Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Korean Celebrity Scandal News – In 2012, Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing female trainees and forcing male idols signed to his agency to do the same.

Police have questioned more than 20 people they believe are victims. In their reports, the police believed that the sexual assaults took place in the basement of the company. As the investigation continued, they found evidence that Jang Seok Woo had been drugging and raping female trainees since 2010. The police also found evidence that the CEO forced some of the male idols to participate in the abuse.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Jang Suk Woo initially denied all the charges, but has since admitted to committing some of the crimes. He was eventually accused of drugging and sexually abusing eleven trainees, some of whom were minors at the time of the attacks, and was sentenced to six years in prison in 2013.

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A few days after a night of drinking with rookie actor K and trainee A, ┬áPark Shi Hoo was accused of raping 22-year-old trainee A. The incident happened in early 2013. As the story goes, K arranged a meeting with Park Shi Hoo and the intern. After the three went out for drinks, K drove Park Shi Hua and A home. After reaching the actor’s house, K took A to his house and the two spent the night together. A few days later, A reported to the police that K. abused and raped Park Shi Hoo. He was later called in for questioning and the story exploded in the news.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

After denying the rape allegations, Park Shi Hoo filed a defamation suit against A, but his acting career began to suffer due to the allegations. He then stepped out of the spotlight until the charges were dropped later that year. Even after being acquitted of all charges, Park Shi Hoo did not appear in any Korean productions until 2016. The accusations continued to haunt him, and in 2017 he apologized to his fans for the incident during a press conference.

Baek Ji Young broke down in tears reliving her traumatic experiences on the sex tape. She recounted how she was booed off the stage, had objects thrown at her, and even had fans gather on a mountain so the fans wouldn’t make fun of her.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

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Baek Ji Young may now be known as one of Korea’s most beloved ballad singers, but she was publicly shamed for part of her life. Unbeknownst to Baek Ji Young, her manager filmed the singer having sex with him in 2000. While the footage was in the manager’s possession for a while, he later threatened her when she tried to change managers. When she didn’t back off, he played the video. It caused a big storm in the public, because of which she decided to retire from the stage for five years.

In August 2016, Uhm Tae Woong was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a massage parlor. After police thoroughly investigated the claims, it was discovered that the claimant and the owner of the massage parlor had fabricated the claims and were charged with filing false reports.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the story for Uhm Tae Woong. The police accused the actor of paying for sexual services in cash. Even after he repeatedly denied the charges, the court found him guilty.

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Later that year, the case would resurface due to new evidence suggesting the two women planned the entire situation to blackmail him. Both women were eventually found guilty and sentenced to 2 years in prison with 5 years suspended and fined 16 million won.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

In 2016, news broke that a famous celebrity had been subpoenaed for a prostitution investigation. The artist was reportedly paid around 35,000,000 won for having sex with an American businessman. Later that year, netizens began to suspect that the artist was G.NA due to some hints from a Korean news site.

After much speculation, G.NA came forward and admitted that the articles were about her. Despite her confession, she claimed she never knew about the money exchange and insisted their meeting was more like a blind date.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Jun Ji Hyun

In 2012, news broke that a former member of the popular 1990s band Roo’ra was under investigation for sexually harassing 3 underage girls. It all started a week before the news when an official complaint was filed against Ko Young Wook.

The victim was an aspiring entertainer and accused him of rape. Shortly thereafter, local media received a tip that more than one child victim may have been involved. When the police heard about this, they began a long investigation into Ko Young Wook. They soon discovered that between 2010 and 2012 he had sexually assaulted three minors.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

After the case went to trial, Ko Young Wook was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison for his crimes.

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Back in 2016, a woman came forward claiming that Yoochun raped her in the bathroom of the bar where she worked. Her boyfriend even gave the police her underwear and clothes as evidence. Soon after, three more women came forward with their accusations against the singer. Each woman claimed he raped her in the bathroom.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

After investigation, it was found that the first plaintiff had contacted Yuchun’s company asking for monetary compensation before filing a police report. She later admitted that the two had a casual adult relationship. Juchun was later found not guilty, and the first defendant was sentenced to two years for false accusations, as well as attempted extortion. Unfortunately for the singer, there are still those who believe he is guilty.

While the news itself was shocking to South Korea, what was even more stunning was her suicide. The actress claimed that her agent Kim Sung Hoon regularly beat her and forced her to have sex with numerous directors and media executives.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

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Along with the farewell message, she also left a 7-page letter in which she listed the names of more than 30 people with whom she was forced to have sex. The police investigated 20 of those, which led to the formal criminal prosecution of seven of them. As for Kim Sung Hun, he was charged and sentenced to one year in prison, two years probation and 160 hours of community service.

In late 2016, a 9-minute adult video was leaked online. In the video, the person in question is undressing while facing the camera. After he is completely undressed, he starts to masturbate. Soon after the video was leaked, the video went viral. Netizens quickly deduced that the man in the video was Seo Ha Joon based on the similarity of his facial and body features and the presence of the necklace he always wore.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

Netizens were even more convinced that it was the actor when his Instagram account went from public to private. Later that year, Seo Ha Joon admitted that it was indeed him in the video and continued to stay out of the spotlight.

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After the #MeToo movement took off in South Korea, Yo Min Ki was accused of sexually harassing and abusing students at Cheongju University, where he had taught drama since 2004. The first accusation came on February 20, when an anonymous online post revealed that the actor sexually harassed several female students. On the same day, he was relieved of his duties.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

The accusations were followed by a series of others that he denied. After 10 women came forward claiming to be his victims, Yoo Min Ki finally admitted to the harassment on February 27th. Soon, the eleventh victim came forward, and the police began an official investigation in March.

Just before he was to be called in for questioning, Yoo Min Ki was found dead in an apparent suicide.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

K Pop Sex Tape Scandal

This ongoing case came to light thanks to the #MeToo movement. Lee Youn Taek was accused earlier this year of sexually harassing and sexually assaulting members of the now-disbanded Yeonhee Street Theater Troupe.

The news first broke when a former actress who belonged to the troupe anonymously posted online that she had been sexually assaulted. She went on to say that he would beat her if she tried to avoid him and his unwanted attacks.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

She also claimed that troupe leader Kim So Hee was aware of the abuse and even helped Lee Jan Taek. Kim So Hee later denied the allegations and accused the woman of making up false stories because she chose to remain anonymous. In return, the woman revealed her identity.

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The victim turned out to be Hong Seon Joo, who had worked with the troupe for 11 years. After it was revealed that the victim was Hong Seon Joo, Kim So Hee publicly apologized for what happened. Later, more victims would come forward claiming that Lee Youn Taek had sexually harassed, abused and used violence against them.

Korean Celebrity Scandal News

These accusations led Kim So Hee to shut down the troupe. Lee Youn Taek also finally admitted to harassing these women even though he continued to deny ever using violence against them. In the meantime,

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