Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year – Vigil is a rich, luxurious and classic shade of green, allowing spaces to mimic the feeling of lush greenery and healing nature. The versatile night watch allows the paint color to be used in a variety of rooms and design segments – from healthcare to commercial and residential design.

Visit the PPG Pigments website for more information about PPG Pigments 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch.

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

Try Night Watch or any of the Global Color Trends 2019 colors on your walls, use PPG’s new online virtual painter tool before you get to the paint brush or paint brush.

Color Trends: Ppg’s Color Forecast

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Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

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Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

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We will give credit if you use your images on our website, social media or other DDI branded media and give you a special voucher to use on your next DDI order. Learn more.Ahhh…As a paint master, this is my time of year when all the paint manufacturers start announcing their “Colors of the Year”. First out of the gate ever is PPG and just this morning yesterday they announced that PPG’s 2019 color of the year is Night Watch (PPG 1145-7).

According to my experience with PPG, Night Watch is “a rich, luxurious and classic shade of green that was chosen for homeowners’ ability to mimic the feeling of lush greenery and the health of nature in their spaces!”

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

I’m not surprised to see everyone opting for this bold and deep color as the consumer trend towards more complex and rich deeper colors in the last 12-18 months and I talked about seeing these trends last year when shared the color palette 2018. above We have seen these deep colors on accent walls, doors and interior cabinets and I just love the trend, especially when the color is mixed with light and pastel colors.

The Very First 2019 Color Of The Year Is One You’ll Want To Decorate With

I also love nightstands mixed with lighter tones and white trim, which help these dark colors dominate the space.

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

This deep green is a fantastic color for a closet or used on a door. If you’re not ready to incorporate this color into your paint, this is a vibrant color that we’ve already seen growing in home decor and fashion recently.

I can’t wait to see the rest of 2019’s colors all come out over the next 68 weeks, and my money is that we’ll see more of these rich understated colors dominate as we go global. In fact, my guess is that in 2019, we’ll see shades of burgundy, aubergine, and chestnut. If you missed all the colors of 2018, you can find them here. If you’re wondering what the trending interior paint color is in 2019, we have the answer: Night Vigil.

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

Ppg Paint’s 2019 Color Of The Year Is Night Watch

According to PPG Pigments, the 2019 color of the year is a deep hunter green that was inspired by nature. “Night Vigil is about bringing the healing power of the outdoors into your home through color,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior manager of color marketing. we feel when we are in nature. “

But proceed with caution, the versatile shade works best in small glasses. PPG suggests using Night Vigil as an accent wall in a bedroom or dining room, or pairing the shade with elegant accents and contrasting colors. And if you’re working with an interior that doesn’t have a good view or connection to the outdoors, a luxurious shade of green is perfect.

Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

Night watches are also a good accent option for exterior doors or even doors. To see how rich green paint looks in your home, try the brand’s online virtual room paint tool.

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Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

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Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

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Ppg 2019 Color Of The Year

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