Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

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At some point in your K-game-watching-obsessed journey, you’ve probably come across Korean actors and actresses who look alike and found yourself Googling them to make sure they’re who you think they are. Sometimes people also get confused because their names sound the same (eg Son Ye-jin – Seo Ye-ji and Kim Soo-hyun – Kim So-hyun).

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

It is common for some people when they watch K-dramas, they remember or reminisce about the serial they saw the stars in; Sure, you’re like “Oh, he’s not in *insert movie or K-drama name*?” May be associated with advertisements such as Even new K-drama fans have asked themselves: “Where have I seen this before?” Now in Googling, there may be times when the actor/actress you think you have seen before is not in the series you are currently watching. have you seen

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Even some of these Korean actors and actresses who look alike admit their physical similarities. In the interview, Krystal talked about how Yuna looks like her sister—”I’ve heard more comments about how I look like Yuna Unni than Jessica Unni;” Krystal’s sister Jessica is also an actress and a former member of the K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation.

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

Lee Hyun-woo accidentally meets his lookalike Park Bo-gum and talks about their meeting, saying, “I met him in a lecture room while we were waiting for our university studies to start. I heard we looked alike, so when I saw him I felt like I knew him.”

Kim Min-jae also has a habit of saying that he looks like Yeo Jin-goo. Despite the comparisons, he hopes to be called Kim Min-jae one day. He said

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

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, “[I’ve heard [I’m like Yoo Jin Goo] so many times, now I don’t feel anything. I’m like, ‘Oh, I see.’ We’re the same.” So I thought, ‘I see,’ but I’m not really thinking about it. I’ve lived a different life from Yoo Jin Goo, and I’m sure I have different values ​​and ideas in life. If I just live my life, one day I will be ‘just Kim Min Jae’.

But what Kim Min-jae said remains to be confirmed. They may be similar and often compared to each other, but they are different people with different career goals and methods, and they have actually achieved success.

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

30-year-old Kim Tae-ri is best known for her role as a Joseon noblewoman who becomes a member of the Righteous Army in “Mr. Sunshine” (2018). This role won her the Best Newcomer Award at the 6th APAN Star Awards. The series, currently ranked sixth on the list of highest-rated K-dramas in Korean TV history, is currently Kim Tae-ri’s only major TV project. He has other films in his filmography for which he received awards for titles such as “The Handmaiden” and “Little Forest”. | Pictured: Kim Tae-ri (left) and Go Bo-gyeol

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Go Bo-gyeol recently appeared in the K-drama “Hello Bye, Mama!”, in which she played the role of a second wife and stepmother. An actor since 2011, the 32-year-old has also appeared in K-dramas “Artdol Chronicles,” “The Hymn of Death,” “Mother,” “Confession Couple,” “Queen for Seven Days,” “Guardians. : The Lonely and God Major , “Cinderella with Four Nights,” “Second to Last Love,” “My Dear Friends,” “Bubble Gum,” “The Makers,” and “The Angel’s Revenge.” | Pictured: Kim Tae-ri (left) and Go Bo-gyeol

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

Im Si-won was one of the K-pop idols who participated in the show. The 31-year-old is a member of the boy group ZE:A, which debuted in 2010. Around the same time, Im Si-won began acting in K-dramas until he became a member of the drama “Triangle”. 2014. “Misaeng: An Incomplete Life,” “My Catman,” “The King in Love,” and “Hell Some People.” He has a series called “Run On” with Shin Se-kyung, in which he plays a former athlete and sports agent. | Pictured: Im Si-won (left) and Jang Mi-kwan

Jang Mi-kwan, 31, has just finished writing his CV. K-drama fans will remember her as the masked villain in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Since his memorable appearance in the popular K series, he has appeared in TV shows such as “Manhole” and “Fatal Promise”. She is cast in the ongoing series “My Dangerous Wife”. | Pictured: Im Si-won (left) and Jang Mi-kwan

