Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Korean Celebrity In Philippines – Due to the rise of Korean culture and the growing popularity of K-Pop, K-Drama and Korean movies, we got to know some famous people from the lovely country.

So, since the South Korean media took over the world and the Philippines, our country has become a popular tourist destination for Koreans!

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Before the pandemic closed ports around the world in 2020, the Philippines had already seen a large number of Korean visitors. The Association of Philippine Travel Agencies as well as the Department of Tourism recognized Korea as the top tourist destination in the Philippines. The year 2019 was 10

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We got to know and love Lee Min Ho for his portrayal of Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers.” We love her more for every drama she’s been a part of since. He says he will never get tired of coming to the Philippines and he has visited it 5 times, but only recently he visited Cebu. He was spotted at SM Seaside City Cebu wearing “ANNYEONG Cebuanos,” an orange t-shirt to promote Bench.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

According to him, he wondered why it took him so long to make his way here. Apart from that, he has pictures of him lying on a boat and swimming in the beaches of Cebu.

This world-famous boy band that stole many people’s hearts once held a two-day concert in Manila in 2017. Many may not remember, but they also did a shoot for the 2017 Summer Package in Coron, Palawan.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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The band have also since become supporters of SMART, so eager fans may have the chance to meet them in person again soon when the world reopens!

Park Seo-Joon, a famous endorser of Filipino brands including Bench, has visited the Philippines more than once. He has a personal vlog exploring his time in Metro Manila, another documenting his time in Makati, Greenbelt and The Peninsula Manila where he enjoys a big bakkie

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

His first trip to the Philippines was the world famous Boracay when he visited for a “Vogue Girl” photo shoot.

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The lovely “Crash Landing on You” actress once expressed how much she wanted to visit our country again after the pandemic broke out. Her first time in the Philippines was reportedly in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, where she enjoyed the beach at Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

“My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and “When I Was the Most Beautiful” star Im Soo-Hyang once visited Cebu for a vacation with the cast of My ID is Gangnam Beauty. It was their reward to celebrate the hit success of the series.

Along with Cha Eun-Woo, Kwak Dong-Yeon, Jo Woo-Ri, Min Do-Hee, Park Yoo-Na, Jung Seung-Hye, Kim Do-Yeon and Lee Tae-Sun, they definitely enjoyed hitting the beaches to explore Cebu. and they even walked around Ayala Center Cebu with shirts that said, “Cebu!”

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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Singer-performer boy group B1A4 Sandeul also took their vacation in Visayas. He especially visited the island of Bohol and went rock climbing at Kawasan Rock. After his intense experience, he took a lazy ride on a Loboc River boat.

The “Princes of K-pop”, or SHINee, group member Taemin and Exo’s Kai went on a Cebu tour in 2019 with their famous K-Pop group of friends called “The Padding Squad”. Their trip was based on water activities. In Kawasan Falls you went to the beach, snorkeling, diving, cliff jumping, and even canyoneering.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Kai also discovered the cultural side of Cebu by visiting Fort San Pedro, Magellans Cross, usually the area in the Cebu harbor, where he also saw many historical churches.

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Korean Celebrity In Philippines

But did you know that your favorite nannies, noonas and stans consider Cebu as one of their favorite vacation spots in the Philippines?

Yes, Korean actors and singers have often visited our country for vacations. Sometimes we were aware of their arrival but many times we would just be surprised to see pictures or posts and videos uploaded of them enjoying their travels.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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With Cebu having almost every tourist attraction just a few minutes/hours away, it’s no wonder they chose it. The island also has the best beaches, resorts, water activities and nature adventures that Koreans enjoy during their vacations.

Here we have a list of Korean celebrities who visited Cebu and what they did just to help you desperately know where to hang out after the pandemic to have that unexpected but perfectly planned meeting with your idols.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Before starting his military service last June 2019, Park Hyungsik had a big reunion at the Mall of Asia Arena and then spent 3 days in Cebu for a vacation. She became famous for her role in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. He was here for 3 days hosted by Easy Dive Resort in Cebu. Its 3 days are full of activities such as diving and open sea swimming.

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Hyungsik also uploaded photos of his diving experience on his personal Instagram and even captioned one in Korean, “A place like heaven to me.”

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

In 2016, he was here in Cebu with some of his “Love in the Moonlight” cast for an awards holiday to celebrate their series’ success by being included in a list of Korea’s Corporate Fame Institute among Korean dramas that first was placed.

He even posed with Kwak Dong-Yeon as they sat on the edge of a boat in the sea. They enjoyed Cebu for five long days. Bo-Gum even mentioned that the snorkeling in Cebu remains in his memory years after his last visit.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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He has been to the Philippines 5 times, so it is not surprising that he has also explored Cebu.

We got to know and love him for his portrayal of Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” and every drama he has been a part of since.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

He was at SM Seaside City Cebu wearing “ANNYEONG Cebuanos,” an orange t-shirt to promote Bench. According to him, he will never get tired of coming to the Philippines and that this is his first time in Cebu and then he wondered why it took him so long to make his way here.

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He may have taken a short vacation or returned to Cebu after that because there are pictures of him sleeping on a boat and of the beaches in Cebu.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

These three and some of the cast of “My ID is the beauty of Gangnam”, including Jo Woo-Ri, Min Do-Hee, Park Yoo-Na, Jung Seung-Hye, Kim Do-Yeon and Lee Tae-Sun as a awards holiday to celebrate the success of their series. Since it was a group vacation, they enjoyed their time at beautiful beaches and resorts.

“It’s Good to Be Bad” and “Vincenzo” star Kwak Dong-yeon also visited Cebu twice, both as a festive vacation with their co-stars in “Love in the Moonlight” and here with “My Identity Gangnam Beauty is “. Together with Kim Do-Yeon and Lee Tae-Sun, they wandered around the Ayala Mall area wearing white shirts with Cebu written on them.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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Two of the most recognizable names of kpop idols in Cebu were together. SHINee’s baby Taemin and Exo’s Kai came to Cebu in 2019 with their famous Kpop group of friends called “Padding Team”.

The group consists of Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon, VIXX’s Ravi, SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

They made the most of their vacation by trying all the sea and beach activities. They were seen going snorkeling, diving, cliff diving and even sailing at the Kawasan Falls.

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Kai also explored the cultural side of Cebu by visiting Fort San Pedro, Magellans Cross, usually the area in the port of Cebu, where he also got to see many historical churches. 2021 is one of the biggest years for most of us. Filipino. We won big in the Olympics, won the Nobel Prize and put the P-Pop group BTS on the Billboard charts. More than ever, representation has become a non-negotiable factor for us, especially because it is innate among us to

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

Quick fix today, but did you know that some K-Idols are actually part Filipino? Read below to learn more about eight of these artists.

Korean rapper, producer, owner of Illionaire records, and perhaps one of the most influential artists in Korean Hip-hop, Dok2 or Lee Joon-Kyung was born to a Korean mother and a Filipino-Spanish father.

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

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The lead singer and lead dancer of Korean girl group Cignature has confirmed that she is part Filipino after many rumors about her ethnicity. Belle was born to a Korean father and a Filipino mother.

Youn Dong-Yeon is a Filipino-Korean artist signed by JYP Entertainment as a trainee with the show,

Korean Celebrity In Philippines

. His mother is from Negros Occidental and he does not shy away from the fact that he is growing up in a multicultural household. In fact, it expresses it

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