Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Korean Celebrity Breaking News – Korean beauty standards are not strong and have convinced thousands of people around the world to transform themselves with the help of expensive plastic surgery.

It is common sense in South Korea to have plastic and cosmetic surgery to confirm these standards that are basically guaranteed body huan without any pride. But gen Z is changing those rules and ushering in an era of strict beauty standards. These K-pop idols don’t follow these old beauty rules and have a beautiful look and even unique features and fan base, growing into millions.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Jennie Ki, the star of South Korea’s international girl group ‘Blackpink’ has broken the standard of V-line beauty with her round face, cheekbones and short cheeks, which makes her look younger than her actual age. Jennie can be hot in her music videos but she can also be as cute as her pouty cheeks.

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Ahn Hye-jin, better known professionally by her stage name Hwasa, is the singer of the South Korean girl group ‘aaaoo’. She broke the stereotype of a white woman with Asian complexion. “If I don’t conform to today’s standards of beauty, I will be new and different”, said Hwasa during one of his concerts.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Lee Yong-bok is half-Korean because his parents are Korean but he was born in Sydney, Australia, and he is the singer of the South Korean group ‘Stray Kids’. Felix with his few brown spots breaks the Korean beauty standard of flawless skin.

Park Soo-Young, better known as Joy, is the singer of the South Korean girl group ‘Red Velvet’ and has acted in many Korean TV shows. Murna breaks the standard of thigh beauty with her long legs but a little bit. There is no gap between her thighs but she gives her young fans a beautiful and healthy look.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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Hwang Yeji, the leader of eber/leader of the South Korean girl group ‘Itzy’ broke the standard of beauty with double eyelashes that show curves. The cat’s eyes give her a strange but deep aura.

Chou Tzu-yu is a Taiwanese singer and the youngest singer of a South Korean girl group twice at the age of 22. Tzuyu is one of the most beautiful idols in the history of K-pop and defies these standards of beauty. beautiful and sad. pink lips.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Ki Do-yeon is a popular actress of the South Korean girl group ‘WJK’, short for Wuju eki, and has appeared in some amazing South Korean TV shows. Doyeon surpasses the ideal standard of straight nose bridge with her broad nose bridge and charming aura. Everyone chooses nose jobs but Doyeon is proud of his unique features. He is the youngest person to be on the cover of Cosopolitan magazine at the age of 21.

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I Na-yeon is the oldest member of the South Korean girl group ‘Twice’ and she broke this beautiful level with her teeth.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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Find out about lifestyle, Fashion & ap; Beauty Trends, Relationship Tips & ap; buzz on Health & ap; Food Just like Kim Seon Ho, upcoming actors also cause harm to their crew, colleagues or producers in the future due to personal scandals.

The Korean entertainment industry in 2021 has experienced a lot of controversy involving popular actors and actresses. Being involved in a scandal soon after becoming famous not only damages the reputation of the celebrities who came out, but also affects the parties involved such as their actors, filmmakers and future projects. they will do,…

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

The success of two popular dramas “Crash Landing on You” and “Mr. Queen” brought Kim Jung Hyun’s acting career and popularity to the next level. As he became famous, the actor’s bad behavior towards his co-star Seohyun in the past resurfaced. During the press conference of the drama “Time”, Kim Jung Hyun avoided many times and showed a cold expression whenever Seohyun approached him, making the youngest member of SNSD confused in front of the camera. The actor even asked to change the script, reduce his desire to love and meet his female co-stars, which had a great impact on the drama industry and caused the producers to get into a difficult situation.

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Viewers turned their backs on Kim Jung Hyun after his bad behavior towards Seohyun and his feud with his ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji was revealed.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

After the Kim Jung Hyun scandal, Seo Ye Ji was called out for allegedly cheating on her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, which caused the actress to treat her co-worker badly during the filming of the movie “Time” in 2018. After the allegations happened. Seo Ye Ji came from a rising actress thanks to the song “It’s good not to be right” to the suspect from netizens. He ended up withdrawing from the drama “The Island”. The producers of “The Island” had to revise the script and delay filming due to Seo Ye Ji’s scandal.

Kim Seon Ho, one of the most famous actors of these days, did not escape the curse of scandal when his career was on the rise. The former girlfriend accused Kim Seon Ho of forcing her to have an abortion by abusive elders right after the drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” ended. The incident caused controversy among the citizens, which led to the cancellation of Cha-Cha-Cha’s interview with Mji wa Mji. The only saving grace is that filming on all three of Kim Seon Ho’s next projects, Sad Tropics, Dogs Days, and 2 O’Clock Date, has yet to begin, giving the producers time to find other male leads. .

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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Kim Ji Soo won the hearts of domestic and foreign audiences by working hard and improving her skills with every role. When the drama River Where the Moon Rises starring Kim Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun was released, the actor was accused of bullying his classmates and sexually assaulting a schoolgirl while at school. The show, and the crew, suffered greatly from this scandal. The film crew immediately decided on Na In Woo to replace Ji Soo. All Kim Ji Soo’s actions must be redone. Actors also lost 3 billion won. Sex trade for parts, endorsement deals and many other benefits is not new in the Korean entertainment industry. This “money” has had terrible consequences.

Behind the beauty of Korea’s entertainment industry there are some scary flaws that can give us doubts. The ugly truth about the “underground rules” has been revealed to help the public get a better idea of ​​what Korean artists go through behind the camera.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Where, the story of sex trade to get resources (film/TV position, endorsement deal, …) in the industry is brought up frequently. These donor agreements have produced tragic results. Many famous women have changed their careers and even their lives to follow this terrible law.

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The business of sex for performances, advertising contracts, etc. is said to be based on two needs, between artists or management companies who want to shoot fast and gain fame and big people in the entertainment industry who need to satisfy their desires. sex. .

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, it is not easy to find positions, endorsement deals, event schedules, etc. It’s even more difficult for unsupported rookies and unpopular artists struggling to make a name for themselves. Therefore, they became the main target of job offer instead of sex.

Sponsorship contracts in the Korean entertainment industry come in many forms. Which, one of the most popular types is when sponsors benefit artists through love while promising them many benefits that help them in their work.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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The star of ‘High Kick!’ Shin Se Kyung was once rumored to be entering into sponsorship contracts to get a part. These rumors are based on the fact that he has been offered regular acting roles despite his controversial career. However, Shin Se Kyung’s representatives, Namoo Actors, released a statement denying the rumors and filed a lawsuit against the fake news media for defaming their artists.

In August 2011, the entertainment industry in Korea was in turmoil when more than 30 sex videos featuring various female celebrities were released online. These videos feature one person. Many netizens believe that the film was secretly made of female artists sleeping with a high-ranking official in Korea in order to get acting opportunities.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

Many female artists not only accept the offers of sponsors but also develop romantic relationships with these rich and famous people.

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Star Nam Bo Ra is the second daughter in a poor family with 13 brothers. On February 15, 2016, YTN was published.

Korean Celebrity Breaking News

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