Korean Celebrity Homes

Korean Celebrity Homes – BIGBANG’s Korean singer G-Dragon recently posted photos of his new apartment on Instagram, giving us a dig at the luxury Korean celeb cribs.

Celebrity homes may seem unattainable to us commoners, but Korean celebrities live in incredibly comfortable apartments, some of which can be replicated in our HDB flats!

Korean Celebrity Homes

Korean Celebrity Homes

View a post shared by 권지용(權志龍) (@xxxibgdrgn) on Instagram on May 14, 2020 at 4:35pm PDT

Rain Reveals The Inside Of The S$5.9mil Home He Shares With Wife Kim Tae Hee

Taeyang’s old bachelor apartment is not a big apartment, but actually medium sized. And it is decorated with minimal decorations. She has many works of art and an amazing wardrobe!

Korean Celebrity Homes

We are participating in BIGBANG here. T.O.P revealed his apartment on Instagram and it looks more like a museum than a house.

SNSD’s Sunny has a simple and stylish outfit with an attractive feminine look. Girls who love a cozy home can take notes!

Korean Celebrity Homes

Celebs’ Luxury Houses: Kim Soo Hyun, G Dragon, J Hope, And More

Actor Lee Daha, best known for his role in the 2014 TV series Hotel King, owns a sleek and elegant apartment. She has not one but two stunning wardrobes and a cute bedroom with a pink theme.

Suzy took a tour of Miss A’s former home and what can we say, it’s #relatable. It looks very comfortable and stylish with a princess vibe even though it is quite messy.

Korean Celebrity Homes

! Her home looks straight out of an interior design magazine, but it’s not quite so holy. She also has an amazing wardrobe!

Remember These Homes From Your Favourite Films And Tv Shows? Now You Can Stay There Too

You may have seen actor Lee Beomsoo’s apartment in the TV series Superman Returns. This apartment eschews the usual minimalist interior style with colorful sofas, herringbone-patterned floors and dark cabinets. G-Dragon is one of the most famous people in Korea and his original name was Kwon Ji-yong. He is known as the King of K-Pop who is also known as a rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. G-Dragon’s penthouse is worth $10.4 million!

Korean Celebrity Homes

Taeyang is a Korean singer and dancer known as Dong Young-bae. Taeyang’s previous bachelor apartment is not a large apartment but a medium size, so his apartment is worth a look. It is also minimally decorated, and she has many works of art, as well as an impressive wardrobe.

T.O.P is the stage name of Choi Seung-hyun, a Korean rapper, actor and singer. T.O.P shared on Instagram that it looks more like a museum than a house. Her apartment reflects her luxurious and comfortable life, which shows the availability of beautiful home decor and the best selection of furniture.

Korean Celebrity Homes

I Live Alone’ Is A Comforting Show For Those Who Might Be Flying Solo

Korean-American singer Susan Sunkyu Lee, better known as Sunny, is a member of Girls’ Generation, Korea’s most popular girl group and best-selling artist. SNSD’s Sunny has a simple and stylish apartment with an attractive feminine look. Girls who like a cozy home look can be influenced by Sunny.

Lee Daha is a South Korean model and actress, best known for her role in the 2014 TV series Hotel King. Actress Lee Daha’s apartment looks elegant and charming. Her beautifully decorated apartment has not one but two gorgeous wardrobes and a pretty pink bedroom.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Bae Suzy is an actress, model and singer who is a member of a popular girl group. No one. Suzy’s home tour showcases stylish decor that anyone can enjoy thanks to her no-nonsense approach. Her house is very messy, but it looks very comfortable and stylish with a princess atmosphere.

Where North And South Korea Meet: On Tv

Actress Han Yesel’s apartment looks like a haunted house. Her home looks straight out of an interior design magazine, but it’s not quite so holy. She also has an amazing wardrobe in her house. Han is an American-born South Korean actor.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Actor Lee Beomsoo’s apartment is often seen in the reality series Superman Returns. The apartment is a departure from the usual minimalist interior style, with colorful sofas looking very comfortable, bone-patterned floors and dark cabinets. Lee Boemsu is a South Korean actor known for his roles in The Giant, The Single and On Air. Many celebrities have proved that money can’t buy love, but it can buy a nice house. Don’t stick where they live, kid.

