Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Yasmien Yuson Kurdi-Soldevilla (born January 25, 1989 in San Juan, Metro Manila) is a Filipino actress, singer and model. He appeared in his 2005 TV series Encantadia, Babangon Akot Dudurugin Kita remake He Salve Dizon de Leon and Saan Darting Ang Umaga?. Shane Rodrigo in the Hit Her remake is best known for the role originally played by Maricel Soriano. In recent years, Kurdi rose to fame as Angela Ferrer in She’s Rodora X, followed by her Ysabel Salvacion in Yagit remake Dolores Makabuhai and Sa Piling ni Nanay.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

Kurdi recently starred as Thea Balagtas in the 2018 Hindi series Ko Kayan Ivan Ka, followed by the role of Alicia Salvasion in the Love Justice duology. She currently stars as Katrina “Ina” Diaz in Her Start-Up PH, her 2020 Filipino version of the Korean drama her series of the same name.

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Yasmienyu Songkurdi was born on January 25, 1989 in the city of San Juan, Ilocos Her Norte Province, with her Lebanese father, Mohammad His Kurdi, and Miriam Ong, a Chinese Filipino who is a member of the Christian Church. Born during her Yoosung.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

Born in the Philippines, he spent most of his childhood in Kuwait due to his father’s work, and spent time with his family during the Gulf War.

He attended primary school at Jabria He Indian School, then Angelicum He attended college high school and graduated from the University of Arellano with a degree in Political Science.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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By 2012, she was married to Ray Soldevilla, now a pilot, and gave birth to her first daughter, Aisha Zala, on November 22nd of the same year.

Two years later he was diagnosed with a vocal cord cyst. He will have surgery to remove the cyst in July 2014. Doctors say there is no guarantee that his voice will fully recover after surgery.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

On January 17, 2022, Kurdi herself confirmed that she had tested positive for COVID-19 along with her husband and her daughter.

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As a child, Kurdi participated in school competitions and singing competitions, eventually making it to the first season of StarStruck in 2003. became a person Despite losing out to her Jennilynn Mercado, she still received P100,000 and an exclusive management deal from GMA Network to launch her acting career.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

Kurdi’s first appearance outside of StarStruck was in the drama series Click, where she played Leilani. Her next major appearance was in the 2005 Encantadia series, where she played Sangre Mira, the daughter of Sangre Pirena (played by Sunshine Dizon). Around the same time, he released his debut her album, In the Name of Love, which was certified platinum and won Song of the Year at the 2006 IFM Pinoy Music Awards.

After starring in Bakekang in 2006, she starred in the 2007 remake of Pink Hearts alongside JC de Vera.Due to the success of the series, she was cast again in JC de Vera the following year, portraying Lupe Velez. Starting with the remake of Ipas the Great, he starred as Leon’s Salvedizon in the 2008 remake of Carrie My Baden. .

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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By 2008, Kurdi had landed the role of Shane Rodrigo in another TV series remake, and was later given a small role in the Madras and SRO Cinemaserie episode “Dear Friends”. She starred as Cindy in Grasilda, her first antagonist role that redefined her career.

Since 2012, Kurdi has been married to Ray Soldevilla, and after giving birth to her first daughter, Aisha Zala, in 2013, she left the show business to devote herself to her college education and her family. left the world.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

Her first appearance after hiatus was Anna Karenina as Margarita Monteclaro. By 2014, she was cast as Angela Ferrer in the 2014 TV series Rhodora X, beginning a trend in her career portraying characters who go through a series of unfortunate events. It was diagnosed and Rhodora X was forced to shut down in May.

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In June 2014, after surgery, Kurdi starred in her Yagit remake in which she played the role of Dolores Makabhay. The series is the longest running on record with a total of 203 episodes. Her next major appearance was in the 2016 series Sa Piling ni Nanay, as Ysabel Salvacion. The series was renewed several times due to its high ratings, eventually reaching 154 episodes.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

In 2018, Kurdi won the Best Dramatic Actress Award at the 32nd PMPC Star Awards for Television for playing the role of Thea Balagtas in the Hindi serial Ko Kayan Ivan Ka.As of 2019, He has played in two series. Hiram’s great and beautiful justice.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the entertainment industry, halting or delaying the production of TV shows and movies.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Alicia Salvacion is set to appear at #JusticeForLove: World’s End in 2020. The film’s unprecedented success further defined his career, earning him several awards for his performance, as well as his interest in the disaster film genre and his interest in real-world discussions of asteroid impact avoidance. revived interest. Following the film’s success, a prequel series was released in 2021. The duology introduced Kurdi to an international audience who appreciated his acting and performance.

At the same time, she appeared in Las Hermanas as Dorothy Manansara, ending a trend that started in 2014’s Lodora X.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

By 2022, Kurdi was starring in the Filipino version of the 2020 Korean drama series Startup, cast as Katrina “Mother” Diaz, the Filipino counterpart of Wong In-jae, originally played by Kang Hannah. Justice for His Love Thanks to the phenomenal success of his duology, the series has quickly become his most anticipated Filipino television series of 2022.

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She also appeared in the short film Final Moments as Rebecca de Her Guzman, the ending of the Justice for Love duology, and in her 2022 film Godzilla: Attack of the Kaiju, and later she became a recurring character in the Reiva series. became.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

In 2022, after the Justice Four duology of his love and startup his PH ended, he redefined his acting career to unprecedented success and critical acclaim.

Disclaimer: Due to his long filmography, this section will focus only on his famous roles.Click here to view the full list.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Yasmien Kurdi has released his two studio albums. His first album, In the Name of Love, was released in 2005 and went platinum.

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Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge) • Manila • Saipan • Honolulu • Tokyo • New York (list of places) “Christianity in history is not Protestant. Digging into History – Stop Being Protestant” (John Henry Newman, Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

“Gather the people where the bishop is. As Jesus was before him, so is the Catholic Church.” -St. Ignatius of Antioch (c. 110 AD), later a martyr who was cast by lions, wrote to the church in Asia Minor. Antioch is also where the word “Christian” was first used.

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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“We believe that this is the one church of Christ, one creed, holy, Catholic and apostolic.” -CCC811

Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Korean Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo

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