Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Jesus Wasn T Born In December – Most people, if not all, automatically believe that December 25th is the birthday of Jesus. But there is much evidence from the Bible that contradicts this assumption. If Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th like most religious groups, whose birthday are we?

A quick look at the history of Christmas reveals its pagan origins. In fact, the first written record of the origin of Christmas dates back to 200 BC. Some historical records even confirm that Christmas was celebrated at least 2000 years before the actual birth of Jesus.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

The pagan history of Christmas began with the Greeks celebrating the holiday in honor of Bacchus. After that, the Romans also held their own festival in honor of Saturnalia. Both festivals are known for revelry, nightly orgies, mayhem, mayhem and even death.

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Most modern experiences of Christmas have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. On the contrary, these customs are derived from pagan customs – customs that God strongly opposes.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

. If you’re wondering whose birthday the world celebrates on December 25, now you know the answer!

The Roman emperor Aurelian opened this holiday in honor of the sun god on December 25! Yes, you read that right. Ironically, the supposed “Christians” adopted this ancient pagan holiday and associated it with the birth of Jesus. Modern Christians unknowingly celebrate ancient pagan worship and think it is good for their faith.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Date Of Birth Of Jesus

When we read the history of the early New Testament church – the real church that Jesus built – we don’t even see a hint that they celebrated the birth of Christ. We never see a celebration of Jesus’ birth in the Bible. It was only 300 years after the death of Jesus that the false church established its feast.

If celebrating Jesus’ birthday is so important, why can’t we find the exact date of Christ’s birth in the Bible? Why don’t we see any command to celebrate it?

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Now the important question to ask is, does Christmas really glorify God or Jesus? Obviously, the answer is NO. God counseled the Israelites and told us the following words:

Was Jesus Born On Christmas Day?

“When the Lord your God destroys the nations before you, you will go to possess them, and you will be their successors, and you will live in their land. Be careful not to follow their trap after they have perished before you. AND WHAT GODS DID THESE NATIONS SERVE THEIR GODS? I do the same. You shall not do this to the Lord your God, for they have done to their gods all the abominations to the Lord. for they even burned their sons and daughters in the fire for their gods. Whatever I command you do, do not add to it and do not take away from it” (Deuteronomy 12:29-32).

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

God does not want us to see how pagans worship their gods and accept their customs. If we are to truly honor God, it must be on His terms, not ours. It would be foolish to say, “God, I love you,” and not do what He says.

God wants us to worship Him “in truth and spirit” (John 4:24). This is the true way of worshiping God. Ask yourself, “Is Christmas really the birth of Christ?” If you answer this question honestly, you will come to the conclusion that THIS IS NOT TRUE. Therefore, worshiping God or Jesus through Christmas is pointless. Read your Bible. See for yourself. God wants you to celebrate His appointed feasts, not this abominable pagan worship.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Was Jesus Born On Christmas Day? If Not, Shall We Observe It?

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Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Join me now as we study God’s Word and learn what it takes to be a true Christian! This mosaic depicts a traditional Christmas scene. Although scholars disagree about the exact date of Jesus’ birth, they are certain that it was not December 25th. Philippe Lissac/Getty Images

To Be Fair, This Is Basically What Happened…

Christians all over the world look forward to the coming of Christmas, a joyous day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But more than two thousand years after the important ministry of Jesus, even Christians do not agree on the day of his birth. In Catholic and Protestant traditions, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, while Orthodox Christians in countries such as Russia, Greece, and Egypt celebrate Christmas on January 6 or 7.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

But even traditional dates are disputed, according to historians and biblical scholars. The most detailed account of Christmas in the Bible is found in the New Testament’s Gospel of Luke, but even this “order” – with very specific references to Roman rulers and a universal census – fails to give a day, a month, or even a name. year. The birth of Jesus.

“We have this modern obsession with dates and chronological order, but the biblical writers were more interested in theology,” says Jan Paul, a theologian, biblical scholar, and author who blogs on his website Psephizo.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

How To Teach Kids About The Baby Jesus

That said, Paul’s best guess as to the actual date of Jesus’ birth, based on the convoluted accounts of the birth of John the Baptist, also mentioned in Luke, was in September. The fall date of Christmas, when you think of shepherds tending their sheep in the fields, is a sign of milder weather. Paul says that in December the Judean foothills outside Bethlehem will be cold with snow.

Ultimately, whether Jesus was born in December, September, or March doesn’t change the true meaning of Christmas, but the debate over Jesus’ “true” birthday shows how difficult it is to assign exact dates to ancient events.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Before getting into the month and day debate, historians generally agree that we have the year of Jesus’ birth wrong. How can this be if “Year 1” in the Gregorian calendar is based on the year Jesus was born? A Birthday Party For Jesus: God Gave Us Christmas To Celebrate His Birth (forest Of Faith Books): 9781680993196: Jones, Susan, Holland, Lee: Books

The short answer is that the person who came up with the idea of ​​anno Domini (abbreviated to AD) for the Year of Our Lord has already been gone for several years. Even Pope Benedict XVI agreed in a 2012 book that the 6th-century monk Dionysius Exygus, who first estimated the year of Jesus’ birth, was wrong and that Jesus was probably born in 7 BC. and 2 BC. (Modern writers may use AD instead of AD and ME instead of AD for religious neutrality.)

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

One of the main reasons for the year of birth is that the Bible mentions in several places that Jesus was born during the reign of King Herod of Judah. But according to Flavius ​​Josephus, a famous Roman-Jewish historian who lived in the first century AD, Herod the Great died in 4 BC. more) than our calendar says.

The popular theory that Christians chose December 25 to celebrate the pagan festival of Sol Invictus is not based on hard evidence, but on a comment by an anonymous Syrian monk in the 12th century. Instead of blaming Christians for stealing the holiday, he offered a theory as to why Western churches “moved” Christmas from January to December.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Myths About Christmas

According to the Society for Biblical Archeology, the first mention of the date of Christmas dates back to around 200 AD, and the first celebrations took place between 250 and 300, “a time when Christians did not borrow from pagan traditions of such a specific nature.” .

For centuries after Jesus’ death, early Christians ignored his birthday. In those days, Christians were persecuted and even martyred for their faith, which led them to Easter, when Jesus himself was martyred on the cross, but defeated death and rose again.

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

Only in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD did Christian theologians determine the possible dates of Jesus’ birth. And yet these dates were associated with Easter. In ancient times, says Paul, there was a tradition that the lives of great men depended on certain times of the year. Heroes often died in the same month and on the day they were born (with a difference of years, of course). In the case of Jesus, ancient sources believe that he was born or divinely conceived on Passover, the Jewish spring festival where Jesus was later crucified.

Come, Thou Unexpected Jesus

Christians who believe that Jesus was born at the time of Passover/Easter to determine the date of his birth. In Rome and elsewhere in the West, they counted Easter on March 25, the year Jesus died. In Eastern Christian communities

Jesus Wasn T Born In December

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