Japan Famous Game

Japan Famous Game – The game, played with standard cards, was later adapted to the Western world and became President (also known as Ashhole, Scumbug, and several other terms that varied by region). That’s right – this game was made in Japan and is the only game on our list! (So ​​the playing cards were originally from Portugal – see below).

Like the president, there are some house rules that have evolved over time, but here are a few basic rules: All cards are dealt equally to everyone, and then the diefugo, or big millionaire, deals his two worst cards. to the daihinmin or Grand Pauper. Meanwhile, Daehinmin must give his two best cards to Daifugo. After the deal, the game usually rotates around the clock.

Japan Famous Game

Japan Famous Game

Any player not in the top or bottom two becomes a Gemini, or sometimes an extra level is added if there are more players. In some versions, the players switch seats as the order changes, with each person sitting facing the floor, but this is not usually the case in Western adaptations. For the first round, everyone is hymen or common.

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It’s a game of strategy, but the goal is to lose your cards as quickly as possible. The first person to remove his cards becomes Daifugo for the next round, the second for Fugo, until finally Daehinmin comes out. Deihinmin then collects all the cards, exchanges them for the next card and deals.

Japan Famous Game

Although it looks like a single-player memory game that you might find on some computers, mahjong is actually a structured card game. The goal is to build sets by drawing and discarding tiles, with the end goal being to match all 14 of your tiles into a set. These can be matched in three sets, fours, or threes in a row, and a standard winning hand can consist of four sets and a single pair, although there are some special winning hands.

The Japanese version, called Riichi Mahjong or Japanese majjong, is a slightly simplified version of Chinese Mahjong that was first introduced to Japan in 1924, but with new rules added to increase the complexity. The main differences are the rules for declaring a dealer or ready hand and bonus pot tiles that can add value to your hand. It gets a little more complicated when you start entering the values ​​of different hands, but check the rules below for a complete deduction.

Japan Famous Game

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Sugoroku is a classic two-part board game. The kanji for Shikeroku is 双六 or 雙are, both of which mean “two sixes” and are the highest value you can roll into an even standard number.

The original form of sugoroku, known as ban-sugoroku, dates back to at least the seventh century. It was introduced through China, where the game was discovered via the Silk Road. Ban-shikoroku is played similarly to the modern backstage, with some rule changes. However, it fell out of use in the early 19th century, and modern players only play the standard backboard instead.

Japan Famous Game

Another form of sugoroku is electronic sugoroku, where players move their pieces around a diagrammatic map or board like a snake and ladder. The oldest version, dating from the 15th century, has Buddhist teachings in each space (technically called yodo sugoroku), but the most popular version from the Edo period (1603-1868) has the Tokaido’s 53 stations, or stopping points. On the road between Tokyo and Kyoto, a popular subject for artists at the time.

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Electronic sugar boards are the ultimate in portability and are usually depicted on paper that can be folded and carried. They are played in a round-robin format, with the winner being the first to reach the center of the board, and each playing space may have special rules or additional instructions to spice up the game.

Japan Famous Game

Like chess, this two-player board game involves strategy, patience, and cunning. Each player has 20 pieces and each piece has different features and rules.

There are two important differences between shogi and chess. First, pieces can be promoted once they reach the back third of the board. Second, captured pieces can be returned to your opponent’s side of the board.

Japan Famous Game

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Promotional pieces are flipped over to reveal a new character, usually in a more cursed form or written in red ink. Unlike chess, where only pawns can be promoted when they reach the back row, in chess any piece can be promoted except the king and the golden knight. Instead of changing a piece, this gives additional functionality. As an unpromoted board may have a strategic advantage depending on the situation, players have the right to not promote a piece as long as there is legal recourse.

“Drop” on the other hand allows the player to take a captured piece and switch sides. However, a player may not drop and capture at the same time, and dropped pieces are not added to the board.

Japan Famous Game

As in chess, the goal is to claim your opponent’s king. Since all the pieces are usually played in some way, it is rare for a game of shogi to end in a tie.

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Shogi is believed to be based on Chaturnaga in India, which may have come to Japan via China. Although the first known works and writings on the game date back to the eleventh century, the earliest doubtful date is the sixth century.

Japan Famous Game

Shogi has undergone many variations, with some versions using large boards of up to 130 pieces, including the so-called “drunken elephant”.

Karuta is a card-slap game that usually uses special cards, although a regular deck can also be used. A set of cards (called tori-fuda) is placed face down, and the corresponding suit (yomi-fuda) is held by a “reader” or “reader”. The reader draws a card from the yomi-fuda and reads it, while the other players search for a matching card in the array and try to defeat it before their opponents.

Japan Famous Game

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Some popular karuta cards contain the first part of a proverb or poem, and the corresponding card completes the poem. The most famous of these is the Hyakunin Isshu, which is traditionally played on New Year’s Day. Iroha Karuta cards are used to teach basic Japanese reading skills.

The word Karuta comes from the Portuguese for playing cards or cards and was introduced to Japan in the 16th century by the Portuguese. However, versions of the game are believed to have been played as early as the Heian period (794-1185) by half matching the ball.

Japan Famous Game

Invented in China in the second millennium BC, Go is generally considered the world’s oldest board game. It arrived in Japan in the seventh century and is even mentioned in Murasaki Shikibu’s Tale of Genji, written in the early eleventh century.

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Go (probably igo) looks like Reversi or Mattell’s Othello, but more complex. Indeed, developing a computer that can successfully defeat a strategically considered high-level human player has become the standard for AI development.

Japan Famous Game

Players take turns placing “stones” (go-ishi) on the board where the lines intersect. However, a player can capture an opponent’s stones by capturing them. There are more complicated rules, such as the ko rule, which prohibits repeated plays.

Go requires a balance of several different internal tensions, requiring players to expand their territory and create solid, dense areas that their opponents cannot breach.

Japan Famous Game

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Officially a genre, Gomoku uses pieces and some rules to create a completely different experience. Gomoku is closer to Hasbro’s Link Four games. Instead of forming a row of four, players alternately place their pieces on the board to form a row of five. Unlike walking, pieces do not move after playing.

The Japanese proper name for gomoku is gomoku-narabe, or short for “five pieces.” It is said that the Heian period (794-1185).

Japan Famous Game

I first came to Japan in 2004 and lived in different parts of Japan before moving to Osaka. I am a teacher, editor and singer here and perform almost every other month. I am interested in writing and photography (especially product images and animals) as well as stop-motion animation, cooking and video games. Japan is as famous for its temples and sushi as it is for its video games. My love for Japanese video games greatly influenced my desire to study Japanese and come to Japan. Since my first visit, I’ve been checking out video game stores whenever possible. Now that I’ve lived here for two years, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite places to explore

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