Japan Famous Ice Cream

Japan Famous Ice Cream – Miso DogMisoko-sensei, there are many convenience stores in Japan, right? I noticed that they sell many types of ice cream…

Haha, so. The Japanese love ice cream and popsicles! You can find many of them in stores all over Japan. Misoko

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Many ice cream products are available in every shop in Japan. The lineup changes depending on the season and new products come and go all the time. The ice creams and ice creams listed in this article are Japanese favorites. These are popular products and have been in the market for many years despite the market being highly competitive.

Top 15 Japanese Ice Cream You Can Buy At Convenience Stores

Japanese ice cream may differ from the ice cream you buy in your district. Here are some basic facts about Japanese ice cream.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Multiple pieces of ice cream, as well as single packed boxes, are sold in Japan. In convenience stores, most ice cream products are sold by the package. You may be able to find ice cream boxes in the supermarket. One-time packages are available at convenient stores only.

According to the white paper ‘Ice Cream’* (Ice Cream Report) published by the Japan Creamery Association in 2019, Japanese people prefer ice cream among desserts. While there are cakes, chocolates, traditional Japanese sweets and more to choose from, ice cream is still their favorite.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Japanese Ice Cream Flavours You Need To Try

The ICE CREAM white paper also shows that Japanese tend to buy more packs than many packs. Maybe that’s why seasonal flavors are only sold in single packs.

You can get ice cream flavors for a limited time at convenience stores or supermarkets. Some limited time ice cream flavors are created using seasonal ingredients.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

There are many different types of ice cream in Japan. It is classified by the amount of milk solids and milk fat in the ice cream. These details are listed on the back of the package.

Best Seller Japanese Ice Cream In 2021│japanese Icecream

Lact ice contains more than 3% milk solids. Lact ice tastes light, not heavy. It’s something to enjoy all year round.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Skimmed milk contains more than 10% milk solids and 3% milk fat. Unlike ski lact, ski milk contains milk fat and a high percentage of milk solids. The ratio of milk solids to milk fat makes the taste richer but the price is more reasonable than ice cream.

Ice cream contains more than 15% milk solids and 8% milk fat. It has the richest milk flavor, but most ice cream products are expensive.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Shops In Tokyo

Hyouka is a generic term for all ice-cold treatments. In Japan, it is especially associated with non-dairy ice creams such as popsicles, sorbet, sorbet, etc.

The following were chosen based on popularity, taste and price. Popularity is very important when choosing an ice cream to try. Popular ice cream products have been sold for decades although the Japanese ice cream market is very competitive. These are the ones you should try.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Choco Monaca Jumbo is one of the most popular ice cream products in Japan. What makes it famous is that it consists of four different layers: Monaca, chocolate coating, vanilla cream and hard chocolate. The first layer, monaka, is a traditional Japanese dessert. Monaca is like a waffle, but melts instantly when you bite into it. The second layer is the chocolate coating. This covers the third layer, the vanilla ice cream, so the Monaca doesn’t get soggy. Finally, the fourth layer is a hard, crunchy, chocolate center. His unique articles are so addictive – no wonder they’ve been selling for over 40 years

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Giant is one of the most popular ice creams. It has been developed and sold for over 55 years. The good thing about ice cream is that it has many features in one product. It starts with roasted almonds and hard chocolate on top. Roasted peanuts are also coated in candy. The vanilla ice cream is delicious, but more importantly, the cone itself is a crunchy chocolate with rice pudding. Also, chocolate syrup is under the cap. You don’t usually find so many features in one product. Four different flavors are available.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Unlike other ice creams, Parm-Chocolate was released a few years ago. But in the meantime it has taken a strong position in the market. Since the ice cream is aimed at adults, it is simple but has a rich taste. It has only two ingredients: chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It is classified as ice cream, which contains more milk than other types of ice cream. Regardless of the amount of milk it contains, it is a reasonable price. The ice cream recipe is well thought out; It cools quickly so it is very smooth. Seven flavors are currently available.

The Supercup has been sold for over 20 years. The good thing about this product is its cost effectiveness. In addition to milk fat, SuperCup also contains vegetable fat to achieve low cost, volume and rich taste even though it is classified as lact ice. Each cup contains 200 grams of ice cream. It is designed for people who want to eat more than a regular cup. Several flavors are available as well as seasonal flavors.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

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Sou is rich in flavor but it is a mild flavored ice cream. Sau is unique because it has very small ice cubes inside. That’s why this ice cream is so special. Thanks to the ice chips, Sau’s aftertaste is lighter than regular ice cream. Japanese prefer to choose sorbet or ice cream in summer, not creamy ice cream. However, Sou can be a summer favorite as it is creamy and mild in taste at the same time.

Pino has been in the market for over 40 years. Its trapezoid shape is easy to eat in one bite. There are six servings of ice cream to share or keep the rest for later. It’s ice cream, which means the ice cream has a rich milky flavor.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Garigari Kun is the cheapest product you can find in stores. It’s basically a popsicle, but bigger. It consists of two layers. Crushed ice in the middle and covered with layers like a popsicle. This brings another chance to win for free. If the word ‘十り’ is written on the stick, you are lucky. Garigari Kun is available in many flavors.

Must Eat Convenience Store Ice Creams In Japan, From Old Classics To Limited Seasonal Offers

Ice No Mi means ice cream seeds. As the name suggests, the ball-shaped ice cream looks like a seed. The last layer is solid ice, but the inside has a creamy sherbet-like texture. Its packaging is also unique; It can be opened differently depending on how you eat. Several flavors are available.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Open the right side of the bag to take one out of the bag, the left side to take out all

Azuki Bars are made from the traditional Japanese food ‘Azuki’, red beans. Contains no food additives. The ingredients are sugar (made in Japan), azuki, starch syrup, corn starch and salt. It is known as a hard ice lolly because no softener is added. Unlike other ice creams, Azuki bars are not too sweet. Perfect for those who don’t like artificially flavored ice cream. It tastes like a traditional Japanese candy but ice-cold.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

We Tried Tokyo’s Weirdest Ice Creams In One Day

Yukimi Daifuku is ice cream covered in sweet mochi. The combination of vanilla ice cream and mochi is wonderful. Yukimi Daifuku is another good example of combining traditional Japanese sweets with ice cream. Unfortunately, there are only 2 pieces per pack.

Shaved ice with sliced ​​lemon on top of sakura. Sakura is very juicy because it contains 7% lemon juice. It is not rigid and can be easily transported after taking it out of the freezer. Sweet grated lemon with sliced ​​bitter lemon makes it fun for both adults and children.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Jersey Cow Soft is an ice cream shaped like soft serve ice cream. Its texture is soft and smooth. It is made using Jersey cow’s milk, which has a richer flavor than regular milk. It has the richest milky flavor of any ice cream product you can find in the store. Different flavors of coffee are available.

Best Ice Cream Shops In Tokyo You Have To Try!

Kulish is advertised as ice cream that you can drink. Thanks to its special packaging, it is very easy to eat. You can enjoy ice cream the same way you drink a bottle of water. Available in different flavors.

Japan Famous Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwiches are ice cream sandwiches in crispy sauce. It’s Häagen-Dazs, but this version of the sandwich is only available in Japan because it’s made by Häagen-Dazs Japan. The ice cream in the scoops is also covered in hard and crunchy chocolate. The quality and price of the ice cream are both excellent. Several flavors are available.

Palitte is chocolate chip vanilla ice cream with a unique texture. It is named after him

Japan Famous Ice Cream

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