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

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Kang Dong-won, 39, has been acting since 2000. Throughout his career, he achieved great success and even started in Hollywood. Recently, he won the Popular Star Award at the 29th Bill Film Awards for the film “Peninsula”. Kang Dong-won has more movies than K-dramas. His films include “Illong: The Wolf Brigade,” “Golden Slumber,” “The Master,” “Time’s Up: The Boy Who Came Back,” “The Angry Prosecutor,” and “Priests.” | Pictured: Kang Dong-won (left) and Joo Won

Joo Won, who once admitted his resemblance to Kang Dong-won and described himself as “a lesser-known version of himself,” is a successful actor again. The 33-year-old has been acting since 2010 and has worked in eight and nine K-dramas since then. His TV series include “Alice,” “My Sassy Girl,” “Yang-Paul,” “Niles Cantabile,” “The Good Doctor,” “Seventh Grade Civil Servant,” “Bridal Mask,” “Ojakyo Family,” and “Baking King, come down Kim.” | Pictured: Kang Dong-won (left) and Joo Won

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

Park Shin-hye, 30, is one of the most popular Korean actresses today. This year, despite covid-induced difficulties in filming, he has worked on two movies: “#Alive” and “The Call”, which will be released on Netflix on November 27. He also has the upcoming drama “Sisyphus: The Legend”. ” Park Shin-hye is known for her work in series such as “Memories of the Alhambra,” “The Doctors,” “Pinocchio,” “The Heirs,” “Heartstrings,” and “You’re Beautiful.” | In pictures: Park Shin-hye (left) and Ryu Hwa-young

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A former member of K-pop girl group T-ara, 27-year-old Ryu Hwa-young made her acting debut in 2014 and is currently playing female roles. Her film credits include “Ex-Girlfriends Club,” “Hello, My Twenties!,” “My Amazing Dad,” and “Mad Dog.” She also had a few cameos and those who watched “Descendants of the Sun” remember her as Jin Goo’s character’s ex-girlfriend. He will be acting in the next serial titled “Love Scene Number”. | Pictured: Park Shin-hye (left) and Ryu Hwa-young

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

Park Bo-gum, 27, has been an actor for almost 10 years. Currently in his mandatory military service, he premiered the K-drama “Record of Youth” for his fans, the last episode of which aired on October 27, 2020. He has an upcoming sci-fi movie titled “Seobok” with Gong Yoo. Park Bo-gum is known for K-dramas such as “Hello Monster,” “Reply 1988,” “Love in the Moon,” and “Encounter.” | Pictured: Park Bo-gum (left) and Lee Hyun-woo

Lee Hyun-woo, 27 years old and looks like Park Bo-gum, is a young actor who played small roles in K-dramas like Song Il-gook and Uhm Tae-woong. His first K-drama lead role was through “To the Good You”, followed by “Moorim School: Saga of the Brave” and “The Liar and His Beloved”. He also joined the cast of the upcoming film “Dream” alongside Park Seo-joon and Lee Ji-yeon (IU). | Pictured: Park Bo-gum (left) and Lee Hyun-woo

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

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Kunaya, 38, is not only one of the most famous Hallyu stars, but it turns out that he is one of the richest, considering the wealth he shares with his wife, actress Kim Tae-hee. Rain is one of the most popular Korean multi-hyphenates; He is not only a singer-songwriter and music producer, but he is also a world famous actor. He is known for his role in K-dramas such as “Full House,” “Killing Love,” “Runaway: Plan B,” “My Dear Girl,” “Come Back Daddy,” “Sketch,” and “Welcome 2. Life. ” | Pictured: Rain by Lee Jun-ho (left).

Like Rain, 30-year-old Lee Jun-ho is also a singer-songwriter and actor. He started acting as a member of K-Pop boy group 2PM. Around the same time that the band took an official hiatus, Lee Jun-ho became more active and sought after. He first played a supporting role in the series “Memory” in 2016 and played a villain in “Good Manager”. After that he played lead roles

Korean Celebrity Look Like Me

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