Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022 – In August, there were several dating rumors between the idols that took the internet and the K-pop world by storm. From BTS J-Hope and Red Velvet Irene to NCT Haechan to ITZY Ryujin, here’s a list of K-pop idols who have been speculated to be in a romantic relationship. Which was true?

5 dating rumors that rocked the K-pop scene in August 2022: 1. BTS J-Hope and Red Velvet Irene

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

On August 5, BTS J-Hope and model Irene Kim raised the curiosity of K-pop fans to know if they were in a romantic relationship after “using some stuff.”

K Pop Dating Rumors That Exploded In August 2022

In particular, people claimed that the two were dating after seeing that they used matching items, such as phone cases, rings, crocs, teapots, etc.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

After reportedly dating and breaking up with Blackpink Jennie this year, G-Dragon sparked speculation that he is seeing a new woman following his Instagram story.

On August 13, the “Still Life” singer gained a lot of attention for a photo where he appears on a phone call with a certain someone, dubbed “My Love.”

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Song Joong Ki And Kim Tae Ri Speak Up About Dating Rumors

Because of this, people claimed that GD had a new love interest, but netizens quickly put the speculations to rest by revealing that the idol used an IG “filter”.

On August 16, the dating rumor of ITZY Ryujin and NCT Dream Haechan resurfaced after a ‘blind item’ post claimed that a popular female idol ‘A’ was seen waiting for male ‘B’ outside a idol house. was

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

According to the report, the two unnamed stars were suspected to be dating for a long time and people found out about them through their personal tablets.

Bts 2021 Controversies: From Rm, Taehyung’s Dating Rumours To Jungkook’s Backdoor Advertising

As the “Blind Element” post circulated on SNS, people claimed that ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan fit the description in the post.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

On August 17, Seungyoon was embroiled in a dating rumor with rookie actress Moon Ji Hyo after he was spotted holding hands in broad daylight. In the photos taken, the rumored couple were holding hands and wearing matching ‘color fit’ outfits.

As the photo circulated, fans speculated that the two were in a romantic relationship. Soon after, YG Entertainment released their side saying:

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Official K Pop Celebrity Couples Of 2022

“It is difficult for us to comment on the personal affairs of artists in our agency.” 5. Kim Junsu and former lovelies Kei

On August 19, a report claimed that Junsu is dating Kei, who is eight years younger. The news also said that the senior-junior relationship is slowly turning into love for each other, and the couple has decided to join each other’s activities.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

In response, Palmtree Island, the label headed by Junsu and Kei’s agency, denied the rumor and stated that it was “baseless”. K-pop music and idols have won our hearts with their fashion, impressive work and amazing performances. However, netizens can’t get enough of their favorite stars and want to know everything about their personal lives.

Most Anticipated Weddings Of Korean Celebrity Couples In 2022

In case you didn’t know, dating in the K-pop industry is not a piece of cake. In a 2018 article, CNN reported that some K-pop artists have a “no dating” clause in their contracts, and they are not allowed to disclose personal information to their fans.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

The article also quotes Korean music executive Bernie Cho as explaining why some agencies have such contracts. He says, “Scandals involving drinking, drugs, or dating make waves not only in the entertainment news section, but also in the financial news section, as many major Korean music management companies are also listed on the Korean stock market. are publicly traded in. Sensational headlines can take a serious hit down the line.”

However, some K-pop icons have dared to tread the rough terrains of dating and set new relationship goals for you too. From adorable pictures to heart-warming gestures – you name it, and they did it.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

These Korean Celebrity Couples That Make Us Believe In Love

Here are some K-pop celebrities who met and broke the internet with their love. Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol

Who knew that a television show would play cupid for two of South Korea’s most popular stars? Sparks flew when K-pop girl group member Dae Hari met Ryu Jun-yeol on the sets of their 2015 tvN show Reply 1988.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Between spending time on the set of the show and engaging in Instagram banter, the two developed a strong friendship. The pair became so attached that Harry became emotional while filming the 18th episode – the famous scene where Hun-yeol’s character Jung-hwan confesses his feelings for Duk-seon, played by Harry in Answer 1988.

