Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan – Whatever your mood, a packet of Japanese instant ramen can cure all your cravings instantly! Not only is it super convenient, it’s also affordable and of course delicious!

Nobody eats instant noodles like the Japanese, the nation has its fair share of instant ramen history, and it’s definitely one of the nation’s favorite foods, whether you’re on a budget or not. Over the years, the taste and texture of instant noodles have improved so much, you could say that a good quality instant ramen can almost fulfill a freshly made street ramen!

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Japanese instant noodles not only make a great meal, they also make a great souvenir from Japan, as many of the delicious specialties are only sold in Japan. You can find a variety of Japanese instant noodles at local Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. We know it’s almost impossible to choose one, so today we’ve rounded up the 12 best Japanese instant noodles you shouldn’t miss in 2020.

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This is a deliciously rich ramen with a perfect chicken soup broth, it has a component of thinly sliced ​​char siew pork, works perfectly with a soft boiled egg. It is a soy sauce soup with a delicious and rich flavor combination, the back fat of the chicken floats in the glass soup.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

The more you chew it, the more elastic the noodles become, and it works well with the soft soup. Ingredients include thick char skewers, green onions, white onions and grilled seaweed with a delicious meaty flavor.

The ultimate classic of all Japanese instant ramen noodles, this is undoubtedly the most popular instant noodle of all time. The Nissin Cup noodles have a mild taste of soy sauce-based soup, with just the right amount that hits all the right spots. The noodles are perfectly elastic with just 3 minutes of cooking time.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

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It’s effortlessly delicious; Many people like the perfect crunchiness of noodles that they also use noodles to make other delicious dishes. Nissin Cup Noodles can be found in local supermarkets, even in many western countries, Nissin has made its way through western countries and become one of the top rated instant noodle companies.

Convenient yet delicious, Acecock Super Max is packed with the ultra-rich taste of umami soup broth. It has a marinated pork bone flavor with a pinch of spice, which adds character to the cup ramen.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

A round-edged noodle that has a smooth and firm texture, which pops perfectly in the mouth and compliments well with pork bone ramen soup. It uses several types of pork extract to add depth to the flavor with a soft aroma. It has a garlic accent with sesame seeds.

Japanese Instant Ramen & Noodles Subscription Box

This delicious ramen comes from the city of Hachioji and has the taste of onion oil ramen. It has a strong flavor of boiled chicken broth that compliments perfectly with the springy noodles.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Rich in the flavor of fried onions with the fragrant aroma of soy sauce soup simmered in chicken broth. Hachioji Onion Shoyu Ramen is undoubtedly considered as premium quality instant ramen, with the addition of meat and boiled egg, this ramen can almost compete with street ramen in Japan.

One of the best Japanese cup noodles from a classic brand; Nisin Japanese Ramen. It is known for its authentic Japanese taste – people believe that the taste, and even the noodles themselves, are enough to kick back nostalgic memories of their trip to Japan.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

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Travelers often bring Nishin Mongolian Tanmen from Japan as souvenirs, as Mongolian Tanmen is actually a popular Japanese ramen shop in Shinjuku. People say that the flavor and spiciness of this cup noodle is so rich and full of flavor that you can’t stop eating. If you want something extra, add a soft broth and marinate some eggs in mirin and soy sauce and sugar, and add the cooked ramen with two squares of soft tofu to boost it. But that is incredible in itself.

It’s a household staple for ramen and Japanese curry lovers! An absolute classic, Cup Noodle Curry Ramen has the rich taste of Japanese curry with fresh ingredients such as potatoes and carrots. It’s definitely a classic and a must try if you’re looking for something delicious and flavorful.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

To elevate the experience, make curry and noodles in a cup, then pour them into a large bowl and add a can of peas and carrots and then some chicken, eggs or tofu.

