Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal – From the historic cities of Lisbon and Porto to the tiny cobbled villages of the north, from the sprawling wine region to the wild Atlantic coastline, there really is no shortage of beautiful places in Portugal to capture the traveler’s imagination.

This list brings together 22 of the most beautiful places in Portugal, each completely unique, but all known for their history, charm, scenery and, above all, good looks.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

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Most Beautiful Villages In Portugal

Most of the destinations mentioned here are easily accessible by train or bus (I’ll provide a summary of each below). But to see more of the country, I highly recommend renting a car and taking a road trip around Portugal.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

As with road trips in Spain, driving in Portugal will give you the freedom to explore hard-to-reach areas and stay in more remote, unique accommodations, including

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Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Breathtakingly Beautiful Places To Visit In Northern Portugal

The capital of Lisbon rightfully ranks first in the list of all tourists in Portugal. One of the most beautiful cities in Portugal and all of Europe, Lisbon is a mosaic of winding streets, open squares, stunning churches and

Lisbon has beauty on every corner, whether it’s the slightly rugged glamor you’ll find in historic Alfama, the heavenly beauty of the Tagus River, or the majestic charm of landmarks like the Belem Tower, one of the oldest 17th-century UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Despite the fact that every year Lisbon receives more and more visitors, it remains accessible. From browsing the shelves of the world’s oldest bookstore in search of the perfect souvenir, to Pasteis de Belem custard tartlets or bar-hopping in trendy Bairro Alto, there’s never a dull moment in this lively place.

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The charming city of Sintra is nestled among the pine-covered hills of the Serra de Sintra mountains to the west of Lisbon. Every traveler comes here to fulfill their fantasy of adventure.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

The area is best known for its collection of castles, notably the colorful Palacio Nacional da Pena (Palace of Pena) and the more classical Quinta da Regaleira. One of the most unique palaces in Europe, Pena is not to be missed.

As beautiful as it is, there is a more serious story behind Sinta, including tales of how the nobles were forced to flee in anticipation of a bloody revolution in the country. The starting fountain at Quinta da Regaleira – a deep pit that resembles an upside down tower – also has a dark side: the design is said to reflect Dante’s nine circles of hell.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Best Algarve Towns And Resorts

How to get there: Sintra is located 30 km from Lisbon and can be reached by train in 40 minutes, making it an ideal place for a day trip from the capital.

Where to Stay: Chalet Saudade is a historic 19th-century building in Sintra with elegant antique finishes and great views.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

The Algarve has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Portugal and by far the most beautiful coastline in the country.

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From the charming streets of the old town of Lagos to the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade, with natural sea arches and rock formations framing picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve may be popular, but for good reason.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

The coastal zone and its four main cities attract a large number of people in summer, especially in July and August. For those looking to get away from the tourist crowds, there are some stunning secluded beaches – if you’re willing to go off the beaten track.

Where to stay: Read my post on the most beautiful beaches in Portugal for a selection of amazing villas and beachfront apartments in Lagos.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Best Cities And Regions To Visit In Portugal

Nestled inland from Faro and the Algarve coast in Portugal, the small town of Estoy is something of a hidden gem. Its biggest attraction is the restored Palacio do Visconde de Estoi, a 19th-century palace with a beautiful pink rococo façade.

Not so long ago, the palace lay in ruins after several decades of abandonment. It has been recently refurbished and revived as a Pousada (Luxury Historic Hotel). The vast pastoral gardens surrounding the palace have also been refurbished and today you can stroll under the palm trees and have a drink in one of Portugal’s most romantic buildings in all its glory.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Also in Estoi, don’t miss the Roman ruins of Milre, located within walking distance of the palace. Here you can see the remains of an elaborate ancient Roman villa with colorful mosaics and columns that archaeologists date back to the 2nd century AD.

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Estoy itself is a typical Algarve town, with narrow cobbled streets, pastel whitewashed houses and creeping bougainvilleas. The local, laid-back atmosphere (and the lack of tourists) makes Estoy a great place to escape a crowded beach for a few hours.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Getting there: Estoy is a 15-minute drive from Faro. To get there, you can take a taxi or a bus from anywhere in the Algarve.

Where to stay: For an unforgettable experience, stay at the Pousada Palacio de Estoi, the most luxurious B&B in the world. Something more affordable, the Casa de Estoi is a 1900s boutique hotel turned family home.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

The Most Amazing Cities In Portugal

Obidos, located in the central Oeste region of Portugal, is considered by many to be the finest example of a traditional Portuguese brick town in the country. With a history dating back to ancient times, Óbidos was shaped by centuries of Phoenician, Roman and Moorish influence.

The moment you enter through Porta da Vila, the tiled gate to Óbidos, you know you’re in for a treat. The cobbled streets of the historic center rise and fall with the gently undulating hills on top of which the city is built, and lead you through clusters of pretty whitewashed houses huddled together under communal mud roofs.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

The jagged ramparts loomed in the background, enveloping Óbidos like a shining jewel in the palm of a large stone hand. The magnificent Óbidos Castle, built of limestone and marble, has been transformed into the Pousada Hotel, offering an unforgettable experience to all who stay in elegant rooms. In July, the annual Óbidos Medieval Market occupies the Old Armory Square, which was once used as a training ground for royal squires and knights.

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There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. It is recommended to stay at least one night so you can explore the streets after the day trip crowd has gone.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

How to get there: Obidos is located 85 km (53 miles) or about 1.5 hours north of Lisbon. To get there, take a taxi or take the local train (journey time 2.5 hours).

Guided Day Trip: This popular 8-hour day trip from Lisbon will visit Óbidos, Nazaré, and the Catholic shrine of Fatima.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

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Where to stay: The Literary Man Obidos Hotel is the largest literary hotel in the world and offers a truly unique experience. It is located in a former monastery next to Óbidos Castle. It features a cocktail bar and a large collection of old books.

The Douro Valley is named after the mighty Douro River, which crosses the Iberian Peninsula and has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for wine lovers in recent years.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

This magnificent landscape east of Porto – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – includes Barca de Alva, one of the world’s oldest wine regions. Grapes have been cultivated on these steep banks and steep plains for centuries, and the region’s winemaking heritage is evident in everything from the beautiful tiled train station at Pinha, which has an elaborate vine design, to the old vines.

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Boats, the traditional vessels used to transport wine from the cities to the estuary, still ply the water.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Wine tasting is available at dozens of cellar doors, and in Vila Nova de Gaia, you can visit the cellar where port is fortified.

In addition to wine tourism, the Douro Valley promises visitors some of Portugal’s most stunning natural scenery. Like port, this type is best drunk slowly, preferably while sitting on a train on the famous Douro railway line.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

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How to get there: Peso da Régua is a convenient starting point for exploring the Douro Valley. To get there, drive from Porto (journey time 1.5-2 hours) or take the local train (journey time 2 hours).

Guided Day Trip: This day trip includes a transfer from Porto to the Douro Valley, where you will tour two vineyards in a small group or alone, enjoy a traditional Portuguese lunch, and end the day with a scenic river cruise.

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

Where to Stay: Check out this list of the best hotels and quintas (cities) in Peso da Régua and other places in the Douro Valley.

Best Portugal Beach Towns

The second largest city in Portugal at first glance seems to be a lot like Lisbon, especially in terms of architecture, river banks and hilly streets. Great alternative to the capital

Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

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