Japanese Celebrities Eita

Japanese Celebrities Eita – When it comes to Eita, I don’t know where to start because his films are so long and span so many genres. He is only 31 years old and I think he has a lot of work to do. I don’t remember any of the first works I noticed him doing. But I think it should be Nodame Contabile, as Ueno Juri discovered.

I haven’t seen all of his work, some are hard to find nowadays, especially his earlier projects. So I will list some of the most recent and well-known ones.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

Japanese Celebrities Eita

Let’s start with Nodame Cantabile, because that’s how I know her. Since then, he has been in my eyes and has become one of my favorite Japanese actors.

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She plays a happy-go-lucky blonde violinist in the film. His role is not in the main role, but my role is still memorable. I enjoyed all of his scenes, and every time he appeared, he was always in a good mood. Sure, the character itself is interesting and funny, but Eita should be commended for bringing Mine to life. When it comes to her hair, I think they could do a ton of different hairstyles…

Japanese Celebrities Eita

In Last Friends , she proved that she can be a bit of a softie, unlike the exaggerated mine in Nodame Cantabile. As Takeru, he appears gentle, quiet, calm, and caring, but harbors a secret that he can’t tell or reveal to anyone but Ruka. Takeru is definitely my favorite character from last friends.

Another masterpiece is Soredemo Ikite Yuku, which is truly my favorite. His character, Hiroki, has lived a very sad life since the death of his murdered sister. Her messy and messy hair picture in the first episode was … sad. Overall, it’s a very sad movie with a heavy script, but trust me, it’s worth watching. He attracted me with his clumsiness and body language. I think this is definitely one of his best works. You can’t help but sympathize with him and believe that the person you want will live happily ever after.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

Chiba, Japan. February 3, 2018. Japanese Gravure Idol Nanami Sakuraba Takes Part In The Setsubun Festival At Naritasan Shinshoji Temple On February 3, 2018, In Chiba, Japan. Japanese Celebrities And Sumo Wrestlers

I also wanted to talk about Sunao ni Narenakute, but since it’s a simple drama for me, I won’t recommend it much. But if you’re a fan like me, check it out because it’s on top.

He played a medical student in VOICE (2009). His personality is a bit odd and again clumsy, but different from Soredemo. I don’t remember much about this movie, but it was pretty good.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

He also starred with Jun Matsumoto in The Lucky Seven. Even though his character is quite interesting and his fight with Matsujun’s character is interesting, I still haven’t finished this movie. I gave up when it disappeared halfway through. MatsuJun wasn’t enough to make me stay. I think the plot kept me from getting really serious. However, I think it’s great to see her with MatsuJun.

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Like Soredemo Ikite Yuku, which I believe is his best work to date, Saikou no Rikon is a close second. His character is a man from a bad family who always complains about his wife to the dentist. He is a little clumsy, a little naughty, loves animals, and can talk fast without taking a breath. Honestly, it’s great. You’d think the audience would hate him for being boring, but we love him here. I am very satisfied with this film, it is very unconventional and script heavy. However, it also depends on the acting skills of the actors/actresses, in which case Eita did amazingly well.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

If you like action, this is a good combination for you. Eita+Action is always great. The chase and shooting scenes are also very beautiful.

I was impressed with his performance in this film. His character is very sad. A loving husband, but unable to provide for his wife and children, pushed her into a corner. Very sad.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

Japanese Actress Haru Kuroki (c R) And Actor Eita (c L) Take Part In The Setsubun Festival At Naritasan Shinshoji Temple On February 3, 2018, In Chiba, Japan. Japanese Celebrities And Sumo Wrestlers Attended

I think his hair is definitely one of his trademarks, along with his big ears. I usually don’t like actors with messy hair, it makes them look ugly, but I can forgive that with Eita. She looks so good on them lol.

The two have collaborated a total of 8 times, and are even called the “Golden Couple of the Heisei Era” in Japan. I haven’t followed all 8 movies + dramas, but among the few movies I have seen, namely Last Friends, Nodame Cantabile, Summer Time Machine Blues, and Sunao ni Narenakute, two movies It has become my favorite.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

What I love most about this couple is how comfortable they are with each other, like best friends. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a romantic couple, but I really don’t. This is another “romance”. They have a lot of chemistry and look very natural on screen, without any awkward feeling. They seem very comfortable with each other, which isn’t surprising considering how many times they’ve worked together. They just “click” really well. This is why many people love their relationships in The Last Friends. My only wish right now is that they reunite in a real drama/romance movie because Sunao doesn’t count.

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The couple couldn’t get together in the tragic drama Soredemo Ikite Yuku. I was a big fan of this couple on the show and I was devastated when they finally left. He also appeared in the film Hara-Kiri. I think they have an amazing chemistry, you know, an unspoken reaction. Although not on my list, I wouldn’t mind seeing them together again. But think about it? They will be starring in the drama “Wakamonotachi” again next season. This time, as siblings, but I want to see how they interact with each other.

Japanese Celebrities Eita

This is another cute couple from Saikou no Rikon. Despite their constant bickering and love-hate relationship, there is only one thing that draws them together. I think this is the first time they’ve worked together and it’s great.

Well, I wish she was still around so I can still hope she’s paired with my favorite actresses… she’s married!

Japanese Celebrities Eita

Japanese Gravure Idol Nanami Sakuraba (c R) And Model Ikki Sawamura (c L) Take Part In The Setsubun Festival At Naritasan Shinshoji Temple On February 3, 2018, In Chiba, Japan. Japanese Celebrities And Sumo

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