Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding – Well, with so much going on with these two, it’s hard to form a coherent sentence! I started watching after a good friend of mine at Soompi told me about them and I couldn’t stop gasping. At first I thought it was dehydration and fainting all the time, but then I realized that this disease is called “SoLim”. Now she is famous in Korea and many other countries especially Turkey…. SoLim/SoRim Couple aka LTE Couple (Let’s Touch all) aka Song Jae Rim (Proplus Princess, Nail Shop Paris) and Kim So Yeon (Liar Game, Tomb ) Guard) in the reality show “We Got Married”. I know I’m being a bit of a fanboy here, but I can’t help but squeal with this pair. There is so much to say!

I first met Jae Rim (I’ll use the nickname “Rimmy” for him here) in The Age of Innocence, where he played Mo Il Hwa, a charismatic and free spirited wrestler who warms the hearts of girls with his Cheshire image. to laugh She won my heart and I was looking forward to the upcoming episodes to see that girl (Kim Hyun Jung, who?). Then I watched Princess Profile and really skipped all the parts except for the Apple Butt parts, who else really? My sister recently recommended Nail Shop Paris and told me to check it out, “No dongsaeng, you won’t be disappointed” and I said, “It’s hot here!” I understand that, so yes, I saw it. And I fell in love again…

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

Anyway, So Yoon (I called her “Annie”), I knew her from BOF. Flowers on Boys was a drama that featured many happy relationships, notably Yang Di (Goo Hye Sun) and Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Ga Eul (Annie) and Yi Sung (Kim Bum). With her charm and charm, Yunni was a respected actress. He can pair up with any actor and have chemistry. I think this is the pinnacle of being Kim So Eun. Although he is young, he grew up with me from the beginning of his work. But then his popularity increased since playing against Rimmy in WGM.

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So I’ve narrowed down the reasons why you must see these two at WGM. It was hard work, I guarantee. *wipes skin*

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

I consider the chemistry between the OTP (One True Pair) to be the second driving factor behind the success of any movie/drama (an interesting plot is the first). While there’s no good lipstick (admit it. We want to see it in every drama, just wearing it, right?), if the chemistry is intense and amazing, what else do we need?

Rimmy and Yunni have an off-the-charts chemistry that’s a little overdone in the book, but they’re amazing to watch. At first I was a little hesitant to touch on the subject of WGM. Everyone knows they are trying. Real relationships do not last, and even trying to send them in real life is useless. But then these two happened and took all WGM viewers and haters by storm. These two really are ridiculously cute and not a minute goes by without me rolling on the floor and clutching my poor truck heart.

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

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The skinship looks so natural between these two that you wonder if they’ve ever done this before. We get fan service every episode and I hear the screams of shippers all over the world. Hugs, fights – feelings! Arguably the best hug is the pool hug from the last episode…. Oh my god I almost passed out. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now!

Okay, chillax. They started a skin ship from scratch. You remember when they were given a literal Blind Date in the first episode, Yuni started touching Adam’s apple and hair. His response to the question of whether he could touch the Adam’s apple:

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

In my opinion, this was a foreshadowing of a truly brilliant relationship to come. I started laughing from that moment and still haven’t stopped.

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And right from the start, Rimmy maneuvered the handshake, which became a staple and received many comments about how well she knew the skin. Let’s face it, he’s a red-blooded 30-year-old guy who likes girls, even if he’s not a teenager. He certainly isn’t shy about showing Yunni what he likes. We all know that Yunni fell in love with him because of his looks and charm, even if he wasn’t kind in appearance. Even in real life, it’s hard not to be cute when Mo Il Hwa is around, right Yoonni?

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

Yunni is known for her angry and not-so-much personality. She has a good mouth and can teach her fake husband (see Song of Obedience) to do whatever he wants. I mean, she even gave him a manicure and facial scrub! Does your husband allow this? I once gave my sister a pedicure and she chased me around the house yelling and swearing at me. I warned my sister not to do this as usual!

Either way, Eunnie is stylish and competitive. He kicks Rimmy’s pride when he wins the clay shooting competition. Desperate for your wife? God, imagine the discomfort! What did Rimmy do? “Good job, Jagiya,” he hugged her. What will Haha do when he hugs her. Yunni recently started showing affection by holding hands, leaning on each other, and using aegyo. See, he learns. Leader Mo raised him well.

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

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He’s also got a big liver (meaning: he’s got a lot of alcohol, but he manages to keep it steady) – which I wasn’t expecting. It’s nice that he goes to his home herbal drinks cabinet and selects the best. He wants to have a great drink with Nampyeon.

In particular, I don’t think I need to explain every aspect for SoLim Shippers, but for those who are looking forward to seeing a good couple. Rimmy manages to deliver some decent treats in the first couple of episodes, much to the annoyance of her laughing and blushing Yunni. After that he gets used to it and they engage in a battle of wits and mano, which I assure you is a lot of fun. His comebacks are funny and she sometimes laughs at his directness. One of the famous lines,

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

He is also known as “Obedience Song” because he is a puppy by Yunni’s side. He says sit down. He says he will stand. He rolls over and he rolls over and says we are going O_O ……*_*…. He’s so submissive to Yunni that even the MCs say he’s cute. Obedience is best seen at their wedding, where he does that dance (which Annie asks him to do with puppy dog ​​eyes) and he’s on top of the world. People say whatever comes to their mind, I say cute.

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And when talking to guys, he becomes jealous. He gives her a cute look and she laughs. He calls her cute when she looks like that.

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

He’s definitely kind, he’s nervous around his wife and his mind goes a bit into Bayonetta territory (which I don’t like. but what’s amazing about him as a person is that he’s thorough. He’s much more organized than Yunni (which is another big twist I was expecting) and his wife is lazy ).

Both have something in common. Rimmy may be cute and funny, but through her outer shell of perfection, she’s a funny cat lady. She is the owner of three or more cats and her favorite is a big fluffy black cat named “Olla”. The name will come in handy later. The first thing that told me it was going to be funny was:

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

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In the first episode, he writes a list of things that his “other half” should have, and he takes this into account when it includes pets.

Poor Olla. He became the laughing stock of his master. But he must have been very happy to know that he was a cat person. Her cat – “Khuna”, (this is the name of one of her favorite singers – Nikhoon … the first appearance of Jealous Nampyeon), a big fluffy cat, looks after her new playmate – Olla. Rimmi suggested naming them ‘Olla Appa’ (her) and ‘Huna Omma’ (she) as her name is hard to remember (Shame on you baby! Were you living under a rock when BOF aired?). After that they became Olthakhuna couple.

Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Wedding

They also have energy drinks. It’s funny to see them compare their energy drinks to drugs like an old couple with nothing

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