Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures – The best plastic surgeon of Oracle Clinic, one of the most famous skin care and cosmetic surgery clinics in the world, Dr. Jaegwon Wang says it. While most Korean celebrities have had their faces stitched together in some way, Dr. Wang says “6 out of 10” male celebrities have also had the procedure. He can tell whose appearance has improved just by looking at their V-shaped jaws, double eyelids, and graceful facial features. “It’s really obvious,” he told me. “This is not what typical Koreans look like.

In a city where looks are the thing, better skin and a prettier jawline can give you an edge not only personally but professionally, plastic surgery has become a national obsession. A tour of Gangnam, aka the “Renovation District,” made even more famous by a certain Korean rapper, will show how plastic surgery has become normalized. It is normal to see men and women wrapped in gauze on any given day. Their eyes are covered by dark, oversized sunglasses, their faces swollen from surgery, they walk like zombies in the daylight because it’s just another day.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

According to a 2014 study by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the global plastic surgery association, Koreans performed the most procedures per capita of any other country. That’s 20 people out of 1000 who make some improvement. The plastic surgery economy in South Korea is so large that it is estimated at $5 billion, attracting foreigners to the city to take a “vacation.” To make it even more palatable, South Korea offers tax-free nose jobs, meaning foreigners can get their procedures done at a “duty-free” rate.

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No wonder everyone I meet looks like a Korean celebrity. Every woman and man has perfect bone structure, charming almond eyes and flawless skin tones, whether they are quietly observed on the train, on the sidewalk or in a cafe. Their jaws are as sharp and clear as any Korean pop star. I’m getting a little insecure with my square jaw, monolids, hyperpigmentation. For the first time in a long time, I feel… totally hot.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

This is one of the reasons why I made an appointment with Dr. Wang. Not only am I interested in plastic surgery, but I want a consultation to see what I can do to make myself a more attractive person. In the US, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but in Seoul, it’s just one size. For men, it is a very prominent jaw, a small face, a high nose and larger, alert eyes, explains Dr. Wang. While in the past men desired a more feminine “Flower Boy” look, double lids were all the rage, today mono lids are said to be “in”. Thanks to them, “a man looks manly and strong.”

I wonder if these features are due to Koreans wanting to appear more Western, and Dr. Wang somewhat agrees. “There’s definitely a Western influence when it comes to the Korean aesthetic,” he says. “But Koreans don’t want to look like Europeans. For example, nobody wants to look like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. dr. Wang explains that Koreans tend to use Western beauty references to find out what works for an Asian face. “With little tweaks to make her more attractive, she’ll get that beautiful Korean face.”

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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According to him, Korean men these days are clamoring for the risky V-shaped chin surgery. This is where surgeons take a person’s bone structure and literally shave it off. If that sounds painful, it is. Surgeons must map the facial nerves to identify the bone. Side effects reportedly include numbness around the face that never goes away, a popping sound every time you open your mouth, and numbness. Despite the possibility of surgery, Dr. Wang assures me that technology has improved so much that these patients rarely experience such pain. Its price ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars.

But it’s still scary to think that you could suffer permanent side effects while trying to achieve a perfectly contoured face. I keep wondering what surgeries my face needs. Right after the exam, Dr. Wang told me something I already knew: he was going to shave my square jaw to give it a more prominent chin.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

“We would make it more oval, with the V line that everyone wants.” He also cut my upper eyelid and removed the excess skin. “We wouldn’t get rid of your monolid, but your eyes would look wider and more alive. Less sleep.” As for my nose, that’s the only part of my face that says it should stay put. “You already have a bridge to envy, and your nose is big enough, but not so big that you don’t need anything. PUSH.”

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(Before and after how the author looks after plastic surgery. Notice the less “sleepy” eyes and a more prominent jaw.)

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

I appreciate the thinking of Dr. Wanga and how easy it is. There is no bashing, no false flattery or inflating the ego of a potential patient. That’s what happened. What’s more, I’m ugly.

Over the next few days, I find myself examining all the mirrors and making a V-sign on my face with my hand to see what I’ll look like. I admit that I would look more attractive from a Korean point of view.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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But as the days pass and I return to the US, I realize that my mistakes make me me. My square jaw, “sleepy lids” and crooked smile are different – even unique – and I’m starting to come back to myself. Who’s to say my flaws aren’t perfect?

I recently watched a video from the KPOP group EXO on Saturday. I am in awe of how perfect they look, their juicy milky skin, their sharp jaws, their double lids that make them look wide open. Then I realized for the first time that it wasn’t real. It’s all an illusion. Their flawless personalities are just a projection of perfection. At least that’s what makes it easy for me – square jaw and all.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Not just for K-Pop stars! Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. Double eyelid surgery is performed by either sewing the upper lid together or cutting away some of the fat on the upper lid to create a natural-looking crease. This crease helps the eyes look bigger and brighter. The type of double eyelid surgery depends on the original shape and crease of the eye.

Blepharoplasty is recommended if the patient has excess fat on the upper or lower eyelids that causes bags under the eyes, drooping eyebrows and droopy upper eyelids. All these symptoms can dramatically worsen the lateral vision of the patient, which is one of the reasons why the specialist recommends blepharoplasty.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

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In addition to the functional aspect, blepharoplasty is also chosen for the aesthetic component. Removing excess skin and tissue, reducing bags under the eyes, and removing fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids can make the patient look younger and give them the European look that is so popular with Koreans today.

Although double eyelid surgery is very common in Korea and Asia, it is still a very delicate technique. For some patients, eyelid surgery is enough to achieve the desired result, for others, drooping eyelids may return after a short time.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Celebrity Double Eyelid Surgery Before and After – Before and after photos of Kpop idols who have undergone Kpop eyelid surgery are quite spectacular and give them a more culturally desirable look.

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Nose jobs are also a very popular plastic surgery for K-Pop idols. The ideal nose type in Korea has a flat, open bridge with a small rounded tip.

Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Nose surgery is an operation designed to change and improve the shape and/or functionality of the nose. It is also performed and recommended for birth defects or injuries to the nose that can cause breathing difficulties. The nose consists of two parts – the upper part, which contains the nasal bone, and the lower part, which consists only of the nasal cartilage. Because of this structure, rhinoplasty can invasively target the bone, cartilage, or skin of the nose.

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