Popular American Movies In Japan

Popular American Movies In Japan – [Ed. Note: Nobuhiro Watsuki, creator of the original manga series discussed here, was fined for child pornography in 2018. He did not participate in the editing process or produce the films, but it is possible that he still makes money from them. . The following article is dedicated to the films and the many talented people who worked on them and his work and work stand on their own. We were unaware of these charges at the time this article was originally published and apologize for this oversight. We want to offer this warning to readers and understand that some may be uncomfortable discussing business in light of this information.]

Beginning in the 1860s in Japan, the end of the civil war Japan marked the transition from feudalism to modernity. Himura Kenshin, a former warrior, renounces his violent ways and walks the land in search of reconciliation. However, his past catches up with him and he has to use his gift of swordsmanship to help the innocent.

Popular American Movies In Japan

Popular American Movies In Japan

Started as a manga series and became a great anime series in the mid-90s. It is only a matter of time before a feature adaptation of the saga follows. Warner Bros. Japan supported the project and turned it into one of the most popular Japanese franchises. The first trilogy – 2012

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, the fourth saga, is now on Netflix, after a successful opening in Japan in April 2020. So what makes this franchise so special?

Popular American Movies In Japan

The Kenshin films stand out for many reasons: Their compelling stories are filled with fascinating characters and set in a rich world drawn from real Japanese history. The film brings the story to life through fantastic production and cinematography, striking a balance between visual beauty and moments of mythological mystery. They are guarding the actor, portrayed as a weak war force who wants to stop fighting.

Kenshin’s arc throughout the trilogy begins as he becomes a symbol of Japan’s sins and tries to atone for his sins. Kenshin felt that every time he killed an enemy, he lost a part of his soul. So now the old samurai uses a ‘reversed blade sword’, Sakabatō, where the blade rotates inside the wielder instead of spinning outwards towards the opponent. The weapon allows him to use his fighting skills to protect those in need without having to kill again. Sakabatō is an important part of the mythology of the series and serves as a metaphor for Kenshin’s main dilemma. The sharp face reminded him of what he was capable of and threatened to cut him down more than his enemies. It is a good example of the torture of those who choose to harm others. No wonder teeth break

Popular American Movies In Japan

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Fame, who saw in Kenshin his most important role. He gives Kenshin an unmatched fighting spirit, but also has an irresistibly sweet side to his personality. He is surrounded by a large number of talented actors, some of whom are memorable, especially on the evil side. Tatsuya Fujiwara, for example, plays the mysterious Shishio Makoto, Kenshin’s mirror image who is broken and betrayed by the imperialist forces he helped defeat during the civil war. He is the main antagonist of the second and third films and is one of the best films of all time. Burnt alive, wrapped in bandages, he wielded a jagged sword that had accumulated so much human fat from years of cutting human bodies that his blind eyes were on fire. Just as Kenshin and Sakabatō are one, Shishio and his flaming weapon are identical.

There is much to be said for Kenshin’s journey from being a criminal to the man he became in the end

Popular American Movies In Japan

. It’s easy to see his story as a metaphor for Japan’s struggle to come to terms with its past, particularly its role in World War II. Kenshin chooses to stop the violence rather than defeat Japan, but his transition to a less warlike way of life establishes the main theme of the series. film: the transition from the military age to the civilized one and the social achievements to be achieved. come with him. All three films in the original trilogy saw the old trying to catch up with the new, or trying to make the old better. Kenshin can only complete his journey when he realizes that the future lies in changing elements of the past, not erasing or forgetting them. The film never developed a political story, but it is there by default, in the collection of characters and how they behave in relation to government and muscle. When they talk about standing up for their goals and making changes for the betterment of the individual, the personal becomes political.

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The film continues to question whether violence is part of social change, whether the ways of the past can be used to prevent the future and how. These questions arise from a design that pushes the boundaries of what the Japanese blockbuster can offer. To direct the action, filmmaker Keishi Ōtomo relied on a team of talented actors led by Takahito Ouchi, whose unique work includes the happy, high-octane series HiGH & LOW, and most importantly, choreographer Kenji Tanigaki. Since the 90s, he has collaborated and studied with the legendary Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen, since

Popular American Movies In Japan

. His work will also be featured in the American G.I. Joe’s film Snake Eyes, which is scheduled to premiere this summer.

Tanigaki brings his A-game to the Rurouni Kenshin saga, bringing a new kind of cinematic kineticism. Tanigaki drew on the centuries-old tradition of chanbara depiction (a calligraphic style of film performance defined by bravura camera movements and elaborate choreography that only began in the 1920s), but pushed the boundaries of what dynamic swordfighting could be. watch from the expansion of the water to every part of the hero’s body. Kenshin didn’t just fight with his teeth, but with his whole body. Speed ​​and setting also play an important role in the way these films revolutionize Japanese cinema, pushing actors to the limits of what is possible for the body. Metal is used to propel the movement and allows the film to enter superhuman territory, but not enough to cause suspension of disbelief.

Popular American Movies In Japan

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The camera works only as a compliment, either improving the power of the fight or bringing another layer of meaning to the photos. When Kenshin first appeared

Tanigaki and his team matched the camera movement to the character’s strength, using editing to bring his strength into every part of the film’s world. They stayed the course for most of the first trilogy, which was almost a miracle. The original Kenshin trilogy remains one of the best anime of the decade. The creators obviously had to make some tough decisions around condensing the story and streamlining the characters, but the creative team brought this world to the screen with heart and panache.

Popular American Movies In Japan

Begins with a bang: In 1879, a group of policemen track and attempt to arrest an unknown person with ties to the Shanghai mafia. The culprit, Enishi Yukishiro, tries to weaken them in a show that will make him the new antagonist. Played by Mackenyu Arata, son of the legendary Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba, he brings a charming personality to his character. His thoughts and emotions contrast with Kenshin’s new attitude, relaxing and trying to live in peaceful times.

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But peace remains a utopian ideal for Japan’s greatest swordsman. Yukishiro sends his minions after Kenshin, leading to the big showdown 30 minutes ago. Based on what happened in the original trilogy, cinematographer Takuro Ishizaka and director Keishi Ōtomo created fantastic images, while Kenji Tanigaki continued to find new ways to surprise the audience with his performance. Taking place at night, this first fight demonstrates the use of destructive objects and the use of light to illuminate the viewer’s eyes to the strange weapons and movements of Kenshin’s enemy.

Popular American Movies In Japan

To use Kenshin’s struggle for peacetime resolution as a mirror of the Japanese government’s anxiety over the country’s involvement in Taiwan and Korea and tensions with China. For both the character and the country, the problems, the bad water from the past have increased, and now the new security is in jeopardy.

, betting is more personal than ever. After 14 years in exile, Yukishiro returned to seek revenge on Kenshin, whom he saw kill his sister Tomoe – Kenshin’s lover – all those years ago.

Popular American Movies In Japan

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Is in the story of lost love: the relationship between Kenshin and Tomoe, and Enishi’s brother and his sister.

Spending a lot of time focusing on his characters and observing their complexities

Popular American Movies In Japan

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