Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

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Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and the first birthday in particular is a special milestone. As parents, from the moment our children are born and a year of our life is full of joy, our life changes beyond recognition, the first birth is about us as our son or daughter.

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

No matter how big your party is, we as party planners can help with helpful tips to ensure your first steps into the world of children’s parties go as smoothly as possible.

Ideas On The Best Party Venue For Your Kids Birthday

It is very important to decide if you want to have a small intimate gathering at home or if you need to find a hall, restaurant, hotel or function space for your party. It sets the scene so much, a garden party is great if you’re lucky enough to have a July baby, but for those of us with winter baby places, it’s perfect and free of any mess around the house. We resist! Budgets really vary, so make sure you factor in all costs.

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Party season can be very busy, especially if you’re part of a prenatal group where all your babies are born within a few weeks of each other. Many parents are opting for electronic invitations and paperless mailing, so even if you haven’t worked out all the details yet, send out your guest list early. We love Etsy for its wide range of talented designers offering electronic artwork from around the world. Or if you want something a little more hand finished, Paper Pocket has a great range of items too.

If you want something more personal, how about creating an invitation with your little one’s hand or foot print or a photo? It’s a nice touch for special occasions.

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Plan The Perfect 1st Birthday Party

Many parents prefer to have a theme for their party. Our point is to create a theme and color scheme that encompasses your child’s interests and passions. If you don’t want to just be the number one theme, popular requests we’ve received include – Peter Rabbit, Hot Air Balloon, Baby Jungle Animals, Unicorns. Pinterest is the perfect place to create your mood board, and remember to search Instagram for hashtags to get some of the best party photos for inspiration.

We love nautical themes for little boys. This little boat from my freshman year can double as a shower and party favor!

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

There are usually a few more one-year-olds at the first birthday party, but you’ll likely have a variety of children of different ages along with friends and relatives. It can be difficult to choose entertainment, but you’ll find that your local baby and toddler classes offer party options such as Monkey Music and Heartbeep, all of which specialize in entertaining babies , small children, younger visitors and parents too. Soft play is also a way to create a safe space for the birthday boy or girl, and you can also include toys and games to create a fun environment. Little Party Hire has a range of soft play activities to hire.

Top 8 Kid Birthday Party Venue In Kl & Selangor

This is the part of the party that our team loves and the part where you can put your personal touch. Balloons are always an affordable way to decorate, we all love giant balloons right now and of course tassel garlands. Bubblegum Balloons has a great online store and is a great site for balloon inspiration. We also love the addition of dessert tables, which made a real impact on the birthday party scene.

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Make sure you have plenty of finger food for one-year-olds. Whether you’re hosting a party at home or in a hall, Annabelle Carmel is a great source for party food. It’s a good idea to make food fun, keep it on topic and easy on little fingers. We know there’s pressure to keep it healthy these days, but a combination of healthy snacks and some sweet treats is more than enough.

Many mothers like to make their own and it’s a great idea, really personal and a great way to save money. If you’re short on time or don’t want to do it, there are plenty of cake decorators to help you out. Hello Naomi is one of our favorite cake designers, but there are plenty of local ones for you. Or how about joining the cake-eating craze that has taken place in the UK, you can read more about this on Les Enfants blog here?

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

The Ultimate Kids’ Birthday Party Checklist

No party is complete without a traditional party bag, but when many of your guests are under 18 months old, regular bags full of toys and goodies won’t do. We suggest giving all your little guests a nice book to take home or perhaps a special memento they can treasure. If you have a small group of kids, maybe you can give them all a personalized bag.

If you don’t want to throw a party, you can celebrate your child’s first birthday with a series of photos to preserve the memories and celebrate with personalized keepsakes.

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

We hope you enjoyed these tips, now all you have to do is decide what the perfect first birthday gift is for your child and we know my first year is the first place we look!

Celebrating Your Baby’s 1st Birthday

Katie Burnett, expert event stylist and owner of party planning boutique Les Enfants and Little Party Hire, known for her luxurious creations for children’s parties. With an army of working mums making handmade party favors behind her, Kathy (mother of 3) has spent the last 12 years building Les Enfants into an unrivaled party planning service providing a leading clientele of alternative interactive parties. , from baby showers to 16 year olds. Home / SG Kids Party Guide, Kids Party Ideas! , blog / 20 kids birthday parties for your next big party!

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Want to party but not sure which venue to choose? Is your child more of an outdoors person and loves to be out in the sun? Or maybe they prefer to roam indoors? Whatever their preference, there is sure to be a place that can satisfy all your desires. Still having trouble choosing the right venue for your child’s birthday party? Read on to find out where to go next!

One of people’s favorite places to celebrate birthdays is Arbora Singapore! Located at the top of Mount Faber, you will quickly find yourself surrounded by dense vegetation. Not only that, but because it is located at the top of Mount Faber, there is also a clear view of the nearby Sentosa Island. To top it off, there is a daily Miracle light show that is sure to delight the kids! If light shows aren’t your thing, you might be interested in letting your child experience Singapore’s only cable car!

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Children’s First Birthday Party Decorations |luxury Party Venues

Now offering a package in conjunction with Arbora starting at $1080++! Not only do you get exclusive use of the restaurant’s beautiful interior and round-trip cable car ticket, but the food and decorations are guaranteed to match your chosen theme! While the indoor performance area is currently being renovated, the outdoor area is still available for reservations! Decorations include balloons, themed backdrops, balloon columns and mascot displays at your party and more. Come ask about our package!

Another favorite of ours is Buds by Shangri-La — and for good reason. Not only can you create your own custom party for your child, but there are also a variety of pre-set party themes that you can choose from if you’re feeling overwhelmed. There are also facilities for adults to relax and recharge while celebrating their children’s birthdays. When both adults and kids have such a fun experience at Buds, it’s not hard to see why it’s high on our favorite birthday party spots!

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

Theme party packages cost $1,888 nett (for up to 12 children, an additional $95 per additional child), and include 2 hours of party room use, 4 hours of Buds play and themed activities and catering. If you want to further customize your party, there are options available for additional costs.

Indoor Kids Party Places In Miami

Waka Waka is also one of the places we highly recommend because they also offer so many options for your child’s party theme. Different themes can cater to different interests your child may have. in

Locations For 1st Birthday Parties

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