Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle – This generation gives people the freedom to openly care about their beauty and talk about skin care products. Korean N is motivated to break stereotypes, use beauty products and spread the word about healthy skin to the world.

In early India, women were always taught how to maintain their beauty and how important it is to always look beautiful, but Indian women were always ignorant of these simple facts about skin health and mostly tried to look rough and “feminine”. . But K-pop Ens and Korean Draas have revealed their secrets to flawless skin, and you won’t be disappointed.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

We have seen how girls are obsessed with facial acne, but what about guys, who are also acne-obsessed and want glowing acne-free skin? If yes, read on.

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The South Korean actor and singer, who has also written a skincare book called The Beautiful Skin Project, definitely knows how to take good care of his skin. The Descendant of the Sun actor has a nightly ritual of cleansing his face with ghee, a natural facial cleanser that removes all impurities from clogged pores, prevents acne and blackheads.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

His recent Korean drama “Itaewon Class” is staying on the charts and he doesn’t look any younger than 32 years old. The reason why this actor’s skin is smooth is because he asks for a sheet a day. Asc leaf contains a soothing and refreshing serum and elements such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, cinnamon and salicylic acid to prevent breakouts and give the skin a glow, as well as a cooling effect ideal after a hot day.

The South Korean actor has gained worldwide recognition for his looks and acting, and his simple yet effective way to keep his skin perfectly healthy is to moisturize it every day. He uses products like sheets, face masks, essential oils that are full of moisturizing elements. The oisturizer slows down the signs of aging, soothes and nourishes sensitive skin, and prevents dryness and cracking.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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Actor-turned-actor Odell is only 27 years old, but he knows the importance of using sunscreen for brighter, more radiant and natural-looking skin. The Korean model is happy with her sunscreen and uses it every day, every hour. Wearing SPF can help prevent hyperpigmentation, over-tanning, redness and wrinkles.

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Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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Latest lifestyle, fashion & ap; Beauty trends, relationship tips and ap; Health and ap; From foodie K-pop stars to K-drama icons, they are real estate moguls and could be your future landlords.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

For these women, being a female boss means owning buildings in South Korea’s expensive real estate market. While this may seem like an easy feat for K-celebs who are obviously making big bucks, let’s not forget that many of them had to fight their way up. According to Drake, these female celebrities “started at the bottom and now (they’re) here.”

Making headlines for her relationship with actor Lee Jong Suk in January, IU is one of South Korea’s most beloved celebrities. However, the singer-actress was accused of real estate speculation in 2019 when she allegedly benefited from the opening of new railway lines as part of the GTX (Metropolitan Express Train) project.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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IU has purchased a building in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province that will be connected to Seoul through the project. She bought it in January 2018 for 4.5 billion South Korean won (US$4.8 million) and reportedly made a profit of 2.3 billion won from the development.

A representative from her company quickly cleared things up, stating that the cheap rumors were not true and that IU only intended to purchase the building to set up an office and studio for her group.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

Acquired in 2016, Bae Building is located in the prestigious Samsung-dong area of ​​Gangnam. It has five floors as well as a two-level basement. The building was purchased for 3.7 billion won.

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Most recently, Song Hye Kyo was praised for her performance in “Glory,” where she played the role of Moon Dong Eun, who endures brutal abuse and fights back against her bullies.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

But her boss’s behavior doesn’t stop there. The actress reportedly bought a 19.5 billion won building in Hanam-dong, Yeonsan-gu, Seoul. The building has a two-story basement and three floors above ground and is considered a long-term investment for her mother’s retirement.

Kim Tae Hee’s generosity was evident in 2020, when she decided to cut rent by 50% to help her tenants through the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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The building is located in the affluent Gangnam area, and since she acquired it in 2014 for 13.2 billion won, she sold it in 2021 for 20.3 billion won, making a profit of 7.1 billion won.

The building, called GRAMERCY, is shared 69% and 31% by the star and her husband Lee Sang Soon. Members of the public praised the couple’s kindness after one tenant told the media that they had not collected the March 2020 rent.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

GRAMERCY has four floors and a basement and is located between Itaewon and Hangangjin Stations. Lee bought it back in 2019 for 5.8 billion won and sold it in 2022 for 8.8 billion won.

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The boy’s young mother is also a real estate magnate, having purchased a commercial building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Prefecture for 16 billion won.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

Yuri makes the list with not one but two properties, which is no surprise given the immense success of her career as an idol, actress and multi-talented entertainer.

Her latest purchase was a five-story building in Gangnam’s Nonhyeong-dong district. When she bought it in 2020, it was 12.8 billion won.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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This isn’t Yuri’s first rodeo in the real estate world. In 2012, she reportedly bought a luxury villa in Cheongdam-dong for an estimated price of 1.7 billion won.

It turns out that Yuri isn’t the only female lead in the group who is savvy about property matters – her colleague Yuna also owns the building, a true testament to Girls’ Generation’s success as well as her own acting career.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

Yuna’s building is located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district and was purchased in 2018 for 10 billion won. It consists of two basement floors and four above ground.

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The actress currently owns buildings worth around 88.8 billion won. Her most recent purchase was a shopping mall in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo district, for 50.5 billion won. The building is leased to LG and generates monthly rent of 760 million won.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

She is also known to often make large purchases with cash – now this is the most powerful move. She has other commercial properties in Icheon-dong, Yongsan area as well as Samsung-dong, Gangnam area, all of which are said to have been bought with cash.

Jun, who believes in long-term investment, sold the building in Gangnam after 14 years for a profit of about 14.9 billion won. The building was first acquired in 2008 for 8.6 billion won and sold for 23.5 billion won.

Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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Korean Celebrity Lifestyle

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