Korean Celebrities Latest News

Korean Celebrities Latest News – The world of Kpop and Kdrama is not all soft hearts and fingers. A look at some of South Korea’s biggest stars who have been embroiled in allegations of bullying, drug abuse, violence, cheating and more.

The world of Kpop and Kdrama delights many with its beautiful images and lovable innocence. But like any other country, South Korean showbiz is not without conflicts and conflicts. Here’s a look at some of the biggest celebrities who have been involved in allegations of bullying, cheating, drug abuse and more.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

Korean Celebrities Latest News

Seo Yeji, Kim Garam, B.I., Kim Seonho, NCT Lucas and Seungri are other South Korean stars caught up in the scandal. (instagram)

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Kpop girl group member Le Sserafim was all over the news, and not just for her latest debut. Amid allegations of violence and bullying at the school, he is facing a lawsuit, which claims his bullying caused a student to attempt suicide. Reports say he even had to be reprimanded for misbehaving at school. His agency rejected most of the requests. However, he is back in the group and has been quiet, just weeks after dropping his debut album Fearless.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

In addition to allegations of bullying and harassing employees, the “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” star was accused of trying to control her then-boyfriend, Crash Landing On You actor Kim Junghyun. According to the conversation between the couple, Yeji warned Junghyun against participating in romantic scenes and having a physical relationship with his co-stars in Kdrama The Time. His agency denied the allegations of bullying at school as false and tried to explain the allegations about Junghyun as a personal relationship problem, but the allegations made him very angry. He had to keep a low profile for about a year. In February of this year, he broke his silence on these accusations: “I want to sincerely apologize for making many people uncomfortable because of my shortcomings. All this is because of my immaturity.” She is currently part of Eva’s revenge drama.

The actor, who rose to fame with shows such as Hometown Cha Cha Cha and Start Up, was accused by his ex-girlfriend of forcing her to have an abortion. Public outrage over the allegations led to her being removed from advertisements and projects. In October 2021, he shared a statement of apology saying, “I saw him with good feelings. In doing so, I hurt him because of my indifference and reckless actions.” Soon after, however, another report surfaced, claiming that her ex had lied about several details of their relationship and that the abortion was a decision everyone made. His agency neither confirmed nor denied these reports, responding with “We have nothing to say.” Last month, Seonho returned to Instagram by apologizing to fans, after a seven-month hiatus, and thanking them for their birthday wishes. He will soon be seen in Touching The Void and his first film, Sad Tropics.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

K Pop Stars Who Have Acted In Korean Movies And Dramas

One of the popular group NCT, the rapper was accused by several alleged ex-girlfriends of infidelity. Reports say that he used to demand many gifts from them while he was in multiple relationships at the same time. Amidst the scandal, the release of her upcoming single was cancelled. Lucas also posted a handwritten apology on Instagram, saying his past behavior was “irresponsible” and “clearly wrong”. The 23-year-old seems to have been on a roll since then, missing NCT’s releases.

Perhaps the biggest South Korean celebrity scandal of late is the Burning Sun scandal. An investigation into the Burning Sun nightclub revealed a web of sexual abuse, drug use, violence, abuse of power and more. The case was so explosive that the president ordered a full investigation. Singer Seungri of Kpop giant BigBang was found guilty of sex crimes, gambling, prostitution dealing, violence, theft and other charges. According to a report by Soompi, South Korea’s highest court recently completed the sentence of one year and six months. His Instagram account has reportedly been deleted.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

Strong Woman actress Do Bongsoon was hit with allegations of sexual harassment, violence and bullying, all occurring during her school years. According to Soompi, the actor shared an apology on Instagram, saying, “I apologize to the people who were hurt because of me. There is no excuse for my bad behavior in the past. There were also unforgivable things.” His agency also said he would directly contact and apologize to the victims. However, they denied the rumors of sexual harassment as false. The actress since then has not been in public.

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Songwriter B.I., (Hanbin) recently opened up about his drug scandal, and his exit from K-pop group iKON, which is making headlines around the world in 2019. “And now I regret it. I shouldn’t have done it, but I feel like I’m in a corner and I made the wrong decision. I was young and stupid,” he told Billboard. Last year, he was sentenced to four years of probation, community service and treatment for buying marijuana and LSD. “I’m trying to change people’s opinion of me, not just with words, but with my actions,” he added in his latest interview.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

The former K-pop icon was swept up in allegations of visiting an illegal bar, violating Covid-19 social distancing rules, as well as fleeing authorities when arrested. A member of TVXQ, Yunho was rejected by fans who wanted to distance themselves from the controversy. However, his agency said in a statement that the singer had done nothing wrong other than breaking social distancing rules. The agency said he did not know the location was an escort location and had only gone there following an invitation from a friend. He later apologized for breaking the rules of seclusion.

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Korean Celebrities Latest News

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01/11 Ki Seon Ho to Park Shin Hye to BTS: Check Out the 10 Korean Celebrities Who Made Headlines in 2021

A good story, a lot of sadness and a lot of happiness‐ that’s how good 2021 was for celebrities in the Korean industry. While soe has been keeping fans busy with tons of good news surrounding new projects, which are starting to run out of steam and ore, there are some who love it on the news for all the wrong reasons. Here’s to the end of 2021 to find out what happened to Ki Seon Ho, Honey Lee, Park Shin Hye, Bangtan Boys and malm…reads

Korean Celebrities Latest News

‘Start Up’ fae Ki Seon Ho got a place on the big screen. He has traveled a long time and was on the verge of becoming a freelancer until he became involved in a controversy that could pose a serious threat to his career. It all came crashing down when her embarrassing past came to light after an internet post spread speculation about her. It read, “I am an actor who reveals the true nature of the two-sided K.” Without revealing the actress’ nae first, the user called hi “a piece of trash without the slightest conscience or guilt” and alleged that she was forced to have an abortion when she was pregnant with actor K’s child. It also says that actress K’s behavior has changed regarding her abortion. Although there was no certainty regarding the identity of actor K, speculation led to Ki Seon Ho following YouTube influencer ade clais. Shortly after this, the actor accepted all the accusations of his ex-boyfriend and apologized again. However, it was too late and he faced a serious problem and lost important projects.readore

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South Korean actors Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon who have been dating since late 2017 will get married in 2022 as the couple is expecting their first child together! On January 22, their secret wedding ceremony will be held in Seoul in front of only close people and friends. The soon-to-be parents also wrote separate letters to their fans announcing the big announcement.readore

Korean Celebrities Latest News

Lisa from the K-Pop group BLACKPINK finally made her long-awaited solo debut in 2021 and recorded a record. Her single album ‘LaLisa’ became the most popular YouTube video by a single artist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views. The record was eventually won by Taylor Swift for her ‘e!’ reading

‘Parasite’ Oscar-winning star Park So Da announced the unfortunate news about her health when she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer this year. Quitting his work activities, the actor recently underwent an operation on himself. “Actress Park So Da was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer during her regular health checkup and underwent surgery after the doctor recovered,” her agency updated, adding, “Actress Park So Da will focus on recovery to say goodbye to everyone for good health.Future, and her agency Artist Copany will also do our best to ensure that the actress recovers.

Korean Celebrities Latest News

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