Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017 – Safest Midsize SUV: Best Crash Test Score of 2017 The GMC Acadia tops the list of 10 family-oriented SUVs with the best crash test scores.

With midsize sedans no longer the default vehicle choice among American families, SUVs—especially three-row midsize models—have taken their place on the nation’s driveways. It’s easy to see why.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

The SUV handles like a car with plenty of acceleration, gives the driver a more engaging view of the road, offers four-wheel drive for extra bad-weather capability, is roomy enough for a growing parent, and offers enough cargo space to eventually move the kids and their belongings to college .

Us Midsize Luxury Suv Sales Figures By Model

As with any family-oriented vehicle, safety is important to midsize SUV buyers. That’s why, as we’ve done with other new vehicle segments, we’re identifying 10 models that provide top-notch occupant protection based on the results of five separate crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), including frontal crash tests that overlap with frontal, lateral and more challenging, which replicates a collision with a tree or a lamp post. Importantly, all of our “safest” picks offer “superior” rated front braking systems that can help drivers avoid or at least reduce the impact of crashes based on two separate tests conducted at 12 and 25 mph.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

However, such advanced safety systems are usually limited to certain trim levels in certain model lines and are most often offered as part of an optional package with other features that someone may or may not want. For 2017, the Toyota Highlander is the only midsize SUV that includes a frontal collision avoidance system as standard equipment. For the other nine SUVs on our list, we find out where and how automatic forward braking is available, as well as the lowest on-road cost (including destination charge) when the vehicle is equipped.

For 2017, only the top-of-the-line Denali version of this three-row SUV can be equipped with GMC’s automatic front braking system as part of the optional Technology Package; price equipped $47,785.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Best Used Midsize Suvs For 2023

The mid-size Pilot earns top safety ratings when equipped with the Honda Sensing Package’s anti-collision braking system — optional on EX and EX-L trims and standard with Touring and Elite trim levels included; equipment price $35,120.

This rating applies to models built after March 2016 and equipped with the Santa Fe’s optional Automatic Emergency Braking System, which is included as part of the Technology Package on the SE Ultimate trim; price furnished $41,750.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

A slightly smaller alternative to the above Santa Fe can be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, but only on the top model Ultimate 2.0T as part of the technology package; price furnished $39,000.

Lexus Rx 350 F Sport Review And Test Drive

Kia has made its autonomous emergency braking system optional on the LX, LX V6, EX, EX V6, and SX V8 trims as part of the Advanced Technology Package, and it’s standard on the top-of-the-line SX Limited V6; price equipped $32,585.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Mazda’s Intelligent Brake Assist with Distance Sensing Assist is standard on the Grand Touring and Signature trim levels of this turbocharged three-wheel-drive SUV; price equipped $41,410.

Front emergency braking is available on SL and Platinum versions of Nissan’s mid-size SUV as part of an optional Technology Package; price equipped $40,535.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

These 6 Luxury Suvs Surpass The Rest In Quality And Reliability

The mid-size Pathfinder offers a highly rated front emergency brake system, but it’s only available on the most expensive Platinum trim level, where it’s standard; price equipped $43,045.

The Highlander is the only 2017 midsize SUV to offer automatic front braking as standard equipment; equipment price $31,625.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Debuting as an early 2018 model, the three-row Atlas includes Front Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking as standard equipment on most models, including the four-cylinder, V6-equipped SE, SEL and SEL Premium Technology trim levels; equipment price $36,615. Consumer Reports says the 2017 Toyota Highlander and 2017 Lexus RX are among the most reliable used SUVs released that year.

Safest Midsize Suvs: Best 2017 Crash Test Ratings

It may come as no surprise that Toyota and Lexus make reliable cars and SUVs. When it comes to reliable used SUVs, the choice is simple. Consumer Reports named the 2017 Toyota Highlander Toyota’s most reliable SUV. Among reliable Lexus SUVs, the 2017 Lexus RX tops the list.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

In a recent Consumer Reports report, Toyota and Lexus were the top two brands for 2017 model year vehicles. CR chose 2017 because it was a year when automakers were able to include many critical safety systems. These are systems such as forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB) and blind spot warning (BSW). As used car prices are still high, most buyers are looking for an affordable but safe vehicle.

