Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon – During Lent and Holy Week 2018, we will journey through a new sermon series, The Words of the Cross: Seven Savings of Jesus on the Cross. The last words spoken before death are often considered significant. The number of perfection in the scriptures is seven. Crucifixion is the only form of execution where the executed can speak while dying. While choosing the cross, Jesus was able to utter his last words. In the seven proverbs, Jesus communicated an absolute meaning that is of vital importance. We will explore themes of forgiveness, redemption, relationship, abandonment, adversity, triumph and reunion.

In addition to our Sermon Series, we will explore all of the Proverbs in our Small Group Series. Will Gibbons filmed the series in Wigan and Bolton and each film features a different person telling their story.

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

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Redeemer Of Israel: The Seven Last Words Of Jesus On The Cross

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Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

While Jesus was hanging on the cross, he spoke seven times. Interestingly, six of these seven statements are reported by only one of the four Gospel writers, and the phrases reported by Matthew and Mark do not appear in Luke or John. John, who was present at the cross, recorded three statements; Luke gives three more, including the famous words of forgiveness for his crucifixion and reassurance for the penitent robber who was with him. In addition, each Gospel uses different words to describe Jesus’ death, from simply breathing, to giving up his spirit, to giving his spirit into God’s hands, to giving up his spirit. or to surrender. One wonders if these differences are intentional and significant. They seem consistent with the general messages of the individual gospel writers.

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Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

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Welch, John W., and John F. hall Seven words of the cross. Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 2002. Until Jesus came on the scene, there was no one who could speak to God or represent fallen humanity before a holy God. Undoubtedly, man is God’s enemy by nature by rebelling against God’s holiness and plan. A blind man cannot lead another blind man. If Jesus did not intervene, none of us could come close to God in faith to become part of His divine eternal family. The choice of sin created a gap between a holy righteous God and sinful humanity. Our sin separates us from God and commits us to eternal punishment. But God’s grace brought Jesus to the place of the ultimate terrible sacrifice for all mankind, which not only provided the way to salvation, but also opened the door to a holy relationship with God. Therefore, Jesus spoke to God as a man in order to forgive unbelievers.

On the other hand, one of the most sought after emotions is innocence. No man can live with guilt in his mind. And guilt is awakened by the actions of an abuser. And man is prone to sin from the beginning. There are many ways one can go wrong. As human beings we all make mistakes in our thoughts, words and actions. It is very easy to understand that when we wrong someone we go to that person and ask for forgiveness. But if we do wrong, which is against the law, then we stand on the stone to suffer the punishment of the wrong we have done. And there is no way for the criminal to escape the punishment of the law. Likewise, there is a universal law-giver. And even if we can escape the present system of justice by clever schemes, we can never escape the universal lawgiver. The Bible tells us that man is born in sin and sins in his life. And anyone who sins breaks God’s law and deserves punishment. And the wages of sin is death. Everyone who has sinned must die physically and spiritually. Physical death is the separation of the body from the soul, but spiritual death is the eternal separation of man from his Creator. However, Christ Jesus died in man’s place to pay the penalty for sin. So he offers forgiveness for mankind. One must go to Christ Jesus to receive forgiveness. And only through the act of repentance can man receive this forgiveness and be freed from guilt. This sense of freedom is unexpected and incomprehensible. It is true freedom that frees man from spiritual shackles.

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

After speaking with God, Jesus now speaks with a criminal or a thief. This thief represents all humanity. Humans have broken God’s law by committing all serious sins. Humans have made themselves enemies of God and deserve only an eternal punishment. It was none other than Jesus who could connect this ignorant humanity to a loving and caring God. All other religions talk about humans seeking God, but in Christianity God seeks humans and comes in the form of Jesus to offer them forgiveness and eternity.

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God is, by nature, an eternal being. For Him there is no beginning and no end, He is the Alpha and He is the Omega. Therefore, people who come in contact with him get communion in his divine form. God gives eternal life to his children. A life that has no end, has no suffering, has an eternal perspective. Release and forgiveness open a path to eternity. Jesus not only forgives our sins by offering a sacrifice for sins, but also allows mankind to enter the eternal abode and live with God. Jesus made this promise to the thief on the cross. That thief represents all mankind in their sinful state. We are separated from God by the act of sin but by accepting the sacrifice Jesus made for us, we are accepted into God’s heavenly places. When Jesus revealed his plan to leave the disciples, the disciples were upset. Jesus promised them a place above and that he himself would come to be with them in that paradise. It is eternal life that God gives to those who come to Him. Life is not only eternal, but it is abundant. Life is eternal in any place; heaven or hell Hell is for those who refuse God’s gift of salvation and Heaven is for those who humbly accept God’s gift.

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

Jesus said to his mother, “Woman, this is your son.” Then he said to his disciples: “This is your mother” John 19:26-27.

Man craves relationships and to a certain extent man lives on relationships. Sometimes they like to jump on relationships. But one thing that remains key to relationships is the element of trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship that must remain strong. We can see during Jesus Christ’s life on earth, he developed few or only essential relationships that required his sole commitment; Like his mother. Jesus knew how much responsibility he had for his mother. He was faithful in his relationship, at least to those who seemed the weakest. Jesus thought that after leaving home on earth, his mother needed another responsible person to take care of her. Perhaps, in Jesus’ understanding, at that time, the other family member would not do so well to care for his mother. So this word and action of Jesus tells us that God is faithful in his relationship. Nowadays people often break up the relationship for small things. It is difficult to see long and fulfilling relationships in our time. People are often loyal and impatient when it comes to relationship responsibility. But if you build a relationship with God, He will be faithful to take care of you. He has blessed us with the honor of calling him Abba Father. He is a divine father to each of us. We must acknowledge His Fatherhood in our lives. We should always seek to have an intimate relationship with Him through prayer and meditation on the Word. The last moments of Jesus’ life on earth were filled with great sorrow and fear.

Seven Words From The Cross Sermon

Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross

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