San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews – Chinatown is the tastiest, offering a variety of regional Chinese cuisine. With our help, finding delicious food in Chinatown will be easier on your next visit.

Chinatown is one of San Francisco’s most historic neighborhoods. It is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside of China. For these and other reasons, tourists flock here.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Although the neighborhood is very accessible, it can be difficult to know where and what to eat in Chinatown. Although most of the menu has been translated, the names of the dishes (and ingredients) may be unfamiliar. It’s tempting, but scary at the same time. In fact, the restaurants in Chinatown are the tastiest, the prices are reasonable, and they offer Chinese food in different regions. With our help, finding delicious food in Chinatown will be easier on your next visit.

Sam Wo Restaurant

According to longtime Chinatown chef Howard Wong, Begoni Bistro is a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine with a French influence. Consider great Chinese food perfect for a date night.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Cathay House is a simple restaurant that offers a long Chinese menu and large windows overlooking the main street for people-watching.

644 Broadway. It’s a bar, a restaurant, a private kitchen, a customized event space and a signature boutique – all under one roof! This is China Live where you are almost guaranteed to never have the same thing twice! Must-Have Menu Items: For dinner at Downstairs Market, we recommend the fried crab, grilled pork chops and shrimp rocket. If you visit their Cool Drinks bar on the second floor during February, you can try one of their 12 Chinese New Year themed cocktails!

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

San Francisco’s Chinatown: All I Learned On A Guided Tour

If you’re really craving Szechuan noodles, Ching Qing Xiao Mian is your place. This Noodle Emporium restaurant was opened by former employees of Z & Y, another restaurant on this list. Here you will find various options of noodles seasoned with sauce and meat.

Favorite food: Cold Houses Spicecorn Noodles with Sichuan Peppercorns and Hot Noodles, Numbing Beef Tendon Noodles and Spicy Wontons with Tan Tan Noodles

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Far East Cafe is located in the heart of the city, two blocks from the entrance to Chinatown and directly across from Old St. Mary Established in 1920, this classic restaurant serves Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine and specializes in fresh seafood. This restaurant is ideal for large companies.

Visit Chinatown: 2023 Chinatown, San Francisco Travel Guide

If you try a meal at Golden Gate Bakery, we say “good luck!” Golden Gate Bakery is famous for its busyness. What do you ask? There are sites that track them. This place is famous for its egg tarts. They are great value, so our advice is to pop in and double-check when you’re heading to Chinatown.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Did you know that fortune cookies are made right here in San Francisco? Visit the Golden Gate Cookie Factory and see how these famous treats are made from scratch. They come in different flavors!

For those looking to eat and explore the area, check out Good Mong Bakery. You’ll have to wait in line (a true sign of a delicious place), but when you get to the counter, order them dim sum and they’ll put it all in a pink container for you.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Sam Wo Restaurant Review

The quintessential Chinatown dim sum restaurant (and one of two places where President Obama dined while visiting San Francisco), Great Eastern has an 83-item menu, meaning it has everything you could want.

28 Waverly Pl. The baby on the list, Mister Jiu’s is a San Francisco culinary classic. Winner of a Michelin Star in its first year, this upscale restaurant bridges the gap between fine dining and paying homage to the neighborhood it calls home. There are two dining options: a Chinese-style dinner menu or a long bar with exquisite cocktails. Traction: everything

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

R&G Lounge is another Chinatown stalwart that has served patrons including Anthony Bourdain for years. Some say it’s proof of what Chinatown is all about. We’ll let you figure it out.

The 19 Best Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco

A cult classic since 1906, Sam Wo’s is popular in San Francisco for its late hours (service until 4:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays) and for its one rude staff, often called the rudest, rudest, rudest waiter. in the world. . After a 3-year absence, Sam Wo’s has reopened in a new location across from Portsmouth Square. San Francisco was better when Sam Waugh opened.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

655 Jackson St. Be prepared to wait at Z&Y, the Sichuan restaurant favored by San Francisco foodie Cecilia Chang, food critic Michael Bauer and President Barack Obama. Plain and simple: it’s really tasty with just the right amount of spice. The sight of the full table leaves you speechless, and the enjoyment of their food adds to the impression. Favorite Dishes: Chilled Beef Tentacles, Explosive Pepper Chicken Wings, and Two Turtle Wings

Dan is Vice President of Global Marketing for San Francisco Travel. San Francisco has been his home for over a decade (that makes him local, right?). On the weekends, you can find him with a cup of craft coffee in hand, a feel-good playlist, a growing list of books to read, or a seat at the hottest new restaurant or bar in town.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Exploring San Francisco’s Chinatown

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San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Nightlife San Francisco in the neighborhood. There are so many things to see and do in San Francisco that tourists and residents alike could spend weeks exploring and still not see or do everything. What about sunset fun?

House Of Nanking, San Francisco, California, U.s.

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San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

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Where to eat and drink in Marina. Looking for a great restaurant in Marina? From casual establishments to fine dining, the neighborhood has you covered.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

The Pastry Chef’s Baking: Restaurant Review: Grand Palace (dim Sum)

Where to eat in Civic Center and downtown Hayes Valley. Civic Center and Hayes Valley have world-renowned restaurants, ranging from fine dining to casual cafes.

Why San Francisco is so delicious. Learn about the many reasons why San Francisco stands out as one of the best foodie cities in the world.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Be the first to know about upcoming events and festivals, new restaurants, special offers and everything happening in the city by the bay. Restaurant Z & Y has been celebrated by everyone from the Michelin Guide, who made it a Bib Gourmand in 2018, to President Barack Obama, who ordered takeout from the restaurant during his visit to San Francisco in 2015, but the long way that Z & Y has undergone a new expansion, Z & Y Bistro. Z & Y’s additional space will serve more customers at 606 Jackson Street (between Cooper Alley and Kearny Street): It’s still under renovation, but the former Chung King space is displaying a Z & Y sign, according to a restaurant spokesperson.

The Empress By Boon Restaurant

“We’re in the final stages — hopefully we won’t have to wait another two months,” Z & Y Bistro manager Monica Wong told Eater. “I wish from the bottom of my heart that it opens as soon as possible.” While the new restaurant’s menu has yet to be finalized, Wong promises a “completely different menu” from the original Z & Y, featuring hand-pulled noodles. The new bistro will also have a full bar, Wong said, a rarity in Chinatown.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Z & Y’s original location, 655 Jackson Street, opened in 2008 and became known for spicy dishes like Exploding Chili Chicken. It is owned by Chef Han Lijun of Chili House in Inner Richmond and his partner Michelle Zhang. Obama is just one of the many dignitaries and world leaders Lijun has cooked for: he also cooked dinner at Z&Y for President Deng Xiaoping, who led the People’s Republic of China from 1978 to 1989. You’ve come to the right place because this post features Chinatown Food Tour #8 in San Francisco. We’ve also included other San Francisco food tours that focus on other areas.

As chefs, we recommend this Chinatown food tour as the best Chinatown food tour in San Francisco with excellent five-star reviews.

San Francisco Chinatown Restaurants Reviews

Best Things To Do In Chinatown, San Francisco In 2023

This historic district is an important part of the city’s culinary heritage,

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