Instant Noodles On Display In A Store In Japan Stock Photo

This ramen has a rich taste of pork bone broth with soy sauce soup, it is of high quality and made with rich and flavorful ingredients. This is the luxury of instant ramen noodles. Wakayama’s Tokuno Pork Bone Soy Sauce is authentic to the rich flavor of tonkotsu soup, especially using the slow-cooked pork bone soup method, combined with the richness and crispness of Wakayama Ramen’s soy sauce!

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

This is a cup noodle recommended by the Wakayama City Tourism Association and recognized by the local community.

Acecock Wakeme is a favorite among many, and has held its place as the best-selling cup noodles for a long time. The savory broth has a kick of wakameo sesame, creating an umami flavor with the rich soy sauce soup flavor of wakame and sesame. Perfect for those looking for something healthy, as it contains vitamins and dietary fibre. The noodles cook within 5 minutes, which makes it super convenient during rush hour.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Tonkotsu Instant Ramen Showdown

The aromatic combination of sesame and soy sauce creates a very rich Japanese broth, mixed with the noodles, this dish is to die for especially on those cold winter nights.

A strong umami soy sauce soup with a smooth and firm texture like raw noodles and a little dried sardine. The rich flavor of the soy sauce broth is combined with the thick cut noodles with a perfect chewiness. The chicken-based soup broth has a mixture of rich tamari and soy sauce.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Many ramen lovers believe that this is real ramen and not cheap, thin soup cup noodles. This ramen noodle is incredibly good with the perfect saltiness of the soy sauce soup. Although the price is higher than the usual cup of ramen, it is definitely worth it considering the amazing quality.

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Another staple in Japanese households, this Japanese cup noodle seafood dish consists of delicious ingredients such as crab bites, squid, cabbage, egg and green onion. This seafood broth is perfect when you fancy something more soft and mild.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

Soup with pork and seafood in unique thick noodles. The ingredients are squid, crab-flavored fish paste, eggs, cabbage and leeks. If you don’t like fish for seafood, this might not be your favorite, but if you like seafood, this cup noodle is absolutely delicious!

Kin-chan noodle ramen is a long-selling cup noodle kneaded with beef extract for flavor and aroma, and has a firm, crispy texture. Ingredients include shrimp, pork, egg, shiitake mushroom and green onion.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

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Kin-chan instant ramen offers a nostalgic taste of childhood, it has definitely been a classic for many years. It contains the basic ingredients that make a good ramen, such as spring onions, shrimp and beef. It’s ranked very high in the instant ramen community because it provides the basic rich flavor of ramen, although it’s nothing fancy, it’s just delicious!

The world’s first instant ramen, well loved for its instant deliciousness. Chicken ramen cup noodles are packed with tasty ingredients and can be enjoyed in a number of ways, the best way is to add meat and a soft-boiled egg. Make delicious meals without any hassle.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

The main ingredient “katatama” has evolved into “torofutamago”. Kitkita’s airy, thick and smooth texture gives you the taste of eggs. This is an absolute classic that you must try if you are looking for an instant authentic Japanese ramen taste.

Japanese Instant Noodles You Absolutely Have To Try

Here we have the very popular Chili Tomato flavour. This is due to its popularity for some time. The broth tastes like tomato soup with a dash of chili. The chilli really compliments the slightly sour taste of the tomato. Very cute!

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

The noodles here are thick and wide wheat flour instant noodles. It’s a nice change from the usual nisin noodle texture offered in other versions. If you like spicy noodles, you will definitely enjoy the Nissin Cup Noodle Chili Tomato flavor.

Rich soy sauce-flavored Ramen Noodles A chicken and pork stock-based soup, made with rich soy sauce and a delicious taste of garlic and ginger. Uses Maruchan’s special drying technique.

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

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These noodles have the same delicious taste and texture as fresh noodles, but are so convenient to keep in a backpack or cupboard for a quick and delicious meal! Feel free to add your own flavor to the soup, such as sprouts, chopped onion, a chopped hard-boiled egg and some minced pork.

Supervised by spicy fish ramen “Mendokoro Inosho”,

Popular Instant Ramen In Japan

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