Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me – BOSSIER CITY, LA () – A hairdresser in South Bossier says she wants to showcase her talent on the streets, but state law prevents her from doing so.

Hair stylist Jennifer Menard has always had a passion for helping others. It was this passion and working with the elderly and the disabled that gave him the idea to create Glamor on Geaux. According to Jennifer, this is the first mobile salon in Louisiana with a wheelchair lift for people with limited mobility.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

“I can take my clients who are in a nursing home as well as my clients who are not,” Menard says. “And go to those who can’t get out, to the parlor.”

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A wonderful idea that was met with some resistance after a visit from the inspector of the State Board of Cosmetology.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

“We don’t license mobile salons, I said, ‘What do you mean there’s no rules against it’ and she said we don’t license mobile salons,” Menard says.

The problem is that Jennifer has already obtained a salon license from the State Board of Cosmetology, but even with that license, the board did not grant her permission to operate a salon from a vehicle.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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“She said, you’re barking up the wrong tree, you’re going to have to go to the state to rewrite and revise the law to allow it,” Menard claims.

State law does not speak against the mobile salon, in fact no law regulates it at all. What the law does is define a saloon as part of the premises, and premises, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, means a particular room, shop, building or area.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Jeannette Sharbano, a Glamor on the Geaux customer, says she finds the beauty salon on wheels more of a boon than a nuisance.

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“I’m 85 years old and I can’t go out every time I want to go to a beauty salon,” says Sharbano. “I think her main goal is to help people, and she’s always been so committed to helping the elderly and people with disabilities.”

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Until Jennifer overcomes this obstacle, Glamor on the Geaux will have to be put on hold.

We reached out to LA Board of Cosmetology attorney Sheri Morris, and her response is below:

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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“Louisiana law requires the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology to license individuals who perform cosmetology services for a fee and beauty shops or salons where the cosmetology services are performed, provided that the individual or salon meets all requirements. Individuals Licensed by the Board must provide services at the address of the licensed facility unless one of the following exceptions applies:

La. R.S. 37:591(D) defines “Cosmetic shop” or “salon” in part as “any premises on or in which cosmetology is practiced for a fee.” Premises are generally defined as a house or building together with land and outbuildings. Black’s Law Dictionary defines premises in part as “lands and tenements; an estate, including land and buildings thereon; … an area of ​​land surrounding a house and in fact or by legal construction forming an enclosure with it.” a particular and definite locality, and may mean a particular room, shop, building or other area, or particular property.” [Emphasis added.]

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

All licensed beauty shops and salons must have the necessary physical, sanitary and administrative facilities, La. R.S. 37:591. In order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the public, salons must be inspected twice a year to ensure that the facilities have adequate equipment to maintain sanitary conditions. In addition to requirements in state law and board rules, beauty salons must comply with all local laws applicable to the operation of businesses serving the public.

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Ms. Menard advised the council that she performs beauty services on her bus, which does not have a bathroom. Ms. Menard said she stopped providing beauty services on her bus when it was parked at her residence at the request of local officials who told her it was violating local zoning laws. In addition, Ms. Menard reported that when she moved her bus to a vacant lot near her home, the property owner, to whom she did not grant a permit to occupy the property, asked her to move her bus off the property.” The founder of the Instagram account top food shows how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting local restaurants and how you can help.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

The last time Janie Hesser tried to cut her hair, she ended up looking in the mirror with a hairstyle that was far from what she had imagined.

She tried to change the hairstyle by removing part of the top, cutting a little more on the sides and continuing to cut until her once neck-length hair was about 2 inches long.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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When she needed her hair done this week, a 68-year-old Milton woman with pre-existing medical conditions said she was worried about going to a salon during the coronavirus pandemic and “knew better” than to try to cut it again. . She was upset until she found out about Andrea’s mobile salon.

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Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Out of the back of a refurbished 1987 ex-UPS truck painted purple, Andrea DePauw offers at-home cuts, washes, colors, perms, waxes, and during the coronavirus pandemic, she believes her business has the potential to help limit the spread of the disease.

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DePauw opened its beauty salon on wheels a month ago on the premise that certain segments of the population prefer to do their hair at home.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

“The idea behind the business was to take care of the elderly and immunocompromised and people who can’t go out,” DePauw said.

But as the coronavirus pandemic began to grow and many barbershops and salons were temporarily closed, her business took off.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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Andrea’s mobile hair salon travels to clients’ homes in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties and charges a travel fee to anyone who lives outside of the Milton area.

The van, which only holds a barber chair, was parked in the driveway of Hesser’s home in Milton on Tuesday. After each customer, the entire interior of the vehicle is washed and disinfected.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

“I have all the disinfectants,” DePauw said as he began collecting bottles and sprays. “I have wonderful care of scissors and guards.”

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She held up a blue spray bottle and explained, “this is 70% alcohol,” before showing a dark purple bottle that said, “I also have barbicide in it.”

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Despite the hit to its overall revenue, DePauw said it has also instituted a policy that every customer will get a haircut or a makeover while wearing a brand new coat. She keeps the sales tags on the raincoats as proof of their cleanliness, and all worn raincoats are thrown away after one use to prevent the spread of germs.

While DePauw is cutting hair, any tools stored in her mobile salon that she is not using are tightly covered to prevent contamination.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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DePauw said opening a mobile salon has been a dream for about 10 years, but after watching her mother’s recent struggles with the debilitating effects of lymphoma, she got serious.

“Seeing what my mom went through — she has lymphoma, you know, leukemia — and she’s living in Virginia, it inspired me to really start doing this,” she said. “Because he can’t go public and say if someone came to my house and did my hair.”

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Hesser said she is very grateful that DePauw has created a sterilized hair salon service for people with suppressed immune systems. Speaking directly to DePauw, she said, “You stay busy and provide a service to everyone.”

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“It’s really amazing,” she continued. “When I saw it (on social media) this morning, I was like, ‘Really! Okay, thanks.’ “Her Traffic Trims mobile barbershop can operate at a busy intersection, in a back alley, in a remote parking lot, even at her home in the Hungarian countryside on the south side.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Sims, 31, a designer for 15 years, works in brick-and-mortar stores. However, she was not keen on routine, profit sharing or staying in one place.

“I just couldn’t find the house,” she said. “Here I can maximize my profit, maximize my time and have the freedom to do whatever I want.”

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

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There are 18 licensed mobile styling establishments in Ohio, said Margie Rolf, executive director of the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. Five are exclusively nail salons.

Columbus has licensed three in the past two years. Aside from the Sims, it wasn’t clear how many of them were still working.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Sims had been looking for a trailer for months last year when he found an elderly couple who had outgrown them and agreed to sell it for $7,000. The renovations—removing the stove and installing a barber chair and shampoo station—raised expenses by about $5,000.

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The state requires separate water tanks—one for shampooing, one for bathing. The generator in her pickup truck powers the lights and equipment.

Mobile Hair Salon For Sale Near Me

Being mobile was great, she said, but

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