How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

How To Build Your Brand On Instagram – Instagram has shown incredible growth, with its community reaching 2 billion monthly users in 2021. Despite its impressive reach, many business owners still overlook its marketing potential. As a result, they walk away with higher levels of engagement, brand awareness, and even profits. But why? In just 12 months, we used Instagram to gain 400,000 followers for the Founder – which is over 70,000 email subscribers. By the end of that period, we were averaging 30,000 call-to-action clicks per month from Instagram, and converted 30% of users who came to our website from the Instagram page into email subscribers. We’ve seen it work, now it’s time for you to get in on the action. In this article, we’ll show you how to build your brand with Instagram. (If you’re looking for more marketing tools and resources for your new business, check out our comprehensive guide on how to start a business.) How to Build a Brand on Instagram Build an Instagram strategy. Experiment with platform features. Follow the trend. Invest in high-quality creative assets. Engage in strategic partnerships. Develop a highly engaged community of followers. Post regularly. Analyze your data and improve your approach. Share your profile on other channels. Convert your followers into customers. Create your biography. 1. Write an Instagram strategy. We listed this as the first step because it is the most important step in building a brand on Instagram. If you don’t have a clear strategy, you’ll end up with underperforming content and scattered content as you struggle to generate new ideas. To build an Instagram strategy, you need to do four things: define your goals. Narrow your target audience. Research your competitors. Develop your content plan. 2. Experiment with platform features. Instagram continues to grow. In fact, every week, the Head of Instagram shares a video discussing new features and product updates on the platform. In one of his latest videos, he announced that they are testing a subscription feature that will allow people to subscribe to their favorite creators and access exclusive Lives and Stories. In addition to all the new features from the social platform testing, many tools already exist, such as Live Rooms, shop posts, Scheduled Lives, and hashtags – to name a few. Our suggestion is to choose one or two features to test each month. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed and allow you to measure the impact of each feature. For example, hashtags can help you reach users who don’t follow you but might be interested in your products and services. Don’t know how much to spend? Data from our latest Instagram Engagement Report shows that brands should only use one hashtag per post. Another reason to test Instagram features is that they can help you reach more users. The platform has received account promotions that use features that brands want to highlight, such as Reels. This is a win: you stay ahead, discover which features work for you, and you can expand your reach in the process. 3. Follow trends. On social media, all it takes is one video or audio to go viral for the whole world to join in with their own version. Most of these cultures are benign and harmless with a lifespan of three weeks or less. Why should you join? Yes, this is an opportunity to connect with your audience in a creative and fun way. If you jump in when a trend is emerging, it can also give you a quick boost in engagement and reach. When considering joining any culture, there are two things you want to ask: How can I bring the culture back to my business and/or company so that it is relevant to my audience? What is the origin of this culture and might it conflict with our company values? 4. Invest in high-quality creative assets. A great Instagram post can be boiled down to a formula and requires two elements: a beautiful image and a compelling caption. Beautiful Images Choose images that tell a story or evoke emotion. These images we share are not only interesting and inspiring, they also generate emotions and thereby initiate engagement from our followers. The look of your business will depend on your industry, but think beyond posting images of your own products and services. Posting about yourself over and over again on social media is like being the person at the party who constantly talks about yourself. Also, be careful of copyright issues. If the image is not yours, ask permission to use it or take a non-exclusive photo of the image. (Check out this great list of royalty-free stock photos here.) Copy Integration While you don’t need to add text to your Instagram posts, it provides benefits that photos can’t. Think of your headline as an additional way to attract your followers and keep them engaged. This is a place to add context, share more information, ask questions, and invite comments. 5. Use strategic partnerships. One of the biggest frustrations for many marketers using Instagram is that they don’t know how to build a following. After all, without a large number of followers, how can you be an effective marketing channel? There was one particular strategy we used to quickly increase our Instagram followers to 10,000 in two weeks: partnering with other Instagram accounts. Are we talking about marketing or influencer marketing? Both because they provide the same result: Expand your reach. Additionally, both require you to: Conduct research to see if their audience is similar to yours. Assess your business goals and determine KPIs for the partnership. Collaborate on content strategy. For example. HubSpot recently teamed up with @ntwrkto to celebrate Women’s History Month and promote the Grow Better project. Image Source Now that Instagram allows the same post to be shared by two profiles, brands can easily market on the platform. Followers of both accounts will see the post, increasing reach and engagement with each other. 6. Build a highly engaged community of followers. Engagement on Instagram comes in many forms, including followers sharing your content, liking and commenting, tagging their friends, and clicking on your calls to action. In this section, we will discuss some of our strategies for growing the community. Post When Your Followers Are Actually Seeing Your Content Have you ever posted something to social media that you thought would be successful, only to be met with crickets? Low likes, low shares, and only comments take us away from spambots. While it’s easy to think that you’re underestimating the power of posts, it could be that you’re sending updates at the wrong time. The easiest way to find out when your followers will be active on the app is to open your insights dashboard. If you have a business account (you should), you can learn valuable insights about the personalities and behavior of people on the app, including location, age, gender, and occupation. From there, you can schedule your posts based on the days and times your audience is most active. That Engagement Many brands will start an Instagram account and be disappointed when people don’t engage with their content. It seems obvious and simple, but sometimes getting your audience involved makes a big difference. You can include the action you want your followers to take as part of the image itself, or include it in the caption. Check out this example from clothing brand Grass Fields. Image Source In their post, they shared a series of images and asked their followers to name their favorites in the comments. Not only do they get real-time feedback about their products, but they also get great engagement on those posts. 7. Post regularly. As users scroll through the app, they compete for attention with millions of other brands. Therefore, visibility is key. With so many ways to share content, from Reels to Stories to Lives, there are many ways to reach your audience – each requiring different levels of effort and preparation. This is good news for brands, especially small brands. While we recommend you share on the platform daily, you can choose how to share based on your bandwidth and which method offers the most ROI. For example, a feed post may require more work than a Story because it will be placed on your profile. With a Story, you can quickly interact with your audience through quick polls, questions, retweeted posts and know that they will disappear after 24 hours. A good rule of thumb: Publish posts in feed three to four times a week and share them in Stories every day. 8. Check your data and continue your journey. If you have followed all the tips outlined above

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