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Korean Celebrity News Today – Whether you’ve experienced heartbreak or suffer from attachment fatigue, many of us have been disappointed in love and relationships. But the hardest part will be transferred to these 15 Korean couples.

Given the sensitive nature of the Korean entertainment industry, celebrities often hide details of their personal lives. In contrast, some of these Korean couples have been dating for over 10 years and have children, while others have yet to confirm their relationship. Then there’s IU and Lee Yong Suk, who recently broke the internet and have been dating for a few months now.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Korean Celebrity News Today

Read on to learn more about these K-like celebrity romances that might restore your faith in the L word.

Lee Jong Suk Iu Dating: Straight Out Of A K Drama! Singer Iu And Actor Lee Jong Suk Are Dating

2022 has a happy ending for Wayenas (IU fans) and Sookie (Lee Jong Suk fans). It started on December 30, 2022, when Lee Jong Suk won the grand prize for the drama “Big Mouth” at the year-end awards ceremony of Korean broadcaster MBC.

Korean Celebrity News Today

In his acceptance speech, he said, “I have someone who helped me find a good direction as a person and think positive thoughts.” Since then, fans have been speculating about the actor’s dating.

Fortunately, the doubt did not last long. A day after his appearance, Lee Yong Suk’s agency released a statement confirming that the actor and K-pop idol IU are in a relationship. The couple then took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message to their fans.

Korean Celebrity News Today

These Korean Celebrity Couples That Make Us Believe In Love

IU stated that they “love each other quietly so that fans don’t worry,” and Lee Jong Suk’s letter was like a K-drama. He compared IU to Kang Dani, his female lead in the drama ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’, and shared his crush on IU when they first met ‘beyond puppy love’ in 2012.

FYI, Lee Yong Suk and IU were both co-owners of Inkigayo at the time, so he’s been dating for ten years now. Who would have thought that his seemingly unrequited love will blossom again in 2022? We don’t cry, you do.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Fans of Song Joong Ki and Song Hee Ki are heartbroken when they announce their divorce in 2019. But the actor seems to be back in the dating game as he is currently in a relationship with British actress Cathy Louise Sanders.

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They are both seen at an airport in December 2022. This happened when Song Joong Ki returned to Seoul after the K-drama Reborn Rich conference in Singapore.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Shortly after the couple was photographed together, Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed that they are in a relationship. Despite the stigma surrounding divorce in Korea, Song Joong Ki is able to move forward and pursue his happiness.

It’s rare for celebrity couples in Korea to go public with their relationship, especially for K-pop idols whose work includes “boyfriend” fan service. In some cases, dating is considered a scandal that can ruin their career. However, ASTRO’s Rocky took the leap by trusting his YouTube web drama ‘Find Me If You Can’ co-star Park Bo Yeon.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Song Yoo Jung, A South Korean Actress, Has Died At 26

In November 2022, Rocky sent a food truck to Park Bo Yeon while filming his latest drama. On her Instagram page, she posted a photo of her cup sleeve with a special message: “Bo Yeon, I love you.”

Their agencies initially denied the dating rumors because they did not want to publicize the couple during the national mourning for the Itaewon group’s demise, but it was eventually revealed that they were dating.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Fun fact: When Bo Yeon became an actress, she got a food truck for the first time — and it was from her boyfriend. Ladies, he would do it if he wanted to.

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Actress Hong Hee Jin and Korean-American singer Kevin Oh began dating in April 2022. Apparently, she believes he is Mr. Right, because five months later in August 2022, she announced their wedding plans.

Korean Celebrity News Today

After their wedding ceremony in October 2022, Gong Hee Jin shared a picture of them with their beautiful wedding rings and watches. Other celebrities such as Song Ye Jin, Shin Min Ah, and Lee Jung Hyun also commented on the post expressing their heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

Song Ye Jin and Hyun Bin bring you Crash Landing in 2019

Korean Celebrity News Today

Chinese Netizens Terrorize The Instagrams Of Korean Celebrities Who Gave Lunar New Year Greetings, Including Ive’s Wonyoung And Cl

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the dating news of Hyun Bin and Song Ye Jin, the power couple of 2021.

According to Nielsen Korea, viewership for the drama Crash Landing on You reached 21.7% in South Korea. With high ratings and the drama being a hot topic all over the world, comment on how fans are falling in love with the chemistry between the two leads and the plot. After the drama ended, fans were convinced that the two were dating IRL.

Korean Celebrity News Today

On January 1, 2021, Dispatch published photos of Song Ye Jin waiting to pick up Hyun Bin, and fans around the world rejoiced. The actress also took to Instagram to share that she has found a “beautiful man” to be with.

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If you think K-dramas don’t exist in real life, think again. Although Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah are not in a relationship, the two have shown what “for better or for worse, in sickness or in health, love and respect” is.

Korean Celebrity News Today

After Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, Shin Min Ah stayed by her boyfriend’s side, including accompanying him to his hospital appointments. When Shin Min Ah returned with the drama in 2019, the actor sent him a food truck as a sign of support.

2023 marks the eighth year and fans are eagerly waiting for the wedding announcements one day.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Top 10 Cutest Korean Drama Actresses Ever

K-dramas often have storylines where men marry their first love. It may sound silly, but Taeyang is here to give you hope. The Big Bang member married his first girlfriend Min Hye Rin in 2018. The singer appears to have fallen in love with writing Eye Nose Lips, a popular song for the actor during a brief divorce. They got together and the rest is history.

As a bonus, in the 2020 documentary, the singer said, “He’s the only person who continues to change me as a person. Those changes always make me a better, stronger person. That’s why I decided to go with him for the rest of my life.” How beautiful.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Rain’s relationship with Kim Tae Hee was revealed by Dispatch on January 1, as part of the news channel’s tradition of featuring Korean celebrity couples on New Year’s Day. Four years later, the couple married and now have two children. The singer and actress told her fans on the web variety show Kim Tae Hee last year’s season B that it took her a year to accept her.

Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Welcome Their First Child, A Baby Boy

Even after leading him astray for a year, he still had some cool tricks up his sleeve. Before they got married, the singer wrote the proposal song ‘The Best Gift’ for Kim Tae Hee. These words conveyed everything he wanted to say, for example, “Thy name shall be a great joy forever.”

Korean Celebrity News Today

You may have seen Lee Kwang Soo in The Running Man and Lee Sun Bin in hit dramas like Criminal Minds. Flash forward to 2016, when Lee Kwang Soo invited Lee Sun Bin to The Running Man after the actor once showed interest in her on another variety show. During this episode, they go on a date and play arcade games.

In 2018, their agencies confirmed that they have been dating for five months. The couple is still together and in 2020, Lee Kwang Soo did a drinking interview with Illgan Sports. “Looks like you’ve found true love,” the interviewer said, as translated by Soompi.

Korean Celebrity News Today

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Lee Kwang Soo replied with a laugh, “We don’t see each other often, but it’s going well. Yes.” Regardless of your personality, don’t be afraid to fire your gun.

Girls’ Generation member Choi Soyoung and Hospital Playlist actor Jung Kyung Ho met through a mutual friend and have been dating for ten years. In an interview with Illgan Sports, translated by Koreaboo, the actor said, “Soyoung gives me a lot of strength” and “all he has to do is do good.” Jung Kyung Ho is a man of his word. He gave Sooyoung 1000 roses for his 1000th birthday.

Korean Celebrity News Today

Seung’s sister also shared on the show Taxi that she thinks Jung Kyung Ho is “the only Soyoung boyfriend” because he doesn’t get angry and does what he says. Regarding marriage, Jung Kyung Ho told Illgan Sports that he is

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