Japan Famous Fish

Japan Famous Fish – From popular pet to revered art object, the goldfish has been a symbol of beauty in Japanese art for centuries.

20 years ago, Riusuke Fukahori dropped out of art college and became depressed and depressed. While sitting in his room in Nagoya, he decided to give up his art. But suddenly, a vision comes to him from the most unlikely: a goldfish.

Japan Famous Fish

Japan Famous Fish

“I looked at my golden pet and realized that the beauty I was looking for was right in front of me all this time,” said Fukahori. Then he took the brush and painted. Then it took longer.

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He calls this inspiring moment his “Kingyo Sukui,” or “Goldfish Salvation,” a play on the words of a traditional Japanese game of catching goldfish. Both words are similar when spoken.

Japan Famous Fish

Today, Fukahori is synonymous with goldfish because of his three-dimensional gold art style. He is popular in Japan and abroad, although he was not interested in goldfish after he first dropped out of art school.

It may take two months to complete the construction. A layer of clear glue surrounds the three-dimensional shapes of the goldfish that are partially painted on acrylic. The result is a natural shadow created by the gold paint that shimmers under the surface as if it were alive and floating.

Japan Famous Fish

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Goldfish were first brought to Japan by Chinese traders in 1502 and sold as prized pets to samurai and nobles. As in China, the goldfish is also a symbol of wealth, luck and success.

“The favorite color is red with gold glitter, and in Japan this color combination is very lucky: gold symbolizes wealth, red can ward off disease or misfortune,” says Kathryn. Tanaka, associate professor of the department. Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural and Historical Studies from Otemae University, Japan.

Japan Famous Fish

In the middle of the Edo period, between 1603 and 1868, goldfish became a popular pet, but their beauty was reserved only for the nobility. In the 19th century, the military government of Edo ended and the Meiji period began, a change in modern Japan.

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At this time, the country began to industrialize and open to western culture; painting involves a combination of historical and modern influences; pottery, weaving, and other crafts gradually became mass-produced. Goldfish become popular with common people.

Japan Famous Fish

“I think part of the appeal was the first connection with the nobles and nobles, but it became popular because of its beauty, its color and the way it moves,” said Tanaka.

Since then, the goldfish has been a favorite fish of the Japanese people. Many varieties are grown almost all over the country, but most are grown in Tokyo and Yamatokoriyama in the Nara region.

Japan Famous Fish

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Every year in the heat of August, summer festivals open in most cities, and kingyo-sukui—a traditional game from the Edo period—challenges players to catch live goldfish and paper bag-a common feature in the summer. now the festivals.

“Coincidentally, the breakfast that saved me from giving up the craft came from these fish shops,” said Fukahori.

Japan Famous Fish

Goldfish are so popular at the beginning of each summer that schools are brought from Tokyo to Hokkaido. In the northernmost part of Japan’s main islands, fish find it difficult to survive the harsh winter.

Japan, Honshu Island, Chugoku, Hiroshima, Famous Nishikigoi Fish, Koi Stock Photo

During the Muromachi period, when Chinese goldfish first arrived in Japan in the 1500s, trade between the two nations flourished. During this period, as the culture blossomed, the goldfish entered Japanese art—specifically, a genre known as ukiyo-e.

Japan Famous Fish

Ukiyo means “dark world” or “dark and troubled world” and depicts the urban life of Japan’s Edo period. They often include wooden panels that depict the entertainment venues of the cities at that time. Goldfish were bred to have long, elegant fins that reflect the aesthetics of the Edo period in Japan.

Perhaps the world’s most famous gold art of woodblock prints is Kingyo Zukushi by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, a famous sketch artist of the time.

Japan Famous Fish

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The collection includes nine artworks depicting goldfish as humans in situations such as fending off enemies, enjoying a drink, and keeping shelter from the rain. Most of the works are in the Royal Museum of Art and History in Belgium, but some are also displayed in Japan.

According to Fukahori, a visiting professor at Yokohama College of Art and Design, Japanese art has included animals acting and dressing like humans since ancient times. But Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s art, he says, explored a world outside of tradition, which is why he became so popular.

Japan Famous Fish

“In Kuniyoshi’s art (gold) has been freed from the world of water and seems to have taken on their freedom. I believe that Kuniyoshi’s wisdom and amazing skills are clearly visible in how much he does,” Fukahori said.

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Today, the goldfish remains a central theme in modern Japanese culture and popular art. Fukahori’s art is a symbol of the well-being of goldfish in Japanese culture.

Japan Famous Fish

“Of course, the Japanese people really like goldfish, as opposed to tropical fish. But most of these Japanese people probably don’t know. “They may not understand the beauty of goldfish because they are so close to our daily lives,” said Fukahori.

“I don’t look at pictures of real goldfish when I’m painting. I use my imagination and memory. Most goldfish are domesticated by humans. I feel like I’m doing it all over again in my head, creating new, different types of goldfish.

Japan Famous Fish

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“They don’t exist, but they exist. They may seem like they exist, but they don’t. The goldfish I make are ghosts or ghosts,” said Fukahori.

Fukahori works at Kingyo Yougajyou, an art gallery in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. His artwork is designed to make you look down – this is a tribute to the Japanese people’s love of looking at these animals.

Japan Famous Fish

Elsewhere, locals and tourists flock to Japan’s annual Art Aquarium exhibit, which features goldfish swimming in worlds, globes and other tanks with different shapes and sizes. geometric shape. Fluorescent lights running through the dark walls of the venue are very bright while the music fills the space.

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The creator of the show, Hidetomo Kimura, sold fish in shops in Japan for several years as an ornamental fish expert, but his love for art and design led him to create. His exhibits feature other aquatic animals, but his goldfish series are among the most popular, with over 8.1 million visitors.

Japan Famous Fish

According to Professor Tanaka, signs of goldfish can be found everywhere on everyday objects, including napkins, napkins, dishes and even sweets, and “they cannot be seen by the person.”

“Perhaps in a general sense mass production is less affected by human resources because it is not trivial,” he said.

Japan Famous Fish

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“I think [the lure of the goldfish] has changed. People don’t know the history, but it is still associated with summer, beauty and beauty. The sharp fish has been a source of inspiration and inspiration for centuries. They are very rich in symbolic importance in Japanese and Chinese culture and history. Known as a symbol of strength, endurance, love, courage and sacrifice, enthusiasts collect live carp with gifts or art.

The koi fish is a freshwater fish that is bred for its beautiful color patterns and scales. Fish are kept in ponds or reservoirs for decorative or symbolic purposes.

Japan Famous Fish

The word “Koi” means carp in Japanese and is used to describe all carp, including the bright and muted colored varieties.

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Sometimes referred to as the “living stone,” the stingray has become a popular symbol of beauty, love, and harmony in the world.

Japan Famous Fish

According to legend, the Yellow River in China has a lot of goldfish. Facing the current, it moves upward with strength and power. Their golden color made the river shine like a river of gold.

Halfway up the river they came to a great waterfall, a waterfall too high to cross. This waterfall is known as “Dragon Gate” in Hunan Province. Most of the sharps and currents returned to safety. However, some koi remained and tried to jump over the waterfall. Some of them made it halfway but dropped out after losing strength and stamina.

Japan Famous Fish

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The river spirits watch the koi keep trying and mock them for being funny.

This goes on for a hundred years, and the koi group keeps trying to swim over the waterfall, but they stop at that waterfall. With each attempt, you will become sharper, gain technique and strength

Japan Famous Fish

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