Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan – Looking for a new perfume, a special gift, or a sweet-smelling souvenir from your Tokyo vacation? Here are some of our favorite scents to choose from.

A few years ago, Toomo Inaba left Tokyo for a quieter life, continuing his work as a fragrance reviewer, producer and self-taught perfumer in rural Kyushu. Although Nightingale is her official debut scent (launched in October), she has created more than 50 individual blends in recent years, and her company Zoologist offers a range of perfumery luxury fragrances. She explains that the inspiration for the pink floral chypre comes from an ancient Japanese poem, choosing one line in particular: “Soon you will wear black robes and enter a monastery. You won’t know I have tears in every rosary.” Notes include plum blossom, agarwood, patchouli and moss.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

The third in a series of fragrances between Monocle and Comme des Garcons, Sugi (Japanese cedar) is described as “elegant, clean and energetic”. It is a unisex fragrance with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and Madagascar pepper, followed by Florentine iris and Virginia cedar, and pine and Haitian vetiver.

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Born in Shizuoka, Miya Shinma now divides her time between France and Japan, but her fragrance range is dedicated to the country of her birth. Inspired by the cherry blossom, Sakura has powerful notes mixed with soft floral nuances. Its signature scent starts off strong (like a woman who knows exactly what she wants), wraps it in a musky embrace, and turns into a scent of freshly cut peonies amid notes of currants. Finished with citrus and rose tones.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Le Labo, known for its niche fragrances, created Gaiac 10 exclusively for Tokyo. This means that its mild scent is tailored to Japanese tastes (or noses in this case) and can only be purchased at Daikanyama. We pulled over to catch our breath and the salesperson took us out into the fresh air to get the optimal scent (since the scent is so mild). It’s a beautiful blend of woods and musk that turns into a powdery, romantic scent.

We’ve picked up two different fragrances from this Japanese brand based in Hokkaido that also sells herbs and medicines, organic cosmetics and organic health food. Their fragrances are made without synthetic materials and favor high quality over mass production. Kyara is named after the aromatic wood used in kodo (incense) and contains agarwood, cedar wood, rose otto, patchouli and sandalwood. Kazehikaru represents the “wind that dances in the land” and includes yuzu, neroli, shiso, Japanese rose and vetiver.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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Independent perfumer Satori Osawa mixes her delicate elixirs in her tiny Yoyogi studio, the walls of which are lined with tiny bottles of ingredients. When we visited, he showed us his fragrance collection inspired by Japanese culture – his signature Satori scent even comes in a porcelain bottle shaped like a chatsubo (traditional teapot). Her latest piece, Hana Hiraku, was released in October and was inspired by the blooming magnolia flowers of Japan. Top notes are dry oriental with creamy melon and bergamot; middle notes are magnolia, jasmine and rose; unique miso, beeswax and wood finish.

GET UP TO 37% OFF MARICAR GO-KART OWNERS IN JAPAN Use our coupon code at checkout to get an extra 5% off. Japan is known for its culture, great food and high-end entertainment. One of the most interesting aspects of Japanese culture is their perfume industry. They have a rich history dating back to when they first produced incense over 100 years ago. Today, Japan has some of the best perfumes in the world

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Perfumes from Japan are known for their soft yet delicate scents, and they are made using high-quality ingredients and deep knowledge in the field of perfumery. In this article, I will introduce you to these Japanese perfume brands and discuss what makes them different in the market.

The Perfumes By Japanese Perfume Brand Edit(h)

Kenzo was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada. Kenzo is a Parisian designer and founder of the Kenzo fashion house. The perfume department was also established by his wife Michio in 1994 to create perfumes under her husband’s name.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Kenzo has more than 20 years of experience in creating fragrances and their fragrances are available in many retail stores around the world. They have different fragrances for both men and women. Kenzo sells its products in department stores, specialty stores and its own fragrance stores.

Shiseido is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara. Shiseido is a global manufacturer and marketer of cosmetics, hair care products, skin care products and more. The company has more than 3,500 employees, operating in 14 countries around the world.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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Shiseido sells its products in more than 140 countries worldwide through specialized distributors, as well as directly from specialty stores that carry its products.

Shiseido’s best creations are Maquillage Nude Velvet and Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum for women and Aqua Eau de toilette for men.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Issey Miyake is best known for his womenswear designs. This Japanese fashion house produces and markets perfumes, clothing, furniture designs, among others. The company has more than 200 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Japan and France, where it sells its products through specialized distributors as well as directly from specialty stores that carry its products.

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Issey Miyake’s best work is L’Eau d’Issey (1992), which was originally released internationally to compete with Elizabeth Arden’s famous perfume White Linen.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Although it is based in America, the creator of this brand is actually a Japanese perfume designer. He created his first fragrance in 1979 and has now expanded to include over 20 fragrances for both men and women.

Parfum Satori, by Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa, is known for its commitment to natural ingredients and often contains fruits such as apples, pears or grapefruit.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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Satori Osawa founded this brand in 2000 and the company is currently based in France. They have now expanded their product range to include various other scents such as jasmine, lavender and lily of the valley.

The best Parfum satori fragrances are Vanille Abricot, Cassis Pourpre and Nouveau Monde. All these fragrances are designed for both men and women to ensure the best appeal.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Founded in 1999, Di Ser specializes in creating luxury fragrances for men and women. Founded by perfumer Di Sero, who has been an active player in the industry since 1946.

Best Perfume Notes

Di Ser also offers medicinal herbs, medicines and natural cosmetics. All their products are made in their own laboratories from the best possible ingredients. Every year, Di Ser presents a new collection of fragrances that follow the latest trends.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

One of their most popular products is Kyara, which is made from the highest quality agarwood. Hasunoito and Sarora also maintain the same quality as Kyara, but the intensity is different.

This famous Japanese perfume brand was founded in 1927 by Masami Shinma and Kiyoshi Kuroki with the goal of providing the highest quality ingredients at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy fragrance without worrying about affordability.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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Their fragrances are manufactured in their own laboratories from the best raw materials available, which sets them apart from other brands on the market today.

Miya Shinma’s most popular fragrance is SAKURA Cherry Blossom, a romantic fragrance with cherry blossom notes. Hana, Momo and Ruri also deserve a mention for their smooth but subtle scents.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

Monocle perfumes are simple but not unattractive. Monocle was founded in 2002 and is one of the first brands to create an elegant fragrance. They offer a wide range of products for every taste. Monocle has physical stores in Japan, USA, Canada and Switzerland.

Classic And Discontinued Fragrances

Monocle’s most requested fragrance is Scent One Hinoki, a refreshing blend of citrus and flowers. Laurel and Yoyogi are other Monocle fragrances that have a nice mix of woody notes and freshness.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

ZoologistPerfumes is an award-winning brand founded in 2010 by a renowned perfumer whose owner, Zoologist, often appears on television. They have created popular perfumes for famous Japanese personalities such as Hatsune Miku, Kazumasa Oda and even Kumamon.

Zoologs offers unique creations with a modern but natural scent. After leveling the bottle, it might look like these perfumes are made from animal extract, but all but Hyrax are plant extract and oil.

Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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They smell like bats, elephants, bees, musk deer, pandas, etc. They are called after different animals. So if you are an animal lover, I suggest you try this brand.

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Most Popular Perfumes In Japan

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