Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon – The 17-year-old, who made her television debut at the age of seven in The Moon That Embraces the Sun, stars in the recently concluded drama Drive It Ghost as a ghost. In the show, she teamed up with Ok Thaek Yeon of boy band 2PM, who played an exorcist and her heroine’s love interest.

And her next project, though not yet confirmed, could be a Korean folk show in which she also plays a spirit, said the actress, who was in Singapore for a press conference on Friday as well as a fan meeting on Saturday that drew close to a thousand fans. .

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Being able to travel through walls and spaces like her character in Bring It On Ghost would be very useful, said the actress, who also appeared in Miss You and Kim Tak Goo’s King of Pastries. “I could teleport home after a long day. It would make my life more comfortable.”

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And he certainly would not use these powers for personal purposes, such as spying on people. “I don’t think you need to know too much about people,” he laughed. “If I had to spy on someone, it would probably be someone I like. And I would really hate to know all the details about the person. That way we can keep the momentum and the fun going.”

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

But despite participating in horror shows, she does not like the horror genre and supernatural stories. “You could call it my weakness because I really don’t like genres that involve supernatural things like ghosts or zombies. I’m not really a scaredy cat, but sometimes I get scared when I watch these shows,” she said, admitting that she would easily freak out if someone jumped on her, for example.

So, if she and her Ok co-star were to encounter a ghost, who would run away first? “Taek-young oppa,” he laughed. “I heard he’s very afraid of ghosts and anything supernatural. He won’t even go to a haunted house. So I don’t expect him to protect me if we meet a ghost.” And he shouldn’t expect her to protect him either. “I’d be too busy defending myself!” she joked.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

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In addition to the chemistry between the couple, there were also plenty of action scenes. “The action scenes were a lot of fun to shoot. Of course, there were physical difficulties: both on wires, and various equipment was involved,” he said. “I didn’t like the fact that I had to hit people. I was very sorry. It was a bit painful to participate in such scenes. But the action scenes were very exciting and new to me because of the physical nature of them.”

When she’s not playing on wires, the actress leads the life of a regular kid. “I’m trying to catch up on movies, especially romantic movies. I see a lot of those,” he said. His other obsession is a dog: a recently adopted Maltese puppy.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

But she is fully aware that she is going through a period of transformation. “I’m very grateful that Bring It On, Ghost is a drama where I’m going from a child actress to a leading lady,” she said. “I will continue to work to become a true leading actress in Korea.” She added: “When I’m really grown up, I want to be in a romantic comedy.”

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Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

We know it’s hard to switch browsers, but we want your TODAY to be fast, secure, and the best.sudah entering episode ke-9. In the last episode where you bathe, you can create an internal version of Kim Hyun Ji Yang Kim So Hyun, after which Park Bong Pal splits Taekyeon “2 o’clock in the afternoon”.

Lantaran banyaknya adegan intim tersebut, finally Taecyeon ‘2 PM’ angkat suara. Ia menuturkan, saat sedan beradegan intimn dengan Kim So Hyun, actor 28 tahun itu mengaku tak tak hal tersebut.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Let’s Fight Ghost Net: Ok Taecyeon Indigo, Kim So Hyun Hantu

“Dia lebih muda 11 tahun lebih muda dari saya. Saya menabak untuk tidak perseksi apa-apa”, katanya, seperti dilansir Soompi, Senin (8/8/2016).

Lanjut Taecyeon ‘2 PM’, a concise sejak drama Taeyang and Kim So Hyun, when melakukan retired to xiuman. Namun semua itu sabadas sebatas kehowana akting saja dan tak lebih. Sebab ia mau, adegan ciuman dengan lawan mainnya bisa natanat natura natura sebagai yang tamakan bisa larut dalam alur ceritanya.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

“Ada adegan tersebut (ciuman) dari awal. Saya pikir akting kami alami, dan kita persahedi passambatan besar di awal,” said Taecyeon of ‘2 PM’

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ক্র্ত্যাত্তে tentang Taecyeon yang ব্র্র্ব্যাবে sebagai মান্যাদা, yang bisa melihat বেক্য বেক্য মাক্য কালু tak kasat mata. Dengan kelangan yang ia miliki, Park Bong Pal yang diperankan Taecyeon, menchari ganfasat dengan memburu hantu.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Dari situlah ia met dengan hantu wanita bernama Hyun Ji, diperkan Kim So Hyun, yang menigah dunia di usia 19 tahun. Selama lima tahun gentayangan, Kim Hyun Ji tak tak tahu kenapa dia sampai meningah.

