New York Times Custom Baseball Book

New York Times Custom Baseball Book – “Instant Sports Classic.” -New York Post* “The Star.” – Wall Street Journal * “A true masterpiece…880 pages of baseball bliss.” —BookPage (starred review) * “This is a remarkable achievement.” -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Written by acclaimed baseball author Joe Poznanski, The Baseball 100 is a courageous, unique, and wonderful book to write in a lifetime. With a foreword by George Will, All of Baseball History tells the story of the 100 greatest players in history.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

As long and ambitious as Moby Dick? Baseball 100 is the one-of-a-kind creation by award-winning sportswriter and lifelong student Joe Poznanski. Pulitzer Prize-winning commentator George F. Will says in the book’s foreword: How else would he have found enlightening facts and fun stories about the rich history of this endlessly fascinating sport?”

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These pages bring baseball legends to life not only in rankings, but also in dynamic profiles of the greatest players of all time. Posnanski delves into famous Hall of Famers, undeservedly forgotten All-Star biographies, current talent, and more. Rather than relying solely on records and statistics, he lovingly reconstructs the backgrounds of the players, shedding light on their characters and placing their achievements within the context of baseball’s past and present. How good is Clayton Kershaw in the 21st century game compared to Greg Maddux against hitters in the 90s? How does Hank Aaron’s career and influence compare to Babe Ruth? Who among the top 10 players deserves a comeback in history?

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

No culmination of legendary baseball geniuses would be complete without a black league player in segregation. Their extraordinary careers were largely ignored by sportswriters of the time and unjustly buried in history. Posnanski writes about the efforts of former Negro leaguers to restore the honor of disqualified black players, and based on extensive interviews with Buck O’Neill, the richness of the Negro League Baseball Museum and the achievements of players such as pitchers. embossed. Satchel Page and Smokey Joe Williams. The outfielders are Oscar Charleston, Monte Irwin, and Cool Papa Bell. First baseman Buck Leonard. Shortstop Pop Lloyd. Catcher Josh Gibson. There are many others.

The Baseball 100 offers readers a wealth of baseball history in his one volume. Captivating, surprising, and heartfelt, this is a wonderful tribute to the game of baseball and the stars who played it.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

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Joe Poznanski is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of six books, including Paterno and The Secrets of Golf. He has written for The Athletic, Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, Kansas City Star and now he also writes for He was named sportswriter of the year. Five different organizations and he’s two Emmy winners. He lives with his family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I love baseball, I know baseball, and this book is about baseball. It’s all about baseball history told through the 100 greatest players of all time… What makes me say, “Give this to the baseball people in your life,” is that my love for baseball is rekindled while reading this book. . . . Every sport needs good players, but it also needs good writers, and Joe Poznanski has done a great job with the game of baseball in this book. ”

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

“Stars… Always fun… An old friend who brings back memories of old times and old debates, not only now but also on the bookshelf in the future… This ranking ranks the greatest stars of modern sportswriters.” “He skillfully and intelligently writes, combining an old-school sensibility with the vast numbers, facts and observations that can be found on the Internet.”

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“Posnanski broke the mold by digging deep into the careers of 100 of baseball’s greatest players. .

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

“Dear Major League Baseball fans, you have won the lottery…Posnanski presents his 880 pages of baseball bliss…This is true craftsmanship and the writing is very It’s so good it’s attractive to people who know nothing about the sport.”

“Without falling into geeky tastes, Poznanski deftly weaves statistics into his narrative, searching baseball history for candidates while combing through records to find pertinent data and citations. … red meat for baseball fans who value the past, the power of the game, and great flavor.”

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

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“Posnanski combines the slicing of Bill James with the eloquent, witty humor of Roger Angell to provide entertainment for baseball fans by naming the 100 greatest baseball players of all time. … Posnanski also has dignity and justice, along with Japanese legends like Ichiro Suzuki, Sadaharu Oh, and most importantly black league players like Oscar Charleston are being ignored. . .”

“You may disagree with some of Joe Poznanski’s conclusions. Then what? It’s always been part of the fun for baseball fans. Baseball’s Poznanski has always been fun… This book , a tribute to baseball that can be sipped or sipped.In any case, this is a book that our fans will come back to again and again, of course, for creating and resolving conflicts. But especially for one of the greatest storytellers in the history of our greatest games to have endless fun.”

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

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By clicking “Register”, you agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Benefits Statement. Free e-book benefits are available to new US subscribers only. Redeemable offers from Simon & Schuster eBook fulfillment partners. You must repay within 90 days. See the full terms and conditions and this month’s selection. For Yankees and Mets fans, the deluxe edition of our team history book is like a doubleheader packed with more baseball, more players and more exciting memories. We traced back into the Times archives and discovered dozens of additional pages not included in the traditional legacy of the Bronx Bombers and Amazons.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Each 12″ x 15″ hardcover book chronicles the glory days of the New York Yankees or Mets in epic style, offering the most newsworthy happenings through the perspective of The New York Times.

As you read through this leather-bound book, captions, photos, and articles will remind you of your team’s best and greatest moments. Find gaming articles, in-depth features, obituaries, and rare pages from The New York Times’ extensive archive. A timeless tribute to the team, this beautiful paperback book makes a great gift for Yankees or Mets fans.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

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The Yankees Suite has 160 pages, 68 pages longer than the regular Yankees team book. It includes over 35 obituaries, coverage of 27 World Series games, his six-page Red Smith article on Babe Ruth, and details about the storied series.

Mets Deluxe has 145 pages, 52 more pages than the regular edition. It includes many recently opened pages, as well as 13 obituaries, two extensive magazine articles, and details about the team’s early and World Series era.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

The cover reflects each team’s primary colors and is embossed with gold or silver foil. Covers are customizable.

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As this personalized product is custom made for you, all sales are final and this product cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. Made in Vermont.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

By clicking “Register”, you agree to the Terms of Use. You can opt out or contact us at any time. For more information on our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy. Relive the glory days of your favorite major league team with a customizable baseball history book filled with pages from the New York Times archives. Each 12″ x 15″ hardcover book honors the achievements of selected teams and chronicles the most important news events based on The Times concept.

The Times has been covering baseball since his 1858. At the time, the sport had two words for him, a hitter was called a “hitter”, and the team had scored 40 or more points in his one game. As you read through this leather-bound book, captions, photos, and articles will remind you of your team’s best and greatest moments.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

New York Times Custom Baseball Book Curated On Ltk

You can find game history, in-depth features, obituaries, and rarely seen pages in our archives. A timeless tribute to teammates, this beautiful paperback book makes a great gift for the all-around baseball fan.

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New York Times Custom Baseball Book

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