How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram – Instagram is one of the best social media (and even digital marketing) sites for promoting your brand. In fact, the report shows that 72% of shoppers are looking for their next purchase on Instagram.

However, this is the story. While Instagram is a powerful and effective advertising platform, if your ad creative is not compelling and your copy is not credible enough, you are unlikely to get any real campaign results. Not one.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

To increase your Instagram advertising ROI, you need to create prominent ads. Fortunately, inspiration is not hard to find, many brands are advertising on Instagram.

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Below we have broken down the 20 best Instagram ads to speed up your ad creation process.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Similar to simple Facebook advertising, image advertising is an Instagram ad with a single image (with or without a copy). They appear between organic posts on a user’s Instagram dashboard. The effectiveness of image ads depends on the quality of the copy (if any), the color palette, the features in the image, and the call to action.

Udemy is one of the world’s most popular open source online (MOOC) platforms. In this ad, the brand is promoting a specific course on cryptocurrencies.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

How To Use Facebook Ads Manager

Here Elementor is promoting a new service. In this annual flat rate plan, they offer WordPress developers and websites that come with hosting for $ 99 (a steal if you ask me).

In this ad, popular cryptocurrency company Binance is trying to get more customers to sign up for its platform.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

In this ad, Walmart invites potential customers to one of their stores to try new flavors of barbecue for free.

Instagram Is Working On A New Multi Ad Format Display For Reels

Video ads on Instagram are animated or live action videos. The purpose of video advertising is to attract and attract potential customers and persuade them to buy a product or service.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

The most effective video advertising is easy to understand, relevant and brand-focused. They should work even without sound. Here are some of the brands that have mastered the art of using video in their Instagram ads.

In this ad, Yoga International celebrates International Yoga Day by offering clients live yoga classes taught by expert teachers.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Facebook Ad Sizes And Specs For 2023 (guide)

You really do not require potential customers to enter their last name, home address, office number, mobile phone number and their last pet name to access your services. Such a long process can only be a cause for concern.

In this ad, HubSpot is trying to get more people to try their free customer relationship management (CRM) system.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Instagram carousels are posts with lots of pictures or videos. These ads appear between organic posts in the user feed. People can view circular posts on the mobile app by swiping left. However, on the desktop, you have to click the arrow button to the right of the post.

The Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions (2023 Update)

Carousel ads are used on Instagram to promote multiple products that cannot be displayed in a single image. Each slide in an Instagram circle ad can have its own title and CTA. Some brands also use circular advertising to highlight multiple features, details, or qualities of a single product or service.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

While contrasting colors help make your ad stand out, using smart colors can also create an impressive effect.

In this ad, The New Yorker tries to entice people to book a flight with British Airways.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

The Time To Act On Ad Creative Is Now

In this ad, Oppo tries to attract the masses to join them for the 2022 London Design Festival.

In this commercial, Blue Apron strives to provide a balanced meal prepared by the chef to the door of those who purchase its services.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Instagram Stories ads are at the top of every Instagram user feed, along with organic stories. Story and story ads are short videos or basic images that display vertically and fit across the entire phone screen to provide a better user experience. The story advertisement looks similar to the organic story and somewhere in between.

Instagram Ad Sizes For All Post Formats In 2023

Headway software helps you increase your knowledge through fun, easy-to-understand games and activities. In this ad, they highlight the program’s ability to narrow down books by the world’s greatest thinkers into small lessons that people can read on the go.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

In this ad, Kaplan Pathways partners with Arizona State University to improve its health, technology and environment.

All ads on Instagram are labeled “sponsored”. The label indicates that the company is paying for Instagram to promote the post to a new audience.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

I Want More Instagram Ads. Instagram Completely Nailed Advertising…

MasterClass is an online learning platform that sells courses created by celebrities, influencers and experts on the subject. In this sponsorship announcement, MasterClass is promoting a cooking class run by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

In this ad, Uber tells people that it will give them extra money if they sign up and make 30 deliveries.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

While each ad has its own winning streak, great Instagram ads have some common elements that you can incorporate into the next ad you create.

How To Stop Instagram Ads: Browse Your Instagram Without Ads

With this list of the best Instagram advertising examples, you will get the best source of inspiration for creating ads on Instagram that will generate leads and conversions for your business.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

This website uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist in browsing, tracking website usage and website traffic, assisting our advertising and marketing efforts, and customizing and refining our services as described in our Privacy Policy. We are on the implementation of marketing and online advertising technology. Known as social advertising, it is becoming an increasingly common trend among companies and digital enterprises.

This is not the case because users spend most of their day on social media to compare opinions, assuming these are the right places to place ads.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Instagram Ads Cost In 2023

“The range of different profiles on the internet is so wide that we can find a target audience in almost every business.”

Although advertising on Instagram is one of the most confusing options for brands along with Facebook advertising, many people are still unaware of all the options that Instagram has to offer.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

So my challenge in this article is to help you understand everything you can achieve with Instagram advertising. To do this we need to answer the following questions:

What Facebook Ads Cost: Everything To Know (2023)

The benefit of creating ads on Instagram is in the nature of this social network, the emotional energy of the image.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

“If there is one thing that moves and attracts the most users, it is advertising that is full of creative and sound content.”

The Zuckerberg team is well aware of the appeal of image-based social media, so they have worked hard to develop options for being able to advertise on Instagram.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Instagram Ads: How To Target Competitor Audiences

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, as they are based on the specific characteristics of Instagram advertising.

In addition to knowing how to advertise on Instagram, it is even more important that you consider all kinds of ads that allow you to create this social network to lead your campaign towards a specific goal.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

If you are about to create your first advertising campaign, my advice is to go directly to Facebook Advertising Manager, as you will find all the information you need to take the first step.

Instagram Marketing Guide: 11 Tips That Actually Work

While it may cost a little money at first, but eventually you will feel comfortable once you have completed some other campaigns that focus on your IG audience through this tool.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

When in FB admin, the first thing you have to choose is exactly the type of campaign you want to create based on different goals:

Videos longer than 3 seconds will be harder because in this case Facebook advises us to place bets on the goal of video reproduction.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Instagram Adds Advertisements To Explore Feeds

Each business can choose its specific goal and direct advertising to reach that goal. In addition, this type of campaign allows A / B test organizers to test the most effective options.

The last three types of marketing campaigns you can run using Instagram focus on gaining conversions, selling catalogs, or accessing business.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

It is generally an action that should be performed only if the target audience is well known and capable of performing these activities.

How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page In 2023

In addition to understanding the types of marketing campaigns you can run, there are other relevant information about advertising on Instagram, such as the technical limitations you consider before running an ad with video or images.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Start discussing the options that social media offers when it comes to static images, so your ad always looks good:

The requirements and characteristics that the film must meet are somewhat different. For example, in this case, it is advisable not to use more than 20% of the screen area to display text, especially if it is a video that will appear in Instagram Stories.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

Ads Are Coming To Instagram’s Explore Tab And Profile Feeds

On the other hand, the maximum duration of such videos on social media does not exceed 15 seconds. Far:

Also recommended.

How To Put Sponsored Ads On Instagram

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