Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters – The Kwara State High Court has adjourned to September 14 the trial between Senate President Bukola Saraki and online newspaper, Sahara Reporters.

It would be recalled that the highest court of the state awarded N4billion to the social media for accusing the senate president of crimes that are not serious.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

The tabloid publisher went to court asking for the judgment to be set aside, saying it was not granted.

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The youths of Kwara have gone to court, Ilorin in solidarity with the Senate President, Bukola Sarahi  over a complaint between Online newspaper, Sahara Reporters and Saraki.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

The surroundings and the high court were filled with supporters of the president of the Senate, mostly young people and women.

Sarakis’ loyalists arrived at the Supreme Court at 7.30 am, waiting for two hours before proceedings began.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

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The event was that some of Sowore’s friends tried to move some young people to court to join the internet publisher.

Saraki’s supporters, who are self-confident, are carrying various documents, saying that Saraki is their leader and should not be released.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Speaking to reporters in court, the leader of the Senate President, Paul Erokoro (SAN), said that the process that the counsel sent to Sahara Reporters for his response, therefore the judge decided that it was within their time to file their response to the case. postponed to 14 September 2017.

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He also said that the advertisement is a threat to democracy and the administration of justice and the integrity of the court, so it must be watched for its attacks on people and institutions.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

He said that the duties and powers of the law should be carried out with responsibility and respect, and a system of peer review should be applied.

Speaking together, the leaders of Sahara, Stanley Ihmaruo, said that they were not given the process in the records of the procedures before the trial.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

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“We want the court to separate all the proceedings. We have issued additional documents prohibiting the other party from doing so. For today’s hearing, the judges did not respond to our petition for a hearing.

However, in the opinion of the court, Sahara Reporters’ request was not mature enough, and the debtor had time to respond, and the trial was prolonged. The online news agency Sahara Reporters, in prison, is now on hunger strike. Photo: Kola Sulaimon/AFP/Getty Images

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Fisayo Soyombo was having dinner in Lagos at the end of October when a colleague called to tell him about a plan being developed by Nigerian government officials in a meeting. hide to catch him.

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A few hours ago, the second in a three-part undercover piece by an investigative journalist in Abuja was published on corruption in Nigeria’s criminal justice system.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

“I made two more calls that night [to government sources] and I was really worried,” Soyombo said. According to the three groups, the government wants to punish him under a law that prohibits certain types of communication with prisoners.

If he is arrested, Soyombo will be the latest in the debate on media and freedom of expression this year in Nigeria, he is the 12th out of 13 in the Committee for the Protection of the Press’ Impunity Index, a list of the worst countries. . news of the brutal killing of journalists.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

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Soyombo said he received an outpouring of support on social media in the days after he went into hiding, and that plans to arrest him were foiled. Nigeria’s Department of Corrections later issued a statement saying it could take action to clean up the system, and that it had “no intention of arresting or threatening” Soyombo.

Omoyele Sowore, an activist and founder of the New York-based online news group Sahara Reporters, was abducted by undercover police from a hotel room in Lagos in August. Sowore, who ran as a candidate in the February presidential election and lives in the US, has been accused of fraud, cybercrime and money laundering for spreading false information and slander about President Muhammadu Buhari. . Although he was released earlier this month, his lawyers say they have lost access to him, and he remains in prison and is now on hunger strike.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Jones Abiri, the publisher and editor of the Weekly Source newspaper, was arrested in May and charged with cybercrime, terrorism and intimidation. The case is related to the 2016 accusation of militants in the Niger Delta, after which he was detained by the Nigerian intelligence service for two years without trial.

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In the southern region of Cross River, Agba Jalingo, publisher of the Cross River Watch paper, was arrested in August, a few days after publishing an article on corruption. Jalingo was accused of fraud and did not make any financial demands.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Human rights activists and civil society groups say the muzzling of the press under Buhari has led to a return to the dark days of military rule in Nigeria.

Buhari, a former soldier who has been president since 2015, was Nigeria’s head of state in the mid-1980s, when he seized power in a military coup. So he introduced the Public Officials (Protection Against False Accusation) Act, known as Proposition 4. The act was sealed in the press, making it illegal to publish information that is considered harmful to the government.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

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“These [recent] events show a disturbing trend in restricting freedom of expression and creating a sense of fear that oppresses the media,” the researcher said. Anietie Ewang. Nigeria at Human Rights Watch. “Putting journalists in jail for doing their job to inform the public sends a threatening message to journalists, activists and citizens.”

Soyombo said suppressing the press was an abuse of power. “It is ironic that the president and state governors came to power in an election that could not agree to disagree,” he said. , and questioning the impact of this type of reporting on traditional discourse and more importantly, the process of democratization and governance in Nigeria.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

His research is based on empirical data that examines the extent of following and support of local journalists among Nigerians at home and abroad, using Sahara Reporters. as a type of case.

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It examines the origins of the concept of the world wide web, its legal scope and sustainability. It looks for answers to the power of the internet and other forms of user-generated content to influence and control political and social discourse in Nigeria with a fixed duration.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Sunday argues that the emergence of Sahara Reporters is inspired by communication technology and research left behind by the traditional media in Nigeria. His style of journalism inspired them to a new era of citizen awareness, participation in mainstream politics and greater demands for accountability and transparency from those who lead them.

The final section examines how citizen journalism can challenge the hegemony of traditional media and force the latter to reform. He believes that despite its internal weaknesses, the local press can combine with traditional media to form a coalition that can be a democratic asset in a democratic country like Nigeria. Sunday concluded ‘the future of journalism in Nigeria’.

Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters Review: A Beginner’s Guide

As with peer-reviewed research papers, the views expressed are those of the author and not of the University.

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Nigerian Newspapers Online Today Sahara Reporters

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