The list of most expensive celebrity homes includes actor Jang Dong-gun and his wife Ko So-young.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Exo’s Kai Shows Off Bachelor Pad; Estimated To Cost At Least S$2.4mil

The home of the couple and their two children is an 11.5 billion won (about $12.7 million) duplex in the newly built penthouse Cheongdam in Seoul’s affluent Cheongdam-dong district.

The 20-storey luxury building with six underground floors consists of only 29 blocks, each with its own private lift.

Korean Celebrity Homes

The 274 square meter double bed is located on the top floor and overlooks the Han River.

Stay In This Bts’ Luxury Villa In South Korea For Less Than S$10 A Night On Airbnb

Dong Gun and So Young own properties worth 43.7 billion won (S$53 million), including two buildings in Hannam-dong worth more than 10 billion won (S$11.4 million) and a villa in Gapyeong.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Song Joong Ki is one of the highest-grossing Korean actors, so we’re not surprised that he’s on this list.

Last year, Jung Gi bought a two-storey detached house in Itaewon for 10 billion won (S$11.4 million), causing a stir after neighbors complained that the road between the houses was too narrow.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Betty White’s Stunning L.a. Home Just Hit The Market For More Than $10 Million — See The Photos

The actor later offered to give 1,500 sq ft of the 9,000 sq ft area so that the government could widen the road.

Third, Jung Ki’s good friend and actor Jo In-sung owns two apartments in the luxurious Signiel Residences on the 42nd to 71st floors of Jamsil Lotte World Tower. From the 76th floor to the 101st floor is used as a hotel.

Korean Celebrity Homes

The development features “six-star hotel services” such as catering, room service and housekeeping, and is priced at 9.22 billion won (S$10.52 million) per unit.

Viewers Are Turned Off By Celebs Showing Off Their Extravagant Houses During The Housing Crisis In Korea

Surya lives in one apartment, while the other lives with his mother and younger brother.

Korean Celebrity Homes

The rapper sold his luxury apartment in Hannam-dong in 2019 for 900 million won (S$1.03 million) and later bought another house in the area for 6.36 billion won (S$7.3 million), which he paid in cash. .

Ji Sub, who married 27-year-old former reporter Cho Eun-jung last year, bought the four-bedroom apartment in 2018 for US$6.1 billion ($7 million).

Korean Celebrity Homes

Tour Sugar Ray Leonard’s $46m Estate (video)

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We know switching browsers can be difficult, but we want your experience today to be the fastest, safest, and best. Following the popularity of observational entertainment programs that revealed the daily lives of specific stars, the number of shows with a similar format increased. Audiences these days are protesting the feeling of deprivation after watching these shows. This is due to the fact that most celebrities live in unreasonably expensive homes, while most people are suffering from the skyrocketing housing prices lately.

Korean Celebrity Homes

Currently, there is a housing problem in Korea, so many young people cannot afford to buy a house. Average house prices in Seoul increased by 50% from 2017 and 22% from 2019 to 2020, the highest increase of any major Asian city. The median house price in Seoul is now $1 million. MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ was a show directly affected by this controversy. According to media reports on August 22, the new apartment that Jung Hyun Moo introduced in the last episode has an area of ​​156㎡ (1700 square feet). As of the end of last year, the apartment was worth 4.49 billion won (US$3.9 million). Park Na Rae bought a two-story detached house in Itaewon at an auction. The house measures 551㎡ (6,000 sq ft) and has a built-up area of ​​319㎡ (3,433 sq ft). The detached house with a basement and two floors was put up for auction with a starting price of 4.8 billion won (~4.2 million won). Five people bid, but Park Na Rae won 5.51 billion won (~$4.8 million).

Contemporary Coastal Beach House That Oozes California Cool

In addition, MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa shared her new luxury villa apartment worth 3 billion won ($2.6 million). Some netizens have criticized the show for being difficult to understand Koreans during the show, as the celebrities show their luxurious homes to the public during the show. As per the preamble of the program ‘I live alone’, the aim of the program is to create social harmony. There are 4.53 million households in Korea.

Korean Celebrity Homes

In particular, when SHINee’s Key appeared on the show, he said he didn’t even know how many rooms his house had, which surprised the cast. In March, he shared a view of the Han River from his home, which will be the envy of actors and audiences alike.

Besides “I live alone”.

Korean Celebrity Homes

The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Of All Time: Owned By Kim Soo Hyun, G Dragon, J Hope, And More

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