Korean Celebrities Who’ve Denied Dating Rumors In 2021

Jun-yeol revealed the same in Answer Me Ryu Jun Yeol on Naver’s V app. She said, “When we filmed the scene (confession), Harry cried a lot. While preparing to act as Deok-seon, she also personally felt that she was saying goodbye to Jung-hwan. He probably felt that he didn’t. He might not talk to Jung-hwan in the future, and he cried a lot about it.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

In 2017, Jun Yeol’s agency – C-JeS Entertainment – ​​confirmed their relationship with a statement: “Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri have recently progressed from being friends to a couple, and are still in the early stages of their relationship. are in. We apologize to fans. for these surprising dating reports.” The couple has been dating for the past few years.

They are the latest couple to join the bandwagon of K-pop couples. It was only in August this year that the pair made their relationship official, and the news made their fans happy.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Bts: Rm Finally Talks About His Dating A ‘wealthy Non Celebrity’ Rumour; Here’s What He Has To Say

Music labels P Nation and SM Entertainment, who cast Crush and Joy respectively, confirmed the couple’s relationship status, saying, “Krush and Joy have recently started dating from being a sunbae and a close hubby. .”

The pair debuted as co-workers in 2020, collaborating on their song “Mayday”. But their professional equation soon gave way to something more personal and romantic. The two stayed in touch after their partnership and soon started dating.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

One of South Korea’s most beloved couples, K-pop troupe Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung-ho have been dating for the past nine years.

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The couple never fails to give their fans adorable goals, and they have nothing but nice things to say about each other in interviews.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

In an interview with Marie Claire Korea in 2020, Jung Kyung-ho talked about his girlfriend and said, “I’ve been with someone for more than eight years, so I think Choi Sooyoung made me who I am.” I am. A person doing what Sooyoung tells me to do and not doing what she tells me not to do. Washing my hands before eating, brushing my teeth before bed, not drinking too much, and Things like wearing clean, attractive clothes. To listen to what my girlfriend has to say.”

The actor also revealed some cute tidbits about their relationship on tvN’s Life Bar and shared that he met Sooyoung through a mutual friend. She also shared that she had gifted her beautiful 1000 roses on their 1000th day together. They are still going strong as a couple.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

New Celebrity Couples Of 2023 — Celebrity Relationship Celebrities Dating

Did you know that Hyuna and Dawn’s agency Cube Entertainment terminated their respective contracts shortly after the two were confirmed to be dating?

Former 4MINUTE member HyunA and former Pentagon member Dawn started dating in 2016 when they worked together in the K-pop trio Triple H. According to The Korea Herald in September 2018, the South Korean entertainment company said in a statement: “We have decided that trust has been broken and cannot be maintained, so we are removing both of them from the company.”

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

However, leading South Korean website Never published a statement from Cube Entertainment CEO Shin Dae-nam denying all the rumors after their photos started circulating on the internet.

Korean Celebrity Couples Whose Weddings Fans Are Looking Forward In 2022

“Hyuna and E’Dawn’s casting is being discussed, but it’s not a confirmation issue. The artist’s opinion is also important, so it’s a matter that should be carefully decided through the process of gathering opinions. is,” he said.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

It would not be wrong to say that they faced many ups and downs, but they managed to stay together.

Both HyunA and Dawn are very vocal about their relationship. In a 2018 interview, the couple confirmed their relationship, after Cube Entertainment terminated their contract. The artist is now managed by PSY’s P Nation.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Monsta X Had Its Own Dating Rumors Webpage That You Need To Know

Earlier this year, the duo appeared in SBS’s My Ugly Duckling. He shared the details of his love life. In a candid conversation, Dawn shared how she gets chills when HyunA calls her by her real name.

“When she calls me by my real name, I get chills. My real name is Kim Hyo Jong, but she usually calls me by the term of endearment or just ‘Don.’ If I do something wrong Yes, though, she will call me. By my real name. Being called by your full name is scary, but the ending ‘Hyo Jong’ is also really scary,” she said.

Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors 2022

Joining the list of K-pop celebs are Ryowook of the clashing K-pop group Super Junior and Ari, a former member of the South Korean girl group Tahiti. It was a chance meeting between the two through an acquaintance.

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