Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today – Unlike publicized Hollywood celebrity relationships, Korean celebrity dating is a bit hush-hush. Little concrete news is published on social media and in the press, so it’s mostly speculation and gossip.

Fans of K-drama and Korean pop culture have resigned themselves to the fact that if their favorite celebrities are romantically involved in real life, their relationship will remain a secret until it culminates in engagement or marriage.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

Shubhangi Saxena, 20, who studies at Banaras Hindu University, is an avid K-drama fan who has watched more than 20 Korean shows and is learning the language to understand the culture.

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“It’s hard to hide a romantic relationship when you’re famous,” she said. “K-pop and drama fans always look forward to seeing their favorite couples on screen in real life as well. Interestingly, many Korean celebrity couples who met on the sets of popular K-dramas are off-screen couples, and some are even married. One of my favorite K-couples is Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin because their real-life story is more exciting than their on-screen romance.”

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

This K-celeb couple wants us to believe in love not only on screen but in real life from falling in love to going through hardships together. Kim Woo Bin has been dating “Oh My Venus” star Shin Min Ah since 2015 when they first met at an editorial shoot. The two lovebirds later officially confirmed their relationship status that same year. When Kim Woo Bin was fighting cancer, his beloved Shin Min Ah was with him throughout the health crisis and helped him come back. Their fans are hoping that they will get married this year.

The super cute couple from the K-drama “Crash Landing On You” first met on the set of the 2018 thriller “The Negotiation.” A few years later, they won hearts as one of the most romantic couples on screen with their hit show CLOY, during which they fell in love. Their PR agencies confirmed their relationship in 2021. The couple recently announced their upcoming wedding in March 2022 on social media with a beautiful announcement.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

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South Korean actress Park Shin Hye and actor-singer Choi Tae Joon from the K-drama “King of Dramas” first met as college students at Chung-Ang University. They denied their relationship for a long time, but finally met in 2018. Although Tae-Joon served in the army for two years (2019-2021), their long-distance relationship remained and they got married in 2022. The couple is currently expecting a child together.

K-Pop’s favorite couple recently shared a video of their hands with sparkling opal rings on each ring finger, prompting K-fans to wonder if they were engaged after more than five years of dating. Unlike other K-celebs, these two tease their fans with a couple of Instagram posts and are pretty open about PDA online. In 2016, they first met as CUBE Entertainment artists and had a senior-junior relationship that later turned romantic.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

The show couple met in September 2016 on the show Running Man and fell in love. They announced their relationship in 2018. Despite the ten-year age difference, they have maintained a stable relationship and support each other in each other’s work. They often share sweet messages about their love life on Instagram.

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Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

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Joy News 24 recently conducted a poll of industry professionals to celebrate the 17th anniversary and look back on memorable milestones in the Korean entertainment industry during 2021. 200 industry experts, including executives from entertainment companies, television stations, film and television content production equipment, entertainment. Journalists, … participated in this extensive survey by Joy News 24.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

Korean Celebrity Power Couples From K Pop Idols Hyuna & Dawn To Rain & Kim Tae Hee

In addition to polls honoring the achievements of singers and actors last year, Joy News 24 also opened up about the most surprising news and rumors of celebrity couples this year. Since the first day of 2021, the Korean entertainment industry has been full of news about celebrity relationships and even breakups. Among them are couples who bring big surprises not only to their fans, but also to industry experts.

According to poll results revealed by Joy News 24, YG idol couple G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) lead the polls as 28 entertainment industry experts voted them as the two with the most shocking dating rumors. 2021. Dispatch first “revealed” G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship on February 24th in an exclusive article that claimed they had been dating for a year. At the time, YG Entertainment neither confirmed nor denied the report, but only gave a vague response,

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

In August of this year, Star News published another exclusive story revealing that G-Dragon visited Jennie’s shoot for the brand she represents. This has indirectly indicated that the two popular idols are dating, although YG did not acknowledge it.

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In second place behind G-Dragon – Jennie by just one vote is A-list acting duo Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. They are the first celebrity couple to be “uncovered” by the Dispatch in 2021 when their dating news broke on January 1st. Previously, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had been dating rumors many times after working together in hit projects such as “The Negotiation” and “Crash Landing on You,” but their agencies still denied the rumors and claimed that they are just close friends. It wasn’t until earlier this year, when the Dispatch published exclusive photos of their date, that the pair admitted they had been seeing each other since last March.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

Shortly after going public, the couple was also rumored to be preparing for marriage when it was revealed that Hyun Bin had purchased a luxury penthouse. Hyun Bin’s spouses then denied the marriage rumors by saying that the house he bought was not newlywed Son Ye Jin’s house. However, the love story of these two famous actors continues to attract special attention from industry insiders, receiving 27 votes in the Joy News 24 poll.

In a poll by Joy News 24, the concept of ‘shocking dating news’ is not just beautiful love stories that the public has never known before. In fact, many experts who participated in this survey also mentioned that the news of separation, marriage, divorce or having children will be just as shocking in 2021. The most typical is the relationship between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Yeji: The couple is in third place. on the list with 22 votes of experts.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

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The case of actor Kim Jung Hyun being rude to Seohyun (SNSD) while filming and promoting the drama ‘Time’ (MBC) in 2018 was unexpectedly revealed in April this year, right after Dispatch reported Kim Jung Hyun’s love affair. According to Dispatch, Seo Yeji, Kim Jung Hyun’s ex-girlfriend, forced him not to say a word or greet female actors or act in intimate scenes with other actors. In addition, Kim Jung Hyun’s sudden exit from “Time” while the film was in production is believed to be related to Seo Yeji, which is why the keyword “Seo Yeji gaslighting” became a hot topic in Korea earlier this year.

With 21 votes from industry experts, veteran actor Kim Yong Gun’s love scandal ranked fourth on the list of the most shocking dating rumors of 2021. In August this year, a 39-year-old woman (temporarily named A) sued Kim Yong Gun. years younger than her, forces her to have an abortion. Kim Yong Gun has been dating A for 13 years, starting when Kim Yong Gun was 63 years old and A was only 24. When A got pregnant, Kim Yong Gun refused to let her give birth. A’s lawsuit against Kim Yong Gun also indirectly publicized their relationship. After that, Kim Yong Gun met with A and talked about the misunderstanding. When Kim Yong Gun promised to add A’s son’s name to the household register and take responsibility for raising the child at the age of 76, A forgave Kim Yong Gun and withdrew the lawsuit.

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

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In addition to the four love stories above, industry insiders also mentioned nine other dating/separation/marriage/divorce rumors in Joy News 24’s poll, including: ‘Hwang Jung Eum Reunited’, ‘Yoon Kye Sang Got Married’, ‘Joy – Crush dated”, “Kim Heechul – Momo broke up”, “Han Ye Seul got married”, “Jeon Ji

Latest Korean Entertainment And Celebrities News Update Today

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