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Positive News Around The World – What is the love of death? In this series of intimate photographs, we see the extreme complexity and beautiful simplicity of the 21st century.

What is the love of death? It’s an age-old question that many of us ask ourselves and at the right time, probably around Valentine’s Day.

Positive News Around The World

Positive News Around The World

Newlywed photographers Andela and Davor Rostuhar were so fascinated by this subject that they set out on a honeymoon spanning six continents and 30 countries to discover the meaning of love.

Positive News #110

The pair traveled from the depths of the Amazon to ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, India, Namibia and Japan to shed light on the complexities of love in the 21st century.

Positive News Around The World

The following series of photographs (which form part of the book and documentary) are the result of their research. Most of the stories behind them don’t fit the usual stories around love. Some couples operate within strict cultural boundaries, while others are not couples at all, but trios trying to navigate a love triangle.

What is the love of death? Confrontation at the end. It’s hard to explain, but it’s clear. Incredibly complex, yet so simple. It does not apply to anyone or everyone. This is love in the 21st century. As usual.

Positive News Around The World

The Happy News (issue 22, June 2021)

Fahad and Tamadur from Saudi Arabia say they only recently started talking about emotions as their country slowly opens up to the rest of the world.

Fahad says: “Our parents were not educated, they didn’t teach us anything about emotions. We grew up without knowing the word ‘love’.” “Current times are changing. This is how it should be. Our children live a modern life, and so do we. “

Positive News Around The World

In Saudi Arabia, women are not required to wear the niqab, but Tamadour has decided to continue the tradition and is grateful to Fahadh for respecting her decision. “Love is respect. There can be no love without respect,” says Tamadur.

Playing For Change

Matthew and Naomi from Zambia say they fell in love at first sight, although Naomi was a little skeptical at first. “My mom taught me all my life to be aware of people because they want to use me,” Naomi said.

Positive News Around The World

There is a common belief that certain parts of the body when used with black magic can be used to cure serious diseases or bring wealth to the home.

“I trusted him and he didn’t betray me,” says Matthew Naomi. “Trust is the most important thing in any marriage.”

Positive News Around The World

Positive Covid Updates From Around The World

“Love is a media and Hollywood invention that teaches you that you always need something and that love is all you need,” says Yoni. “In American culture, people value love, love sells products, and culture teaches you that you need all of these things.

“But really, people don’t need anything. In our society, we don’t marry for love, we marry because we need each other. Love comes later. I need you. I don’t need anything from you, I need me. What does love have to do with it?”

Positive News Around The World

Sandra and Patricia started their relationship at school. They lived as husband and wife for the first 20 years. “I hid because I was afraid of losing my true nature,” Patricia said. “But I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to admit it to him.”

The Happy Broadcast

Sandra, an accountant, is faced with two big changes at once: her partner is going to have all of her genitalia surgically changed, and she’s going to be in a lesbian relationship.

Positive News Around The World

His first response was, “If you’re hoping to get rid of me, you’ll have to come up with a better excuse!” Today, she says, “If you really love a person, appearances don’t matter. Love conquers all.”

Mace and Dani are members of a small tribe called the Matis who live in the Yavari Valley of the Amazon. Matis first encountered white people 40 years ago. They are hunter-gatherers who travel through the jungle in small groups to hunt monkeys with weapons. Their society is equal, there is no leader, men and women are equal.

Positive News Around The World

The Happy News: Issue 18 June 2020

Make says: “The first time I was with him, I loved him so much that I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about how I would be with him and I was afraid of rejecting him. She was so beautiful that I wanted to convince her to be with me!

Dani says: “At first I didn’t like him very much, he had to ask me to be with him many times, but in the end I agreed. I’ve been crazy about him ever since. He’s my first man, I don’t want anyone else but him. He’s a good hunter, he’s always the best for me brings the meat. All the men in our tribe are good hunters, but mine is the best. He is the best at fishing. That’s why I never worry about getting enough. When I want to show him my love, I make necklaces and bracelets out of monkey teeth so that he is beautiful and everyone let him see that she is a good wife.”

Positive News Around The World

Jitendra, Rattna and Sadnam from India live in the remote Kinnaur valley of the Himalayas, where polyandry, the practice of a woman having more than one husband, is still practiced.

The Good News Is Breaking News

Historically, polyandry was practiced in less than 1 percent of the world’s cultures, while polygamy, in which a man has more than one wife, is found in more than 85 percent of the world’s cultures. In Kinnaur they practice consanguineous polyandry, that is, a woman marries two or more brothers from the same family.

Positive News Around The World

“I spend half my time with one man and half with the other, and I love them equally,” says Rattna. “Our children call one “big father” and the other “young father”.

The Watongota, Kauarende, and Ouazeuparas of Namibia are cattle herding and polygamous Himba people.

Positive News Around The World

Positive News #111

“Why do I have two wives?” Because I would be very lonely with one person. How can I keep children and animals alone when one of them goes to visit his parents from the village? I had to go to the well and cook for them… Very difficult. So one must have two wives! ” he explains. “Love is complicated. But this is the first thing among people. It keeps them together. “

Jorge and Amalia have been married for over half a century. Fourteen years ago, he was diagnosed with severe progressive dementia.

Positive News Around The World

“Everyone who knew Amalia before she got sick was completely fascinated by her personality,” says Jorge. “He gave people the power of his spirit and kindness. He even accepted the terrible diagnosis with courage and calmness. My love for him is constant and unwavering. “He lives my life. I am very happy to be with him now. “

What Went Right This Week: New Use For Old Ppe, And More Positive News

Pooja and Krishna had to face their families and the entire Indian society to be together. Krishna belongs to the Brahmin class, while Puja is from the lowest caste of Dalits known as “untouchables”.

Positive News Around The World

Today, more than 95 percent of marriages in India are between members of the same caste. Fewer than 100 marriages between members of the highest and lowest castes take place each year, and they are often condemned by their own societies.

Puja and Krishna had to leave their families and live on the road. “It was really difficult… and painful… our parents abused us,” Pooja said. “But love gives you the strength to face your family and, if necessary, even God!”

Positive News Around The World

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Positive News Around The World

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