Richest People In The World Forbes

Richest People In The World Forbes – Wars, epidemics and slow markets cost the world billions this year. There were 2,668 of them in the 36th year of the world’s richest people—87 less than a year ago. They reached a total of $12.7 trillion—$400 billion less than in 2021. The most dramatic decline occurred in Russia, where there were 34 billion less than last year when Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, and in China, where the government is destroying the technology. Companies have made 87 Chinese billionaires some of the list.

However, more than 1,000 billionaires were found to be richer than a year ago. And 236 new people became billionaires last year – including the first from Barbados, Bulgaria, Estonia and Uruguay. America still leads the world, with 735 billionaires worth a total of $4.7 trillion, including Elon Musk, the world’s first billionaire for the first time. China (including Macau and Hong Kong) is still number two, with 607 billion worth $2.3 billion. We use the stock price and exchange rate on March 11, 2022 to calculate the net price. See below for the complete list of the world’s billionaires in our series. For a daily updated net worth of 2,668 billion, check out our Time Billionaire rankings.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Richest People In The World Forbes

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Top 10 Richest People In The World, According To Forbes Real Time As Of Jan 22, 2021

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Richest People In The World Forbes

The World’s Billionaires List is an economic snapshot using stock prices and exchange rates as of March 11, 2022. Some people are richer or poorer as of the date of publication. We list individuals rather than families who share the wealth, although we include the wealth of the spouse and children of the billionaire if that person is the founder, the wealth. In some cases, we record siblings or spouses together when the ownership breakdown between them is unclear, but here the estimated net worth is $1 billion per person. We value a variety of assets, including private companies, real estate, art and more. We don’t pretend to know a billionaire’s personal balance sheet (although some do). If a document is not provided or available, we will not include the property. For daily net worth updates, visit /real-time-billionaires.

Special thanks to CBRE, FactSet Research Systems, LCH Investments, Orbis by Bureau Van Dijk, PitchBook Data, Real Capital Analytics, S&P Capital IQ, VesselsValue and other experts who helped us with our reporting and valuation, including George de Benedicty , Ocala Ranches ; Ben Bienvenu, Stephens; Jurgen Brauer, Small Arms Collection; Sebastian Bray, Berenberg; Jonathan Chappell, Evercore HEAD; Rommel T. Dionisio, Aegis Capital Corp.; Truman Fleming; Randy Givens, Jefferies; Seth Goldstein, Morningstar; Lars Haugen, CBRE; Ashley Helgans, Jefferies; Evelyn Hendrich, Hendrich Real Estate; Arpine Kocharyan, UBS; Jonathan Lamers, BMO Nesbitt Burns; Gail Lissner; Irene Luke, Savills Monaco; Jack McCabe; Alison McGavigan, JLL; Ross Moore, Cressa; Bruce Nash, Nash Information Services; Joel Paige; Alok Patel, Berenberg; Carrie Russell, HVS; James Rutherford, Stephens; Brian Sudano, Beverage Marketing Company; Tim Swannie, House Hunting; Douglas B. Taylor; Andrea Teixeira, JP Morgan; Steph Wisink, Jefferies; Jeffrey Wlodarczak, Pivotal Research Group; Anastasia Yianni, Cyprus Sotheby’s International Realty; Ian Zaffino, Oppenheimer & Co.

Richest People In The World Forbes

These Are The 7 Richest People In The World Ranked By Forbes!

Rich: Richard J. Chang, David Dawkins, Matt Durot, Eliza Haverstock, Cole Horton, John Hyatt, Belle Long, Jemima McEvoy, Andrea Murphy, James O’Donnell, Rachel Sandler, Giacomo Tognini, Gigi Zamora and the press and -licensed . publication in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, and Affärsvärlden in Sweden.

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Richest People In The World Forbes

The world’s 2,640 billionaires are worth $12.2 trillion. Here’s who’s high, who’s low and who’s off the list.

