Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

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Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

I’ve eaten at hundreds of restaurants in Orlando – here are 15 of the best places you really should eat.

Local Black Owned Restaurants In Orlando

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Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Orlando has a variety of eclectic restaurants focused on international cuisine, such as Brazas Chicken, which serves Peruvian family food. By Orlando Jones

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Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

All You Can Eat Orlando Buffets That Are The Best

I often surprise my out-of-town friends and family who visit Orlando with the fact that this city has a very vibrant food scene, but it’s true. It has a long history of offering a variety of cuisines, with many excellent restaurants that have stood the test of time, but in recent years Orlando has become a real culinary capital. In the 13 years I’ve lived here, I’ve been lucky enough to try hundreds of local places, and I’ve made it a priority to try new things as often as possible.

From dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants to countless creative dining concepts inspired by food trucks, international street fare, thoughtful cultural fusions and more, there’s something for every preference and taste. If you’re not sure how to spend a day in Orlando, you can’t go wrong with food in whatever neighborhood you’re in. You will not be disappointed, and the probability of discovering something new and delicious. Here are 15 of my favorite places to eat in the city, from delicious seafood to quirky brunch bistros.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

I visit Pizza Bruno more than any other restaurant in Orlando. Located in the booming Hourglass District, this wood-fired pizzeria has a “dive” vibe and is very popular with locals. Its cozy outdoor patio and cozy interior are decorated with string lights, making it the perfect place for relaxing evenings and evenings with friends.

Orlando Restaurants That Are Actually Worth The Trip To International Drive

The menu is divine from top to bottom, and the variety of starters and shared cakes means you can try a bit of everything. For starters, try the garlic knots, hopefully if they’re not sold out for the day, then the cauliflower or lemon ricotta meatballs. Every pizza is amazing, but my favorites are the vegan Viva Verde with kale, artichokes and capers; and the Crimson Ghost of soppressata, mozzarella and basil drizzled generously with Mike’s hot honey.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

No list of Orlando restaurants would be complete without a great taco joint, and we have plenty to choose from. But Taco Cheena, in my opinion, really exemplifies what Orlando is all about: it’s fun, bursting with color and energy, and represents a mix of culinary styles. Located in the heart of the Mills 50 district full of art, bars and clubs, this casual restaurant is open late and offers some of the most creative and delicious tacos, burritos, arepas and empanadas in the city.

We recommend trying the curry-stuffed tofu and the Cantonese-style pork “tacos”, the Korean hot dog with kimchi and cilantro, or the vegan empanada. Grab an order of churros, which come with chocolate ganache, buttermilk and whipped cream sauces, before heading home for the evening.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Hotel Steakhouse Restaurant

We have many Vietnamese places in Orlando and Phở Vinh is my favorite. Whenever my husband or I are down for some reason and need a pick me up, we come to this restaurant for the cozy, family atmosphere and a unique soup.

Their traditional phở broth is boiled for several hours before serving, and I think it tastes delicious and complex – like a hug in a bowl. My favorite dishes are Tôm Cua with shrimp, snow crab soup and noodle soup, and Tai with beef.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Located in creative Ivanhoe Village, this eclectic bistro and former antique shop has been an Orlando brunch spot for more than three decades. It’s one of my favorite places to have lunch with my girlfriends, and I’ve been there a few times alone to enjoy a quiet drink and think session at the bar.

Orlando Bites On A Budget

Named after the owners’ late German Shepherd, the White Wolf Café exudes warmth through the warmth of its staff and the richness of its food. For breakfast, we recommend trying the made-to-order cinnamon rolls or crab cakes Benedict, and of course, the mimosa. You, like me, will leave with a full stomach and a full soul.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

2022 Michelin star John Tesar, four-time James Beard semi-finalist and two-time Top Chef contestant, heads this high-end restaurant.

At Knife & Spoon, Chef Tesar reinvents American cuisine with a focus and focus on dry-aged beef, as well as a wide selection of local fish from Orlando’s local waterways, providing an experience that goes far beyond the traditional steakhouse. seafood prices. I love coming here to enjoy a progressive menu full of fresh and seasonal flavors.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Top 10 Best Restaurants In Orlando, Fl

On a recent visit, I ordered the very refreshing raw hamachi, the underwater fish in a bee root and heavenly herb broth, and the Wagyu flat iron with rich umami mushrooms.

Knife & Spoon exudes elegance and serenity with its coastal-inspired decor and open kitchen, as well as a mossy garden and high, cloud-like ceiling, which I think makes it perfect for romantic dates and special occasions. It is located in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel, so arrive early to dress up and enjoy a cocktail in the cozy restaurant lounge or in the hotel’s marble lobby bar.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

King Cajun Shrimp Boil Oversize Crewfish, Fresh Hobster Tail, Scallops and Other Fresh Catch, by Octavio Jones

Top Vegan Restaurants Orlando Vegetarians Like

If you’re a fan of authentic Gulf Coast flavors and don’t forget about spice, King Cajun Crawfish is a must-try. Chef Melinda Thu Ha Nguyen, who moved to Orlando from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, runs Vet Cajun, known for its traditional clam boils and dangerously tempting ShaBang sauce. , lemon-pepper and garlic oil sauces. Bolle, which the restaurant sells by the pound, are plates containing your choice of clams, lobster tail, mussels, shrimp, prawns or shrimp, topped with your choice of sauce and spice level.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

If you order a furball, be prepared to wear one of those attractive plastic jackets and roll up your sleeves – but don’t worry, you won’t be alone. If you want something a little messier, but just as delicious, try my favorite, ettoufée, which is shrimp or prawns in a creamy roux over white rice.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen offers homemade vegan dishes such as pizza, milkshakes, sandwiches, meatloaf and pasta. By Octavio Jones

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

The Table Is Set: Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining® 2023

Ethos is one of the closest restaurants that challenge preconceived notions of what plant food can be. It’s a family-run place in Winter Park, just a few minutes north of downtown Orlando, and has been open since 2007. The Ethos menu is robust, inventive, affordable and, in my experience, most importantly, delicious. I have had lunch here several times with friends and none of us are vegetarian.

For a starter to share, try the “healthy trio” of tapenade, hummus and mango salsa, served with pita and vegetables for dipping. For something more interesting, I usually choose chicken marsala or vegetable pasta.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

My husband and I stumbled upon Atlantic Beer & Oyster while taking an afternoon stroll with our two pups. As we walked along the brick sidewalks that stretch along Park Avenue, a scenic walk in the Winter Garden, in the corner of a stone courtyard, bare, bare We saw an oyster bar. We decided to stop and eat by ourselves and it has been one of our favorites ever since.

The 22 Best Restaurants In Orlando 2023

This hidden gem keeps things simple—their menu has about 10 items, including ceviche, shrimp cocktail, and a signature burger. Come for happy hour specials and smoked fish on their quaint outdoor patio, watch the game at the bar, and come back again and again to enjoy some of the freshest oysters and shrimp in town.

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Nilu serves Ethiopian cuisine and is a great option to satisfy the meat and vegetarian crowd. By Octavio Jones

If you find yourself traveling along the international tourist road – known here as “I-Drive” – ​​skip the chain restaurants and go for real international food, and pay attention to the name of the road. Nile has an authentic Ethiopian menu, which means there are options for meat eaters, vegans and gluten-free. The restaurant was first opened in 2006

Restaurants To Eat In Orlando

Top 3 Best Indian Restaurants In Orlando, Fl

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