Lexus had five 2017 models in its lineup that year with an average reliability rating of 91 out of 100. That was well above the automaker’s average that year. Toyota has 12 different 2017 models that have a reliability average of 84. Acura is also on the list, but only has two vehicles in the pipeline for 2017.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Best Midsize Suvs Of 2022

How does Consumer Reports determine these statistics? Auto Test Center experts test each car and score it in various areas. Consumer Reports puts a lot of emphasis on reliability, because that’s what most owners want from a vehicle.

Consumer Reports named the 2017 Toyota Highlander the best three-row midsize SUV. The Highlander is still quite affordable, with a price range starting at $24,950. It scored a perfect five out of five for reliability and four out of five for owner satisfaction. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Toyota Highlander a “good” rating in its key tests.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

“For more than a decade, the Highlander has demonstrated nearly bulletproof reliability,” says Consumer Reports. Toyota’s SUV performs well despite having three rows, returning 22mpg overall. The hybrid version gets 25 mpg combined. FCW and AEB are included as standard. Consumer Reports says 2012 through 2016 were good years for the Highlander if you ran into a different year.

The Best Used Luxury Suvs

The 2017 Lexus RX is a Consumer Reports pick for luxury midsize SUV. The RX SUV has been a driver favorite since it was first introduced in 2004. The Lexus SUV has an excellent rating for reliability and a four out of five rating for predicted owner satisfaction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the mid-size luxury SUV four stars during testing.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Owners of the Lexus SUV reported 21 mpg combined, while it returned 22 mpg in testing. CR says it has “one of the strongest reliability records of any vehicle.” Those looking for even more fuel economy can check out the 450h Hybrid for 29 mpg overall. FCW, AEB and adaptive cruise control are included in the 2017 RX. New cars are hard to come by these days. Supply chain issues are limiting retail supplies, and many customers have paid more than sticker price because supplies are so low. Our recommendation? Consider used. With the money you’ll save other people from early depreciation, you can opt for a luxury SUV instead of your standard Honda or Toyota. These are the best used luxury SUVs of 2022.

About the methodology: Buyer’s Guide recognizes the importance of buying a used car, which is why we take it seriously. Our methodology considers many of the same factors

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Best Luxury Midsize Suvs For 2017

Conducts extensive research to estimate the long-term value of vehicles 3-5 years old, which means our picks start with the 2018 model year. IntelliChoice takes into account resale value, insurance costs, maintenance costs, fuel costs and more. We give preference to models that receive an IntelliChoice used car value rating of Good or Excellent. Above average

Five stars for overall safety and has some used cars with less than 80,000 miles (the upper limit for many car manufacturers).

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Pros: After a mid-cycle refresh in 2017, we dig the standard active safety features, plenty of USB charging ports, and surprising driving dynamics. The cabin is also quiet and we’d say the ride quality is better than the Audi Q7.

Cadillac Xt5 Among Most Reliable Midsize Suvs, Says Consumer Reports

Cons: The MDX’s biggest weakness is the nine-speed automatic transmission, which can be very jerky at low speeds. We also note that the third row is quite tight for adults; don’t expect the same amount of room as a Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Pros: We’re big fans of the QX60’s comfortable ride quality, which is achieved without sacrificing sporty driving dynamics. It’s quiet inside, too, and the Infiniti is generous with standard luxury features. This is one of the more affordable options among the best used luxury SUVs.

Cons: The QX60’s styling is a little forgettable, and we faulted Infiniti’s luxury SUV for its three-row front seats and the fact that there’s only one USB port up front. There’s also no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

Best Luxury Suvs Of 2022 And 2023

Pros: The NX offers a very smooth delivery of power from the turbocharged I-4, and we like the quiet and comfortable cabin. Lexus also offers plenty of standard features—and even if you don’t choose the available hybrid, you’ll get good fuel economy.

Against: us

Most Reliable Midsize Luxury Suv 2017

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