Korean Celebrity Lipstick

Korean Celebrity Lipstick – Summer brings glossy, glossy lips in candy colors, doesn’t it? So why not swap your plain nude lips for some fresh and beautiful lip stains? These neutral pinks and reds, my-but-good lipsticks from Korean beauty brands like Etude, The Face Shop, and Holika Holika are perfect for that luscious summer lip look!

Korean Lip Tints for Juicy Lips 1. The Face Shop Water Fit Lip Tint – Pink Mate, Rs 549

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

A really bright pink lipstick in a tube that looks more natural when it sits on the lips and gives my lips a summery look. It definitely gives the lips a dewy sheen as they are wet. If you use it too much, this shade can look a bit neon, but it can look like a watermelon pink shade similar to a tinted lip balm. Such shades are really popular in Korean shows.

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A light pink shade, it’s a cross between a muted red and a strawberry pink, making for a beautiful, subtle neutral red. Unlike most lipsticks that are thick and loud, this is like an extension of natural lip color. The finish is dewy, not glossy, giving the lips a skin tone.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

This bright color makes the lips look like you have eaten juicy fruits and they are covered with pink juice. A gorgeous color, it’s a deep pink in the tube, but with one swipe, you get a very natural and subtle sheer, sheer pink. In fact, the color looks like beetroot!

Do you want a very subtle, understated and brown nude lip? This is the lipstick for you. It’s a mauve pink shade that will give any of your lips a run for their money. The finish is glossy, but not too glossy, and leaves the lips looking like they’re after removing the lip balm.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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A really bright and beautiful pink lip color, it’s a warm pink and grapefruit shade that’s perfect for everyday wear. Best described as a neutral lip-pink, this is a color that looks good on everyone and works for any occasion.

Marcos Rodriguez Velo with KBS, Next Entertainment World, Barunson Inc., Descendants of Sun S.p.c., Instagram.com/aliaabhatt Photo

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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Korean Celebrity Lipstick

From BB cushions to ombre lipsticks, Korea is hitting beauty trends faster than you can hit the ‘buy’ button. The latest trend in Asia’s beauty capital: a beetroot breakout can dramatically expand your beauty wardrobe.

Whatever your favorite lip color, Laneige extends it further with the release of the revised $36 Silk Intense Lipstick range in two blended shades, Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy. To change your original lipstick to another color you need to put it on top of it.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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In other words, you can now customize any lipstick, from your statement blushes, to your favorite pink sticks, and even those exotic shades that you regret buying or no longer complement your skin tone.

“Today there is a greater desire for individual color. Fashion trends may say that certain colors are good, but these are not the best colors for you. These mixed colors allow you to customize any lip color to best suit your personal style,” says Jongmin Cho, Brand Manager, Laneige South Korea.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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Before you start layering your other lipsticks, remember that not all lipsticks can be used as liners. If your lips are too matte and opaque, it dulls the color of the lipstick and makes layering pointless.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

Silk Intense Lipstick works well as a layered lipstick, as one coat of the formula gives a sheer, satin-like finish. New ultra-micronized pigment technology makes pigments infinitely smaller for vivid, high-quality color when worn as a top coat, base coat or by itself.

This exciting launch features 35 new shades including two blended colors. And here’s the good news: Singapore is the only country that offers all 35 shades. (That’s right, even Laneige’s home country of South Korea only has 33 shades!) That gives us 101 variations. So why not tap into your inner beauty chameleon and dress up your lips?

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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Exotic yellow is probably your best summer investment. When applied on the lips, it brightens and warms any lip color and transforms cool pink to flamingo pink and classic red sunny coral. If you’re rocking a new color (preferably sunbaked instead of bronzed), this will make your lips pop and accentuate your golden glow.

If you want to tone down your glossy lips a bit, layer on Forest Fantasy. This gray color combination gives your lips a cool and understated finish. Ryu Hyun Jung, a famous South Korean makeup artist, says that when paired with red, you can even achieve the “dry pink” lip color that’s so popular among Korean celebrities in photo shoots.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

Thanks to its transparent and buildable formula, this same Silk Intense lipstick can vary in intensity. In other words, when wearing bold colors like Bloody Burgundy or Clean Effect (red), you can achieve a bright, subtle and opaque finish with just one coat.

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To turn heads, choose statement colors like Get the Red (Song Hye Kyo’s favorite shade from the range). For more precision and definition, Hyun Jung recommends working from the outer lips to the inner lips. Apply two to three coats for maximum effect. Another bonus tip from a makeup artist: use cool BB cushions to bring out cool reds.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

If you’re going for a more natural blush effect, Hyun Joong recommends a softer approach. Press a pink shade like Love Me New Me into the center of the lips and move outwards so that the color is stronger in the center and the color is less in the outer corners. “Skip the lip liner and smudge your lip line,” she says.

The two color combination of Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy can be used with any lipstick to achieve ombre lips. Apply your favorite lip color and then apply one of the blended colors to the outer corners of your lips.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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Silk Intense Lipstick is inspired by luxurious fabrics and contains silky polymers and fibers for comfort and wear. But if you want it to last through lunch and bubble tea, Tina Oh, training manager at Laneige Singapore, recommends a five-step hack. “Apply a thin layer of lipstick, wipe it off with a tissue, apply another thin layer of lipstick, dust the lips with some loose powder and finish with a final layer of lipstick,” she says.

Coral and pink dresses in the range can double as blush. Simply apply the lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingers. “Never apply blush under or too close to your nose, as it makes your face look bigger and flatter,” explains Tina.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

When it comes to applying Silk Intense Lipstick on your eyes, you can be more creative and use any color. “Be sure to dust some loose powder on the lids after using this lipstick as an eyeshadow. Otherwise, the creamy texture can cause spots or stains in our humid air,” says Tina.

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As you know, dry lips do not retain color well. Tina recommends exfoliating dead skin cells and lips by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Or, just use Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask, $27. “When my lips are dry and chapped, I use this lip sleeping mask to exfoliate and moisturize my lips,” shares K-drama queen Song Hye Kyo.

Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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Korean Celebrity Lipstick

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