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V aka Kim Taehyung of BTS celebrated his 26th birthday on December 30th and on this occasion ARMYs were able to promote the event in the US edition of Forbes magazine.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

The fandom of South Korean boy band BTS is unparalleled in many ways. Armies from around the world indulge in unique and extravagant ways to express their love for the septet, especially on birthdays. From booking cruises to buying minutes of advertising time in New York’s Times Square, BTS fans are doing everything they can to show their admiration for seven artists: Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, V, RM and Suga.

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Singer V aka Kim Taehyung celebrated his 26th birthday on December 30 (27 in Korean age). On this occasion, a group of fans managed to advertise the event in US Forbes magazine. According to Koreaboo, this is the first time a South Korean idol’s birthday has been announced in Forbes magazine. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how ARMY expresses its love for its artists in lavish ways.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

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Fans of the BTS members shared the news on Twitter, tweeting, “BTS V, the first Korean celebrity to promote their birthday on US Forbes… ‘hot love’ of Chinese fans.” Singer.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

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방탄소년단 소년단 소년단 韓 韓 최초 최초 birthday birthday. 년단냔 방탄 소년단냔 #소년단냆 #btsv #kimtaehyung #taetae #btsarmy #starnewskorea https://t. co/7xWR4L4vAL pic.twitter.com/eW3QLVyV9B — Starnews Korea (@starnewskorea) December 5, 2021

A tweet shared by Baidu V Bar last week announced that the artist’s fans will finance a full birthday advertisement in an American business magazine. The tweet also included a preview of the ad, which will appear in the upcoming magazine. Prices for a full-page print ad start at $50,000 (Rs. 37,73,360) according to Forbes Media Kit. The next issue of Forbes will be out on December 14th.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

The tweet also mentions the reason for V’s birthday promotion in Forbes magazine. According to the Chinese fan base, Forbes magazine will become the most prestigious financial economics journal in the United States. The goal of the ad is to “teach various business prospects about V’s unique charm, charisma and commercial value.”

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27th Birthday Support for Kim Taehyung Part.5AD in US Fobes Magazine. The world’s first and only BD support for Idol appears in the most authoritative and beautiful financial and business magazine, The Fobes (US version), covers the entire pageDate: 12/14 ( local release date ) pic.twitter.com/nB9pSoCsBi — CHINA Baidu Vbar (@KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_) December 3, 2021

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

The singer will be celebrating his birthday with his family members, as BTS is taking more time off during the holiday season for the first time since their debut in 2013. BTS usually leads a very busy life and will be taking a break during this time, and is not expected to make a public appearance until the Grammy Awards in January.

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Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

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Kpop, Korean pop is a genre of pop music that dominates the cities of South Korea. Kpop, Korean pop is a genre of pop music that dominates the cities of South Korea. Kpop idols are more known and famous all over the world; They have a huge reach and have many followers from all over the world. He excels in all kinds of music because Korean popular music is influenced by the world famous music genres. Kpop music and kpop idols are generally followed by most people around the world. Most kpop idol fans love kpop idol birthdays very much. Since it is the month of August, many Kpop Idol fans and followers are happy to know the Kpop Idols August birthday. They are highly anticipated and excited to learn about kpop idols born in August. Scroll down for August Kpop Idols Birthday and find out which Kpop Idols birthday is today? Kpop Idols Birthday Today: Which K-Pop Idol Was Born On August 30th?

Knowing the birthday of our favorite star is the most enthusiastic feeling for his personal followers. Fans and followers are excited and looking forward to know the birthday of their favorite Kpop Idols. Scroll down for a list of kpop idols born in August. The list of Kpop idols and their birthdays in August is available in this article specifically for fans to know better details. Scroll down for Kpop Idols Birthday in August. Kpop Birthday August 1st

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

Read the entire article to get all the important information about the August Kpop Idol Birthday. Get to know important and important details about Kpop idols. Follow us continuously for more interesting updates about Kpop Idols and know the Kpop Idol birthday today.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for general information purposes only. All information on the website is provided in good faith, but no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of the information on the website. Which Korean actor was born in February? Here we have a birthday boy this month

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

It’s almost essential for fans to know when their favorite Korean actor or actress’s birthday is, so here we’re going to reveal K-drama stars born in February.

Now, thanks to the popularity of K-Drama, Korean actors have millions of fans around the world who follow the entire career of these amazing stars that we usually see in series and movies. Apart from that, he also has other projects related to fashion, e.g.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

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And with all these projects, you can understand how much support and love Korean actors and actresses receive. There are drama stars who have huge fan base and different countries all over the world and they all want to give their love and support to every celebrity. And not only take ratings in series or movies, but also in other aspects.

And for the birthday of many actors and actresses, fans prepare many events to celebrate their favorite K-drama stars. Is it really good, in a coffee shop it is very typical to see this show, although internationally there are others who are usually fans. Sometimes there are donation projects to celebrate.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

There are many things we can do to celebrate our favorite Korean actors and this time we will tell you who was born in February.

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Choi Sooyoung is not only a member of a generation of talented girls, she is also an actress and was born on February 10, 1990, so she celebrates her birthday this month.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

We’ve seen Go Ara in K-Dramas like ‘Hospital Playlist’ or ‘Miss Hammurabi’ and this Korean actress was born on February 11, 1990, so don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday next time.

Our beloved and talented Park Bo Young is also a February baby, her birthday is February 12th and she was born in 1990.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

K Drama Stars Who Were Born In The Month Of November

Multi-talented actor Kim Soo Hyun, his most popular drama is “My Love from the Star” or “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and he was born on February 16, 1988, so celebrate his birthday with him.

Park Shin Hye is a Korean actress who was born on February 18, 1990. She is also an amazing singer and because there is so much to admire about her, don’t forget to vote for her on her next birthday.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

You must have seen Kang Ha Neul in K-Dramas like “When the Camellia Blooms”, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” or “Missing Noir M” and you can also celebrate this star in February since he died on February 21, 1990 . born .

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We love Nam Joo Hyuk, this drama actor has taken the world by storm with his work and he was born on February 22, 1994 so don’t forget to celebrate with him this month.

Korean Celebrity Birthday Today

Ji Sung is a great actor with a wide career, you may remember him from ‘The Devil Judge’ or ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ and he was also born in February, celebrating his birthday.

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