Most Popular Religion In Spain

Most Popular Religion In Spain – In preparation for our mission trip from Spain to Granada, one of the ways Our team leader prepared for the trip by giving us each topic of Spanish to research and present. My topic is about the religion of Spain and I am the first! I did some online research for statistical information, and what is interesting is that the information I found across the web is inconsistent, especially for Catholics in Spain. After research, I gathered all the information and recreated my personal information. Below is my Infographic (I love Infographics so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make one!) showing my findings and a brief summary of each one. Be aware that this may not be the most accurate chart, but it is more of a guide. Download the PDF

Spain is ruled by the Roman Catholic Church. According to statistics, about 75% of the Spanish population is considered Catholic. However, only about 20% attend monthly religious services. Others are Catholic but have nothing to do with the church or Catholic practice.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Most Popular Religion In Spain

According to some surveys, 20% of the Spanish people are considered atheists or do not associate themselves with any form of religion. However, it is interesting to note that this 20% can sometimes be seen as Catholic due to the fact that according to the Spanish heritage, even if they never participate in the church service, they still identify themselves as Catholic. This is a common religious concept in Spain, because as a Spaniard, it is given to consider oneself a Catholic. With that 20% who do not believe, along with 75% of Catholics, give Spain 95% of the total population in some surveys.

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Immigration in the nineteenth century helped increase the Muslim population in Spain. Currently, Muslims account for 3% of the total Spanish population, making Islam the second most widely practiced religion in Spain.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Two percent of Spaniards follow other religions, such as Judaism, Jehovah’s Witnesses or other religions. Protestant Christians are about 1% or less.

Although most Hispanics are Catholic, most, especially the younger generation, do not care about the Church’s moral teachings on issues such as premarital sex, sexual orientation, or contraception. Today, Spain is religious and same-sex marriage is legal.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

A Renaissance Timeline With Major Events

Considering the Roman Catholic history of Spain since the beginning of the 2nd century, it is interesting to note that almost every Catholic church or cathedral in Spain is considered a museum in itself. Although many of these churches and sects are in desperate need of restoration, the real essence of Spanish life is felt to have entered and is a reminder of the glorious form of the Catholic Church of the past. Francis Romeu was ordained a priest 34 years ago. and currently manages the parish of Santa Maria de Taulat in Barcelona Poblenou district. “This Sunday is Palm Sunday,” he said. “I asked the coconut seller and she told me that I will have a house full. The square will explode at the seam. “But on Thursday, Maundy, it will become true and I will announce it to a few people.”

From the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation, 27% of the Spanish people are atheists, do not believe or do not believe. Fund director Silvia Luque believes this is a “historic” figure.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Source: Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation, according to the National Institute of Statistics and El Pai El PAÍS Center for Sociological Research

Global Household Patterns By Religion

The data collected by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and tools from the Center for Sociological Research are not good news for the future of the Church. As many as 48.9% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 turn to religion, while only 48.5% admit to having a belief system.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

These numbers are in contrast to the data for the 65-plus age bracket, where 88.6% still believed in God as an element enforced in their childhood under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, which lasted from the end of the civil war. .1936-1939). until his death in 1975.

With unbelief evident among young people, the Church has every reason to feel uneasy. According to the vice president of the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation, Vicenç Molina, children have changed the metaphysical formula for technology.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

The Essentials Of Functional Harmony

The percentage of believers in Spain is 69.5%, only 26.6% declare themselves to be religious, according to the author of the report Josep Mañe, the lowest of all time. As the figures show, the number of apostasy since 1980, when only 8.5% of the population did not believe, has steadily increased, a situation that has led to a corresponding decrease in church marriages.

A report by the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation shows that in Spain last year, 80.2% of marriages were civil, compared to 19.8% for religion. This is in contrast to 1992, when 20.6% of couples chose to have a civil ceremony and 79.4% married in a church. The number was the same in 2008 after more religious ceremonies. Civil marriages are most popular in Catalonia and the Basque Country, while couples from Extremadura and Ceuta are more interested in religion.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

When comparing the decline of religion in Spain with other European countries, Luque said: Communism and the continued role of Pope John Paul II “. The survey found that Lithuania was followed by 88%, Italy 74%, Ireland 74%, Portugal 73%, Austria 73% and Spain 69%. In France, only 53% of the population believed, a figure that could be divided into the division of state and religion at the beginning of the 20th century, according to Luque .She believes that Spain is more religious because the younger generation is “less influenced by the national Catholicism of the Franco era.” Add this number.

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According to Enrique Gil Calvo, a sociologist and professor at the Complutense University in Madrid, the growing lack of faith among young people is due to the modernization of education and the emancipation of women. “Young people today are less religious than those who came before, but more religious than those who did not come.” “Religion and science are rational. As the next generation became better educated, the science of reason increased in general, and thus there were fewer traces of pre-modern religious beliefs.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Historian and anthropologist Maria Lara points out that throughout history, fear and uncertainty are important pillars of religion. “If you’re between 14 and 24 and you’re studying and your parents are paying your bills, you have nothing to worry about,” she said. “With this lack of uncertainty, there is no need to turn to religion.”

But Romeu hopes it’s a generation, and when the young members of his church can turn to the church for the Comfort. He said, “The elders I had when I started as a priest have died. Go, and now I have another person who has retired.” Go to church and stay, do you know that Islam exists in Spain? Are the Spaniards Christians?

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Casa Batllo Extraordinary Artisan Chimney In Barcelona, Was Design By Antoni Gaudi. Spanish Architect Editorial Image

Spain has a rich religious and cultural history. It is known as the most religious country in the world.

There are some interesting facts that I think you should know about it, so today I am showing you the best facts about religion in Spain.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

The Reconquista, which ended in 1492, was the era in which Christian forces occupied Spain. Since its completion, the main religion in Spain has been Catholicism, although it has existed in the Iberian Peninsula since Roman times.

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Although this number is rapidly decreasing, more than 60 percent of the population identify themselves as Catholic. Not everyone is Catholic, which often participates in large numbers, but many Spaniards still respect the tradition and attend important festivals such as Semana Santa in Seville, for example.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Another sign of the loss of religious importance in Spain is that while the Spanish Church and the former state were united, they were separated in 1978. A few years ago, in 1976, King Juan Carlos de Borbon abolished the right to the name. Bishop. Then the Church named its bishop and wrote a new Concordat with the state. This refers to the subsequent separation of church and state.

The Spanish constitution was revised in 1978 and increased religious freedom, as well as officially beginning to exclude Catholicism from the state religion.

Most Popular Religion In Spain

Holy Week In Spain

Do not be fooled by the history, culture and traditions of Spain. The number of atheists is increasing rapidly, especially among the younger generation. In fact, atheism and atheism exist in Spain since at least the 17th century! It has increased significantly in

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