Namun secara tak sukung, Kim Hyun Ji mencium Park Bong Pal dan membuat ia ingat menbanga ia meningah dunia. Finally, both of them are friends and have special missions in Berkelian members.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Sorry Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun Won’t Protect You From Ghosts

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Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Daftar Peraih Apkranan Individual BRI League 1 2022/2023: Wiljan Pluim Pemain Terbaik, Matheus Pato Sabet Predikat Top SkoMiss Ok Taecyeon? Here are 5 must-see projects of his that you should add to your watch list ASAP.

Bermain Bersama Taecyeon ‘2pm’, Kim So Hyun Merasa Berenergi

2PM’s Ok Taekyung played a striking role in Son Joong Ki’s Vincenzo, which showcased his incredible acting skills. Check out the recommended dramas below.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

The drama “Vincenzo” created a sensation as soon as it was aired. It gave the audience a fresh cast, a powerful story mixed with intense acting and comedy scenes. While lead couple Song Joong Ki and Jung Yeo Bin definitely deserve praise, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon’s flawless performance also does. He seamlessly played two different characters with great ease and the intense eye close-ups sent shivers down the audience’s spine.

We understand how hard it is to let go of a character, cast, or even a show after they’ve touched your heart. But that’s the beauty of K-dramas. They end with 15-20 episodes to give viewers the best stories and characters. So, if you’ve been missing out on Ock Taekyeon on screen too, we recommend you start watching his five must-see K-dramas and movies as soon as possible. The actor debuted in 2008 with the K-Pop group 2PM and then started performing in 2010. It’s been a decade of journey and Vincenzo’s star has been showing his potential little by little since the beginning.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Pm’s Taecyeon Confirmed To Star In New Drama + Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin Are In Discussions

With a star-studded cast of Bae Suzy, Yi Yoo, Kim Soo Hyun, Taekyeon and more, this show should definitely be on your watch list if you want to see your favorite Korean celebrities in their younger years. It revolves around a group of talented students at an academy. Taekyeon’s character is a man who is a great dancer but keeps it a secret. Besides, he is also a bad boy at school!

Starring Kim Jae Wook, Seo Yi Hyun, and Tae Kyung, this drama is a love triangle between spirits and humans and is a crime thriller. Taekyung plays Detective Cha Gang Woo, who only believes in hard and proper evidence, while the female lead, Detective Yang Shi On (Seo Yi Hyun), can see spirits after waking up from a coma. They start working on cases together and Cha Gun Woo gradually begins to open up about his beliefs. If you are looking for a funny, intense, emotional and magical show, this is the one you should watch.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

In case you don’t know, Jung Yeo Bin and Ok Tae Kyung have also worked together before! Save Me is an intense drama series that deals with intense topics such as brainwashing by religious cults, violence, suicide and more. It revolves around four friends who come together to help a former classmate escape from the clutches of a dangerous religious cult.

Watch Dream High

More than a gripping thriller, the story revolves around a wife who has spent 25 years in prison, falsely accused of murdering her husband. As she breaks free, she realizes that her son is also missing. She returns to the scene of the incident to solve it. Taekyeon plays the role of a priest.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Last year’s Tae Kyung stars as Kim Tae Pyeong, who has the ability to predict a person’s death just by looking into their eyes. After a girl is kidnapped and the modus operandi reveals that he is a serial killer, he teams up with a detective who turns out to be more unique than other people. Taekyeon’s charm is definitely at its highest!

In the meantime, get ready for your first story.

Kim So Hyun Ok Taecyeon

Must Watch Dramas And Movies Starring Star Ok Taecyeon

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