Mukesh Ambani Regains Asia’s Richest Person Spot In Forbes Billionaire 2023 List

His party is over for most of the richest people in the world. For the second consecutive year, the number of billionaires worldwide decreased – from 2,668 in 2022 to 2,640 this year – and the total wealth of billionaires decreased, too – from $ 500 billion, to $ 12.2 trillion – like chaos. The time has come for public and private markets.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Almost half of the world’s billions are poorer than last year. A total of 254 people lost their billionaire status completely – the majority of crypto wunderkind-turned – fraud defender Sam Bankman Fried, co-founder and potential court opponent Gary Wang, singer Kanye West, as well as many tech entrepreneurs and at least 19 established billions. The dollar “unicorn” companies, including Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer of the NFT market OpenSea, and Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi of the credit card fintech Brex.

A person removed from the club of billionaires by choice: Yvon Chouinard, who founded the outdoor clothing of Patagonia in 1973 – and gave it confidence and impotence to fight the environmental crisis in September 2022, and removed himself from the level of wealth he had. . high criticism.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Forbes’ 37th Annual World’s Billionaires List: Facts And Figures 2023

Not that the crisis of 2020 is over for all the rich. The biggest earners in the past 12 months include Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega (+$17.7 billion), Chinese e-commerce king Colin Zheng Huang (+$18.9 billion) and Indonesian coal baron Low Tuck Kwong (+$21.8 billion).

No one had a better year than Bernard Arnault, who was No. 1 in the world’s Billionaires list for the first time. Sales and profit records pushed shares of luxury goods leviathan LVMH – which includes brands Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Tiffany – to new highs. Arnault, who is worth an estimated $211 billion, added $53 billion to his fortune last year on the back of an 18% jump in LVMH stock, giving him the biggest fortune of any billionaire on the planet. This is the first time a French citizen has topped the world’s billionaires list, which began in 1987.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Elon Musk, who held the top spot last year, fell to No. 2. The price of his electric car maker Tesla fell by almost 50% after the announcement in April 2022 of his $ 44 billion on Twitter, because investors fear that Musk has added. Another job the CEO did was concerns about the $23 billion in Tesla stock he sold to help pay for the deal. Even with his private space company SpaceX soaring to new valuations, Musk is still worth $39 billion less than a year ago.

Comparing Forbes 400 Lists From 1982 And 2019 Shows How Differently Wealth Is Tracked Today

Musk’s wealth loss is second only to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is the world’s third-richest person, worth $114 billion. It is $ 57 billion poorer than in 2022 due to a 38% reduction in the products of the e-commerce giant. Larry Ellison (net worth: $107 billion), the founder of the software giant Oracle, takes the No. 4 position. The investment story of Warren Buffett ($106 billion) is at No. 5 worldwide.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Where the Billionaires Are Most of the people on this list are Americans rather than citizens of any other country or region. The U.S. (735 billionaires) followed by China (495), India (169) and Germany (126).

It was a good year for the 150 new faces who made the billionaire list for the first time in 2023 – a star-studded group that included basketball legend LeBron James ($1 billion), golf great Tiger Woods ($1.1 billion) and fashion icon Tom Ford . ($2.2 billion). Other notable new team members with three records include Austria’s Toto Wolff ($1 billion), a former racer who owns a stake in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team; Ben Francis ($1.2 billion), the 30-year-old founder of the U.K. sportswear company Gymshark; and Nithin and Nikhil Kamath ($2.7 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively), the brothers who created Zerodha, India’s biggest product. Another 65 people made the previous list but failed before last year to return to the ranks in 2023.

Richest People In The World Forbes

Three Thai Tycoons Make Forbes Global Richest List

The average age of the world’s billionaires is 65, and the oldest billionaire is 101-year-old George Joseph ($1.3 billion). But there are many young people who got rich quick, including 15 people who are 30 years old and above. That includes Michal Strnad ($2 billion), 30, member of the Czechoslovak Group, which he took over from his father in 2018, one of the suppliers of arms and ammunition to the Ukrainian army; Mark Mateschitz ($34.7 billion), 30, who is this year’s richest newcomer after inheriting 49% of Red Bull’s marketing power from his father, Dietrich Mateschitz (d. October 2022); and husband and wife

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