Korean Celebrity Gym

Korean Celebrity Gym – Wonho is not the skinny guy that many imagine when they think of a former boy band member whose music videos are full of choreographed dance routines and beautiful visuals. The K-Pop star, now a full-fledged solo artist, looks more like a bodybuilder when he takes his shirt off (which is often, as you’ll find out if you’re one of his 2.7 million Instagram followers). His muscles are not far from hero status, like

Last year, Korea named him “Captain Korea” on its cover. However, it can still clearly identify each step in its videos; his training is part of taking care of his body, something very important for the singer.

Korean Celebrity Gym

Korean Celebrity Gym

He devotes a lot of time to his training, training twice a day for four to five hours in total with only one day off for rest and recovery. “It’s hard, but as an actor you have to take care of your physical and mental health,” Wono said.

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Crew when we caught up with him in Seoul, South Korea to capture his workout regimen. The singer does not work one specific part of the body every day, but instead hits different muscle groups (for example, chest in the morning and back in the evening) in each session. Twice a week, he trains the lower body.

Korean Celebrity Gym

Wono introduced us to his strength coach, Kim Ki-Nam, and his regular back workout. After the session, the singer received a Graston massage to increase blood flow to her back muscles to aid recovery.

Brett Williams, Men’s Health Workout Editor, is a NASM-CPT certified trainer and former football player and tech reporter who splits his workout time between strength and conditioning, martial arts and running. You can find his work on Mashable, Thrillist, and more.

Korean Celebrity Gym

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Korean Celebrity Gym

How to Get Rid of Stiff Legs 5 Key Exercises to Strengthen Arms Justin Baldoni Wants to Check Thirst Trap 15 Best Pairs of Running Shorts 2023) looks great in a sweater and turtleneck jacket. In fact, the beautiful 1.84m actress can pull off any outfit, including (almost) a birthday suit.

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In other words, another Korean Rain has another candidate for the unofficial title of Hottest Shirtless Guy.

Korean Celebrity Gym

A Korean magazine recently interviewed Gong Yoo’s personal trainer Yoon Tae Sik, who has also trained other celebrities such as Hyun Bin and Bae Suzy, to learn more about his workout routine. According to Tae Sik, his famous client feels like a “cool dude around” and goes to the gym almost every day to work out, sometimes twice a day if he’s preparing for a role.

Gong Yu’s daily routine goes like this: He goes to the gym, spends about 10-15 minutes warming up, then works out with a trainer for an hour, followed by another hour of cardio before taking a shower and going home. In total, he spends about three hours in the gym.

Korean Celebrity Gym

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What he does during training depends on whether he is preparing for a new role or not. “When he prepares for a show, he tries to be the character,” Tae Sik explained. “For example, for his film

, he had to look like a special forces agent, so he ate and trained like real athletes.”

Korean Celebrity Gym

Gong Yu has also been described as someone who is very careful about what he puts into that glorious body. “One time he was on a very strict diet of chicken breast, sweet potatoes and vegetables, but I told him he could cheat on a day and eat whatever he wanted in one meal,” Tae Sik recalled.

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Would do), Gong Yu remained cautious. “He called me to tell me he was going to eat beef and asked me in a very sweet voice, ‘Can I have a beer?’

Korean Celebrity Gym

To drink beer, although he did not allow himself more than 500 ml, which he drank very slowly.

Regarding his regular meals, Tae Sik shared that Gong Yoo is not a fan of junk food, so he cooks for himself by grilling, steaming or reheating meals without using a lot of seasoning. Hashtag eat clean.

Korean Celebrity Gym

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If any of you want to try to achieve Gong Yoo’s star form, Tae Sik was kind enough to show off the actual moves he does with Gong Yoo, which you can watch in the video below. Good luck!

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Korean Celebrity Gym

Lee Do Hyun gets emotional talking about his parents, who worked hard to raise him, and his brother, who was born with a developmental disability.

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Korean Celebrity Gym

We know switching browsers isn’t easy, but we want your 8 Days experience to be faster, safer and better. It includes a long list of fitness and sports celebrities who have gained huge followings on social media and Youtube. From UDT troopers to yotuber Tarzan, here’s their Instagram, age and more.

For fans familiar with K content, Tarzan is a familiar figure. He is often known by his nickname, while his real name is Jun. Over the years he has gained notoriety as a fitness vlogger through his Youtube channel moderntarzan. With over 138k followers, she shares workout videos, various trips and fun videos with her guests. Tarzan is easy to spot because of his long hair and cropped hair.

Korean Celebrity Gym

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The fitness celebrity is also the owner of the clothing brand Fitness Paradise, which was founded in 2022. Fans can also follow him on Instagram @jun_tarzan. But Tarzan is recognized for another reason. He was a member of the Korean dating series Love Bell! clap your hands! clap your hands! He is also a guest on AllBlanc’s YouTube workout channel.

Was Shim Eu-ddeum. The curvy, pink-haired contestant has a huge following on YouTube. Even BBulkup recognized him immediately. His Youtube channel, euddeume, has over 1.2 million subscribers and his Instagram, @euddeume_, has over 500k.

Korean Celebrity Gym

She is dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through home workouts, pilates and powerlifting. Don’t fool yourself. The shim is capable of lifting hundreds of pounds. His YouTube videos focus on different body parts such as back exercises, quads, lower body exercises and proper nutrition plan. Shim also has interesting guest athlete videos and vlogs.

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The participants were surprised. Even Florian was stunned after looking at Kim’s amazing muscles. “Is he even human?” Florian asked. Joined at the hip is Kim Song’s wife, Ah-Reum. The two fitness stars are professional bodybuilders, have been married for six years and have a daughter. Other members also claim that Kim is popular among other members of the gym.

Korean Celebrity Gym

Kim is most active on Youtube with her channel KimKangmin. With over 430k followers, he is a superstar when it comes to bodybuilding and lifting. His channel features videos of him training with fellow athletes, his family, and having fun with other Physical 100 contestants. Fans can also follow him on Instagram, @kang_min_kim. He is 32 years old, like Song.

Good song The fitness model has the same big muscles as her husband. According to an Instagram post, they got married in April 2017. Kim also owns Maxist, a company that provides protein supplements.

Korean Celebrity Gym

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They were shocked and surprised when Choo Song Hong entered the room. Many felt a change in the air upon his arrival, as he is one of Korea’s most prominent sports figures as an MMA fighter. He explained about the survival streak: “I’m in the ONE championship. I am an MMA fighter, Choo Sung Hoon. I started doing judo when I was three or four years old and trained until I was 30. After that, I trained in MMA for 17 years.”

But Choo’s name is Yoshihiro Akiyama, and he is from Osaka, Japan, and his grandfather is from Jeju Island. Chu’s work is impressive. He teaches judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and submission wrestling. He won gold at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships and the 2002 Asian Games. The 47-year-old is still in his prime and can compete with the best.

Korean Celebrity Gym

Choo’s career brought him fame as a celebrity appearing on various Korean reality shows. He appeared in the TV series “The Master of the House”, “The Return of Superman”, “Now”,

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