Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia – This is a breakthrough year for many businesses. So if you’re in an industry that’s seen massive changes in the last 12 months, here’s an opportunity to find some creative ways to adjust your product mix to match people’s spending patterns.

EBay took the 5 most active categories in Australia and identified the best selling products in them using actual sales and eBay search ranking data.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

With analysts predicting a boom in content (perhaps due to people running out of things to watch on Netflix during the shutdown), the kids category should be full of opportunities. But what are customers buying and how competitive is the space?

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Nappy bags are the baby category that receives the most attention from buyers. People spend about $13,000 a week on 100 diaper bag listings, with an average selling price of about $35.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

With a total of 8747 sales (an average of 55 sales per week), the above listing is a waterproof cloth folder bag, available in a variety of unique prints. This list has a variety of options starting at $8.30 and even offers a multi-buy discount, which some customers choose to drive up the average sale price.

After unbranded products, the top selling brands are Wet Bag, Love Baby and Babyland. 40% of the best-selling lists are unbranded, indicating that buyers are prioritizing functionality and potential price in a category where the product will be used for a short period of time until the child reaches the next stage of development.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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This chart shows the competition for sales at each price range. The chart shows the distribution of sales (blue dots) in different price ranges during an average week compared to the percentage of listings at that price point (green bars).

There is significant opportunity at the sub-$10 point where demand exceeds supply, but many retailers struggle to compete at this price point. At the $30-$40 price point, sales are high and competition is a little low. The products sold in this range are backpacks.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

Orthotics, braces and sleeves are getting more attention in the health & beauty segment as people are turning to running instead of the gym due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Orthotics, braces & sleeves from the top 100 list with weekly sales of $26,955. The average selling price is $12.29.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

Orthotics, Braces & Sleeves’ best-selling product is unbranded unisex compression hosiery, priced from $7.80 to $9.85 – but often sold as a two-pack for $15.95 as a result of customer choice. This list sells an average of 50 transactions per week.

As buyers trust the performance of generics in this category, unbranded products have become the most popular. Top brands are CFR, Aolikes and Aaweal.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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Both sales and listings are high in the $5 to $10 price range. Listing competition remains high and consistent despite sales falling to the $20s.

Overall, the category appears to be highly competitive and price-sensitive, making it difficult for new retailers to enter.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

In the “Home Appliances” category, vacuum cleaner parts have received more attention from buyers and are more popular than vacuum cleaners. The top 100 listings for vacuum cleaner parts are $42,467.85 per week with an average price of $38.

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The $62.99 battery cell for the Sony brand cordless vacuum cleaner is the best seller in this category. The product catalog offers several incentives, including discount purchases from Australia and same-day delivery. It has sold over 1,000 units till date, averaging 40 units per week.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

As this category is dominated by appliance components, it is not surprising that branded products are featured. Dyson, Bonasel and Miele. However, the first place is occupied by non-branded products, which means that there is a strong trade for common parts that work with branded appliances.

Most sales and listings are in the $15-$45 range. There is little opportunity for sellers in the $30 to $45 price range, where demand is relatively high but competition is low.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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Pet accessories are one of the fastest growing categories of online sales, but it’s not just pets that get the love, it’s all about puppies. Selling dogs is superior to all other creatures, including their enemies – cats.

On eBay Australia, Playpens are getting a lot of attention from buyers. The top 100 toy listings generate sales of 440 units per week at $31,899 and an average selling price of $73.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

The best list is the 8-panel puppy doll, which comes in various heights. It has sold over 1,700 units and sold an average of 74 units per week. The popularity of this product can be partially explained by customer reviews, which show wider use than the product description.

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Buyers use them as an alternative for crate training rabbits, pets recovering from surgery, and older puppies who want a break from active puppies.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

The most popular brands are i.Pet, Play Pen and Pawz. The listed products are also popular but second only to i.Pet.

Sales are highest in the $20 to $40 range, followed by the $40 to $60 range (although there is more inventory competition in this group). Listings in the $80 – $100 range also get relatively high sales, but with less competition – these are generally larger fields.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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Sales of dumbbells from the top 100 list are around $50,000 per week, making them one of the top selling products. The average price is $103.

The top listing is a set of 2 x 24kg adjustable dumbbells for $299 – almost three times the average retail price in the category. The appeal of this product is probably that it accommodates 15 different weight levels from 2.5 to 24 kg, which is equivalent to a full set of fixed weight dumbbells, but takes up much less space. A free pair of weightlifting gloves to pick up this deal.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

Most popular non-branded products overall are Meteor for the Winner, Fitness Master and Energetics brands.

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There are many price points where demand is high and competition is low. In particular, there is a significant opportunity in the price range from 60 to 100 dollars.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

There are countless places throughout eBay where sellers can find and take advantage of low competition and proven sales. Its data acts like blood vessels, sensing opportunities and showing where you can be more successful.

Learn more about how to grow your business. Sign up now for a free basic plan or upgrade if you want more details. Did you know that Australia is a hot spot for online shoppers? In fact, the country ranks in the top 10 in terms of e-commerce activity. There are over 10 million people in Australia and every single one of them is a potential customer for your business. But with so many e-commerce businesses competing for attention, how can you make sure your business stands out from the crowd?

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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If you’re looking for an online store or want to check out some of the best, look no further – we’ve compiled a list of the best e-commerce sites in Australia! Read on for any insights that will help you improve your online store. Let’s get started!

EBay is a popular website for Australian consumers to buy and sell items. With 54.3 million unique visitors per month, there’s no shortage of stuff you can find on this site! From fashionable clothes or electronic gadgets, if it existed in our world, someone might have already listed it on eBay Australia.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

The best way to explore all of these possibilities is to look at some buyer’s guides to help narrow your search further.

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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with 35.9 million unique visitors per month. Although Amazon has been moving to Australia for a long time, the company only established its presence in the country in 2017 and has already reached the third position in the list of e-commerce sites in Australia. It offers a wide range of products from books and toys to electronics and fashion, Amazon has something for everyone.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

If you’re looking for groceries, look no further than Woolworths. Free home delivery is available in over 200 stores and select areas across the country. A convenient location makes it easy to shop there, whether you need groceries or household goods. In addition, Woolworths has also set up Wpay, a payment solution that provides end-to-end services to businesses.

JB Hi-Fi Established in 1974, JB Hi-Fi is a leading retailer of electronics and entertainment products. For over a decade, JB Hi-Fi has been the country’s leading online retailer of electronic goods and its e-commerce site was launched in 2000. They have also spread to New Zealand.

Most Popular Ebay Items Australia

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Today, JB Hi-Fi offers a wide range of products including categories for computers and tablets, TVs, headphones, speakers and audio, smart home, mobile phones, games, drones and robotics.

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