Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans – A new addition to the New Orleans Riverfront is the steamboat cruise NATCHEZ, CITY OF NEW ORLEANS offers sightseeing, lunch, Sunday brunch and jazz dinner cruises on the Mississippi River.

Get into the spirit of travel aboard the French Quarter’s newest riverboat, Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS as it takes you on a journey down the mighty Mississippi. Watch the breathtaking views of the French Quarter fade into the distance as lively jazz music carries you along the river. Walk up the steps, explore the beautifully finished interior, and enjoy a two-hour cruise that will give you panoramic views of the Mississippi River and many unique places along the way, with live commentary.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS Riverboat CITY is home to the “best” lunch/brunch cruises on the Mississippi River. Fun and scenic, our tours feature live jazz, New Orleans cuisine and dining.

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In a city full of great restaurants, dinner in the NEW ORLEANS CITY Riverboat is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Our dinner features a buffet of New Orleans classics in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy an unforgettable evening on the Mississippi River. Dine on a refreshing meal while live jazz makes our on-site entertainment top notch.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS is the perfect place to host your special occasion. – Did you know that our Captains can manage your wedding? Check out our wedding page for more details! Based on my Disney ride with Huck Finn, I didn’t know what to expect from a real Mississippi river cruise. When I boarded American Cruise Line

Our Mississippi week travels through an area of ​​the US that I had never seen before. Cities and towns were new to me.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Reasons To Go On A New Orleans River Cruise And 10 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Experience

This post takes you on my journey up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Memphis. I hope to inspire you to take a ride and experience the history, regional culture, and delicious cuisine of this part of America.

It can be a week of macabre viewing and stories of the Civil War, tours of beautiful gardens and their beauty and the hardships of the past. There were tours through some of the American towns that grew up along the river.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

In addition, we may have the opportunity to enjoy southern cuisine that includes French influences and later Creole and Cajun.

Steamboat Natchez (new Orleans)

She has been overhauled and refitted from bow to stern. This river train now looks modern but at the same time fun. Soft colors of beige and aqua, as well as dark blue and deep red accents are found in new fabrics and decorations.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

All 150 passengers were elderly and most were American, English and Australian. Everyone came together in the spirit of the 1800s.

Some men and women wore hats or ribbon hats and small nose pieces. Once on board, the crew dressed as if sent by Central Casting. It’s a Mississippi River cruise.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Epic New Magic Of The Mississippi Cruise Takes You To Memphis, Graceland And New Orleans

The price of this river cruise also includes a one-night stay at the Whitney Hotel in New Orleans. This was great for a cruise ship to take almost all of its guests from one point in the city to the port.

He left New Orleans long before the dinner bell rang. We were going ashore to spend the evening at the port. Oak Alley, Louisiana.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Just a few hours into our Mississippi River cruise was our first port city; Vacherie, Louisiana to stop at Oak Alley Plantation. At sunset, the garden was spectacular.

Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Day And Night Cruises

Maybe it was the 300-year-old oak ceiling or the warm glow of the porch lights.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

An evening walk down the 1/4 mile road from the train station to the door of the two-door house was a good way to end dinner. Install Mr. Machine. Peabody’s Wayback to 1837.

Once a rich sugar plantation, Oak Alley was built on the backs of slavery. Between 110 and 120 men, women, and children lived in slavery in the garden. Almost all Mississippi River cruises stop at Oak Alley.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Travel Paddle Boats, Rolling Down The River In New Orleans

The next morning, every ghost was gone by the light of day, or so I hope. Tour guides dressed in period costumes led us through the many rooms, talking about the history and activities of the garden for nearly 200 years.

After the journey and cooking heat and humidity, everyone slowly returned to the Mississippi River. Our air-conditioned waiting ship was very pleasant.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

As we neared Baton Rouge in the evening, there was an odd glimpse of modern day architecture with an antebellum atmosphere. A light drizzle thwarted our plans to walk down the main river.

Edison Chouest To Build Viking River Cruise Boat

I liked the idea of ​​walking in the evening cloud along the river but no one seemed to want to go.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

It was also too far away to look at the destroyer USS Kidd anchored on the Mississippi. Instead, most guests stayed on board and relaxed on rocking chairs under the sun deck.

