Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export – Give it, you might need some wheels. Here’s the A to B guide to buying a car in Germany.

Let’s face it, buying a car in other parts of the world can be a hassle. Especially as an expat who recently moved to Germany. If you want to buy a car in Germany, you need to know how to get it, what the prices are and what else you need to organize before you can drive the car.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

The country has a strong motoring history and is famous for its roads, where speed is not a problem, but running out of fuel is not allowed. However, like anywhere, there are many rules that car owners must follow. Learn about the process of buying and selling a car in Germany, topics covered below:

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Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Germany has a strong automotive culture. It is the country with the sixth largest traffic in the world and has a road network in good condition throughout the country. Although its public transportation is better, most people prefer to drive and most families own a car. In 2019 there were about 570 cars per 1,000 German citizens, more than one for every second person and slightly above the EU average.

With its large auto industry, it’s no wonder that buying a car in Germany is very easy. You can buy new and used cars at dealerships or privately. You can bring some cars to Germany. However, if you buy or import, you must follow the registration and storage rules. You need a valid license to drive your car in Germany.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

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In 2019, more than 3.6 million new cars were sold in Germany: less than 9% were electric or other. Sales fell 19% in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, but the market started to pick up in early 2021.

Anyone over the age of 18 (the legal driving age) can buy a car in Germany. However, you need a valid driver’s license to drive. You need a German residence permit to register the car and car insurance arranged before you drive it from the place of purchase. Among the companies offering car insurance in Germany is DA Direkt.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

) in Germany can be an expensive process, as new car prices are among the highest in the EU. However, the advantages of buying a new model from a reputable dealer include increased reliability, longer vehicle life, and easier repairs. Many vendors offer follow-up support and have links to tutorials during the breakdown. All new cars must have a two-year warranty (

Buying A Car And Registration In Germany

The main options for buying a new car in Germany are dealers and online dealers. Generally, you must provide the following before you can drive a car:

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Many dealers offer to register new vehicles for customers, in which case you must provide proof of residence in Germany. Also, some German car manufacturers allow you to get your new car directly from the factory, popular with the big ones like Volkswagen and BMW.

In terms of payment, you can pay in full in advance or in installments. Generally, you need to pay 20% to 50% in advance and finance the purchase with a loan from banks or other lenders, including German car companies and some customers. The repayment period is usually between two and five years. Most sellers accept cash payment and can negotiate a discount.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Online Auto Auctions

According to an annual report by Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the average price of a new car in Germany will be 37,790 euros in 2021. The best sellers in the country are all German: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW . and Audi.

In Germany, it usually refers to individual cars. For example, you can find Volkswagen and Audi car dealers all over the country. Many of them sell new and used cars.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

Using a vendor has many benefits. For example, a well-known company is connected to the brand and the customers provide follow-up support. You can inspect the car and take it for a test drive. Sellers usually prepare the initial paperwork, such as registration, and sometimes offer a factory option.

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Many dealers in Germany offer a delivery service if you cannot collect your car from the showroom or factory. However, this comes at a cost. You can find car dealers in Germany on and AutoScout24.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

It is possible to buy a car online in Germany. A 2016 study found that about 10% of new car purchases are made online and 44% of respondents said they would prefer to complete a purchase online.

The process for buying a new car online is similar to visiting a dealership in terms of general requirements. You must submit the necessary documents electronically. It’s a quick and easy way to buy a car, but the downside is that you can’t test the car in person or test drive it before you buy it.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

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Some dealers sell cars through their website. You can use online car rental to find and buy cars in Germany. These include:

Although sales of electric and hybrid cars in Germany have increased in recent years, Germans are less willing to buy electric cars than their neighbors in France, the Netherlands or the Nordic countries. There are currently 600,000 fully electric vehicles on German roads and electric vehicles alone account for 14% of new vehicle registrations.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

There are many reasons to choose an electric car: in addition to emitting less greenhouse gases, Germany offers subsidies to encourage new car buyers to choose an electric model. You can usually buy an electric or hybrid car in the same places you can buy a petrol or diesel car. Nowadays it is possible to buy second-hand models. In addition, energy companies such as EnBW offer specific payments for charging electric vehicles and 100% green electricity supply.

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) is a popular alternative and is easier to secure for a new model. According to the DAT, in 2020 alone the used car market in Germany will exceed 103 billion euros. However, as with any second-hand purchase, it can be more risky and you should be careful to avoid paying more than necessary.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

You can buy used cars from a German dealer or dealer. Generally, it is safer to buy from a dealer and they offer a one-year warranty on used cars. They buy a lot of new cars.

When you buy a used car, you will provide the same information as you would when buying a new one. However, there are additional documents available to you. These are:

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

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You can find information about the value of used cars in Germany by model, year of manufacture and mileage (

). For example, at We Buy Cars (Wirkaufen Dein Auto) you can receive an original review in your email within two minutes. You have the option to answer a few more questions to get a detailed assessment.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

), mileage and other details on various websites such as AutoDNA. Also read ADAC’s advice on what to consider when buying a used car in Germany.

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Payment options for used cars are the same as for new cars. The average price of German used cars in 2020 is 20,775 euros, a figure that has remained constant in 2019.

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

There are many dealers in Germany who sell new and used cars. You can find dealers who only sell used cars or specialize in vintage or antique models.

Find sellers on and AutoScout24. Alternatively, you can consult the German Yellow Pages (Gelbe Seiten). Buying from a dealer is more expensive, as you pay an additional 19% VAT on the car. However, it’s safer because you get a one-year warranty that covers current (but not future) issues. Many vendors offer an extended warranty (

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

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Another advantage of buying from a dealer is that many new cars are sold at discounted prices. There are two types:

(employee cars), which are cars bought at discounted prices by car manufacturers and resold after one year; a

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

The German car market can be good for finding bargains. However, there are some drawbacks, such as not being able to test drive or monitor people. Also, if you buy online from a private seller, you will not receive a guarantee.

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Today, many private sellers use websites and online forums to advertise their cars. However, some use traditional methods. Keep an eye out for ads on local notice boards or in shop windows. You may hear about good practices across the country

Second Hand Car In Germany For Export

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