Korean Celebrity Died 2021

Korean Celebrity Died 2021 – Over the years, South Korea’s entertainment industry has lost many actors, reflecting the burden of mental health on its so-called ‘idols’. The country is famous for its strong entertainment industry and many young stars are involved in online dating.

Here are five of South Korea’s young idols whose deaths put their spotlight on stardom.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

After his passing on January 23, 2021, Song Yoo-jung left his fans in shock and grief. His agency Sublime Artiste has not confirmed the cause of death. Jung was only 26 years old.

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Sulli, formerly a member of f(x), left the girl group in 2015 to focus on her career. The star, who has more than five million followers on Instagram, took her own life in 2019 after complaining about the online harassment she faced when she joined a women’s campaign which she claimed was ‘ridiculous’.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

Luminary’s C-Word podcast series has an episode titled ‘Sully’, which delves into the controversies surrounding her career and her choices, as well as the mass murders affecting the K-pop world.

Goo Hara, 28, was found dead in her home six weeks after Sully killed herself. He posted the words ‘Barga Da Salla’ on his Instagram.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

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Highlighting the high pressure of K-pop stardom and the public scrutiny that comes with it, Goo said, “It’s not easy for public entertainers like me — we scrutinize our personal lives more than others, and we struggle. We can’t talk to our family and friends.” In the past, Goo survived a suicide attempt after it was revealed that her boyfriend had threatened to release their sex tapes.

A few days after Goo Hara committed suicide, actor Cha In-ha’s body was found at her home in Seoul. Cha, whose real name is Lee Jae-ho, made his film debut in 2017, having previously been a member of the five boy group Surprise U.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

The cause of his death has not been released and there are no reports of him being the victim of cyberbullying that other stars have endured. She acted in it

K Drama Star Song Yoo Jung’s Passing Brings Back Attention To Mounting Celebrity Deaths In South Korea

Kim Jong-hyun, or Jonghyun, the Korean leader of SHINee for nine years, committed suicide in 2017 at the age of 27. Jonghyun’s statement, made public a day after his death, read: “I’m broken from the inside. The sadness that paralyzed me slowly engulfed me completely.”

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

What made her death even more shocking, according to multiple reports, was that the star appeared “happy” in public appearances just days before her death. He was one of the most popular stars in the South Korean entertainment industry.

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Korean Celebrity Died 2021

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The body of a 26-year-old actress was found in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, the latest loss of a young actress in the country’s entertainment industry who faced death due to health issues. The brains of its fascinating stars.

The death of actress Song Yoo-jung, who appeared in several TV dramas, was confirmed in a statement by her agency, Sublime Artist Agency. The agency did not disclose the cause, but Ms. Song’s sudden death brought to mind the spate of murders that have plagued Korean music in recent years.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

There have long been concerns about the pressure South Korean governing bodies put on young entertainers, many of whom were turned into idols from a young age. Their appearance is closely monitored, and their intense lives are often broadcast on social media, which exposes them to sexist e-mail and hate speech.

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For many, if they ever achieve stardom, their time in the limelight will be short. At the end of 20 years, some are considered replacements.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

Many of the K-pop stars who have committed suicide have spoken out about their struggles with mental health and the prevalence of cyberbullying. Mrs. A budding actress, Song has not spoken publicly about such issues.

Mrs. Song began her acting career in her 20s and appeared in commercials for Estee Lauder skin care products and ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins. In her role in 2019, Ms. In the web series “Dear My Name”, Song played an architect-faced student with a pixie cut looking for her soulmate. He also plays music videos.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

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He is an advocate for the disabled and has become an ambassador for the South Korean band Warm Accompaniment.

Administration of Smt. Song called her “a great actress who played with passion”. Requests for comment were not immediately responded to.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

South Korea’s murder problem is not limited to the entertainment industry. Suicide rates are high in the 37 developed countries that make up the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Of The Most High Profile Korean Celebrity Suicide Cases

But over the past decade South Korean media has praised the killing of celebrities, including actors and others. In recent years, death has received less attention in the K-pop industry, one of the country’s top cultural exports.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

In 2017, another singer, Kim Jong-hyun, committed suicide at the age of 27 after leaving a note saying he was depressed.

In 2019, 25-year-old K-pop star Sulli committed suicide after complaining about cyberbullying she faced when she joined a feminist campaign advocating not to wear bras.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

Korean Actors Who Tragically Committed Suicide

About six weeks later, her friend Goo Hara, 28, shot herself.

“It’s not easy for public entertainers like me — we follow our private lives more than anyone else, and we’re in so much pain that we can’t talk to our family and friends,” he wrote.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

If you’re thinking about suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (talk) or go to Home » News » Buzz » K-Drama Star Song Yoo-jung’s Passing Draws Attention to South Korean Celebrity Deaths

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Song Yoo-jung’s death at the age of 26 has shocked and shocked K-drama fans. The ministry of majestic artist Yoo-jung has not confirmed the cause of death.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

K-drama fans around the world were shocked and saddened after the death of South Korean actor Song Yoo-jung was announced in the media on January 25.

The news, released by her agency Sublime Artist on Instagram, caused a stir among K-drama fans, which include viewers from all over the world. Yoo-jung is 26 years old.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

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After making her acting debut with the sitcom Golden Rainbow in 2013, Yoo-jung became a popular face in South Korea for her K-drama roles and music video appearances. His last TV appearance was on KBS School 2017 which aired that year. In 2018, Song starred in boy band iKON’s music video for Goodbye Road. The actress was also seen in the web drama Dear My Name in 2019.

Not just an actor and model, Yoo-jung is passionate about activism and an outspoken advocate for the rights of the disabled. He was the ambassador of the organization ‘Warm Accompaniment’ in South Korea.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

A statement released by Yoo-jung’s company Sublime Artist did not specify the cause of the 26-year-old’s death. However, the story has become more controversial since the deaths of some South Korean artists who have been killed in the past few months. Fans of K-pop star Kim Jong-hyun were devastated in December 2017 when the star, known as Jonghyun, committed suicide at the age of 27. Former f(x) singer Sulli also passed away. Take his head. His home life turns 25 in October 2019. The incident comes after the singer was allegedly attacked indiscriminately after she campaigned for women’s suffrage. Almost six weeks after Sulli’s death, fellow K-pop star Goo Hara, who was a member of the girl group Kara, was found dead at the age of 28. The South Korean singer’s death continued in 2020 and the actress’ look-alike. In-hye died at the age of 36 and K-pop Yohan, who was a member of TST, also passed away.

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The U-song featured a melancholic song and sad lyrics about saying goodbye to the 2018 icon, hitting the young star’s fans hard over recent events. Social media saw an outpouring of condolences and disbelief from fans and followers of the K-drama, with many expressing their grief over the youngster’s loss.

Korean Celebrity Died 2021

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