The second full day of our river cruise started with a coach tour of Baton Rouge. The tour guides in these old buildings seem to love a good ghost story. The first stop was to visit a palace like the Old State Capitol Building.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Creole Queen Jazz Cruise With Optional Dinner Buffet

A woman in an antebellum costume enthused about the story of “Sarah Morgan’s ghost” and tales of the Capitol’s Civil War history and past. Then I walk into the new and hopefully new State Capitol Building (also known as the Huey P. Long monument).

Magnolia Mound, a French Creole farmhouse, was built in 1791. Several buildings, including an open-air railroad kitchen, a slave house, a superintendent’s house, and an outbuilding for three foreign residents, are located on a 900-acre site. .

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Natchez, Mississippi, our third stop, began with a bus ride into the city that took us through wooded streets and riverside roads.

Riverboat City Of New Orleans

Our first stop was Longwood, a large, beautiful six-story building. The construction of this unique octagonal building began in 1859.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

The realization of Longwood would never have happened. When the civil war broke out in 1861, all construction workers had to leave their jobs and go to war.

The city of Natchez was built by the French Indians in 1716. It is worth walking slowly to avoid the pink bougainvillea, stop for tea, and look at the clothing stores and shops. Or, like me, buy another cookbook.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Barges Stranded As Mississippi River Water Levels Reach Critical Low

The next morning, the Mississippi River took us to Vicksburg, Mississippi. An important site during the Civil War, archaeologists are still finding artifacts buried in the muddy waters.

A visit to Vicksburg National Military Park was a fascinating reminder of the Battle of Vicksburg and the 47-day siege in 1863.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Civil War battlefields, monuments and memorials were the theme of the day in Vicksburg. When we arrived at the entrance of the National Military Park, the park guide explained the events and explained what happened, where and why.

Riverboat City Of New Orleans Jazz Dinner Cruise

Not being a Civil War veteran, (I’m a Lewis and Clark buff) I learned more about the Civil War than I could in a two hour tour.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

, an iron gunboat sunk in battle in 1862. An old gunboat was found in the nearby Yazoo River in 1956, buried in mud and silt.

As a treasure trove of small towns along the Mississippi River, Vicksburg is at the top of my list of places on the river that I want to see again. The Civil War history of the city was almost completely unknown to me.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

The Best Riverboat Tours To Take On Your Next Visit To New Orleans

Stones on the Vicksburg Riverfront reflect the history of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and the role the city played in building America.

There was time in port to explore the beautiful Yazoo Station and the Mississippi R.R. building, now the Old Depot Museum.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

I wish I had more time to see all the paintings but it seems endless. Artist Robert Dafford, the painting was revealed to the public in April 2002.

Mississippi River Small Ship Adventure Cruises

After a busy day of sightseeing in Vicksburg, remember to take some time to walk and head to the river. It is appropriate.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

We were supposed to stop on Beale Street, in the heart of Memphis. Instead, the Captain of the ship stopped at Mud Island for a special local event.

I decided to make the Graceland tour even though I wasn’t an Elvis fan (it was a few years before I got a transistor radio!) It’s his house, much more dignified and more like a country house in a northern city than I thought.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Daytime Riverboat Jazz Cruise

Graceland seemed to freeze after a while. You can visit all the rooms downstairs, but the room upstairs, where Elvis died, is not allowed.

Although the building is not very large, it is the distance from the buildings that gives Graceland its ideal location.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

I would have been more than happy to take the boat back south and see all the sights we saw on the trip north.

Mississippi River Cruise Nov 26

Like all seven-night journeys, whether by sea or river, the days passed very quickly. Our journey on the Mississippi River passed through many stages.

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

We traveled over 453 miles on the Mississippi River. Next time I want to repeat this trip and continue north along the river to St. Paul, Minnesota. Or change it.

Unlike anyone else on the cruise who flew

Mississippi River Boat Cruise New Orleans

Evening Riverboat Jazz Cruise

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