Japanese Celebrity Homes

Japanese Celebrity Homes – High-class residential areas in central Tokyo such as Hiroo, Azabu, Shoto, Akasaka and Takanawadai are known throughout Japan as prestigious areas in Tokyo. A common feature among many of these areas is that they are located on a hill – in the heart of Tokyo – with beautiful views in a quiet residential environment. The area is filled with low-rise luxury apartments that create a refined upscale atmosphere.

The area is home to many luxury rental apartments, mansions (with large grounds) and luxury apartments designed to attract foreign executives and their families.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

Japanese Celebrity Homes

The phrase “Inside the Yamanote Line” gives the Japanese an image of wealth, celebrity residences and a prime location in central Tokyo.

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Originally, many residences of Daimyo (upper-class samurai lords) were built around Edo Castle (the residence of the Shogun in the Edo period, now the Imperial Palace), and many of these old high-class residential areas still exist within the Yamanote line.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

Historically, hilltop areas were home to upper-class samurai and Daimyos – who had residences in the wider hilltop areas – which were easily protected in the event of an attack. During the Meiji era, this area was known as a place where you could find residences for noble families, foreign embassies, universities, government offices, major hospitals, etc.

Within the Hiroo area, one can easily find many trendy cafes and restaurants. This area also houses the embassies of various countries, and the surrounding neighborhood also has a large foreign population. Since the end of the Edo period, an international atmosphere has formed in the area due to the surrounding foreign embassies built here as well as geographical reasons. Dating all the way to the Meiji Restoration, due to its history as the residence of royalty and aristocratic families, Hiroo’s reputation as a high-class residential area is well established.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

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Akasaka is home to Tokyo’s top hotels and has its own business district adjacent to government offices. Luxury tower apartments such as large hotels are also concentrated in this area. If you step away from the busy streets, you’ll find yourself in a quiet, high-class residential area like Akasaka Hikawacho.

Azabu address names in Minato-ku include the Minami-Azabu, Nishi-Azabu, Higashi-Azabu, Moto-Azabu, Azabujuban, Azabu-Nagasakacho and Azabudai areas. Azabujuban Shopping Street is a popular spot in Minato-ku with a mix of traditional atmosphere and shops selling the latest trends. Moto-Azabu is a quiet high-class residential area with an air of refined elegance.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

Along Aoyama Dori Street and Kotto Dori Street are trendy shops and cafes that provide a trendy atmosphere for the entire city. This area has lush greenery and neighbors Shibuya, Omotesando and Akasaka.

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Shirokane is a residential area with many low-rise buildings surrounded by lush greenery in central Tokyo. The luxury residential area of ​​Shirokane is located behind Platinum Street.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

“Along the Yamanote Line” refers to areas within walking distance of any station on the Yamanote Line and is an important standard for those looking for the comfort of life and quality of a place.

Tokyo’s government offices and business districts are concentrated in and along the Yamanote Line. The Yamanote Line has many terminal stations such as Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Ueno, which connect it to several train lines that go to the Tokyo suburbs and local cities. Due to its ease of transportation, locations along the Yamanote Line have been valued as places of value since ancient times.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

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The Jonan Gozan area is the area around the station from Meguro to Shinagawa on the Yamanote Line and is famous for being a high-class residential area located on a hill.

5 high-class residential areas on hilltops around stations from Meguro to Shinagawa. General term for Hanabusayama, Ikedayama, Shimazuyama, Gotenyama and Yatsuyama.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

Denenchofu was first developed as a high-class residential area during the Taisho era. Since the sale of the lot in 1922, it has been a sought-after residence.

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Although there are many high-class residential areas with historical prestige scattered throughout Tokyo, their names cannot be found on any map.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

It is in an area where you can experience ‘city life’. The grocery store is a min. go It has a modern interior with functional amenities such as a delivery box, high speed internet, bathroom heater/dryer etc.

An 8-minute walk from Shibuya Station, which is convenient for access to various destinations. In the Nanpeidai area – a quiet luxury residential area away from the bustling center of Shibuya. Also well located with good access to Kyu-Yamate-dori Avenue in Daikanyama. It comes with a stylish looking design based on white color. It offers a range of functional room amenities, including underfloor heating and a bathroom with a reheating function.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

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This low-rise apartment with a modern tiled exterior design is located in a quiet residential area of ​​Shirokane-takanawa, a popular residential area. It is in a pleasant living environment close to commercial facilities where you can enjoy shopping and dining as well as supermarkets and convenience stores. It offers units with various amenities such as delivery lockers, bathroom dryers and free internet connection.

A 5-story condominium apartment with 58 residential units located in a quiet high-class residential area in Nish-Azabu, Minato-ku. The white tiled exterior design gives us a calm and relaxed impression and the approach of the entrance with side planting is amazing. This area is located behind the Nezu Museum from the direction of Omotesando, and it is also within walking distance of Roppongi, Hiroo and Nogizaka. Accessible to 4 stations with 5 lines and good access to several areas with trendy shops and cozy restaurants.

Japanese Celebrity Homes

Park House Ebisu East Hill was built in August 2008, a 5-story structure, total number of units in 27, previously developed by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and built by Asanuma Corporation. It is located on a quiet hilltop about an 11-minute walk from Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and about a 12-minute walk from Shibuya Station on the JR and other lines. The condominium is located in an educational area near Hiroo Junior High School, Hiroo High School and Kokugakuin University. The building is equipped with automatic locks, intercom with TV screen, internet access, etc. Pets are allowed. Waste management is available 24 hours a day. Floor area 103.55 square meters, balcony 7.69 square meters, 3LDK. This unit is located in the corner of the building, facing southwest and southeast. The living room, dining room and kitchen are 26-jo, and the floors are made of natural walnut wood, with a beautiful grain and a sense of dignity. It was completely rebuilt in June 2022 with a reliable equipment warranty (up to 10 years).

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