way? Would sharing information have any positive benefits for you and the listener, such as developing empathy or imparting some important knowledge? If you answered “no” to one or both of the questions, gossip is probably a negative type.

Tmz: The Celebrity Gossip Site That Crashed The Royal Wedding

Why we love to gossip about celebrities as much (or more) than people we know

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Based on these definitions, you might conclude (as do psychologists) that gossip plays a role in our social interactions with others—helping us learn more and feel more connected to our networks or elevating our own status. . So what motivates us to gossip about A-lists that we don’t (and probably never will) come across?

Just because we’ve never met these celebrities doesn’t mean we don’t relate to them. “What we do is create parasocial or imaginary relationships with them,” says Ludden. For example, you may feel close to a successful singer or athlete you followed and celebrated, according to the National Registry of Health Service Psychologists.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

Orlando Bloom Receives Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!: Photo 3083438

Like the rumors themselves, these relationships can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the circumstances. Parasocial ties can fill in the gaps in our real relationships and are a risk-free way to feel connected to others because you can’t be rejected by someone who isn’t really in a relationship with you, says Ludden.

But if these relationships dominate your life – for example, if you’re so involved with a certain celebrity or relationship with a celebrity that you don’t build real social relationships with the people around you – then that’s a bad thing.

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

These celebrity gossip can be an unlikely way to feel connected as the information you share is not a threat to you or a member of your circle of friends. “Sharing information about your own world can be uncomfortable and vulnerable,” says Frank. “Celebrity gossip is a safer way to interact with a date, ingratiate yourself to a group at a party, or feel part of a new team at work.”

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It can also serve as a form of relaxation. “When life is overwhelming, focusing on celebrity gossip can be a way to relieve feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness or stress,” says Frank. “Scrolling through celebrity gossip puts us in a dissociative state where we can take a break from resentment.”

Hollywood Stars Latest Gossip And News

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