Strange News Around The World

Strange News Around The World – We’re going to take a look at some of the stranger stories making news around the world this week.

The Colosseum in Rome has stood for nearly 2000 years, proof that the ancient Romans knew about the building.

Strange News Around The World

Strange News Around The World

And it’s not just the Colosseum. Such ancient structures are found all over Rome. These structures speak to the strength and durability of the building materials used by the ancient Romans.

Strange New Worlds: The Search For Alien Planets And Life Beyond Our Solar System: Jayawardhana, Ray: 9780691158075: Books

One of the main building materials used in these heavy structures was Roman concrete – a stronger and more durable ancestor of the concrete used today.

Strange News Around The World

Colombia plans to send 70 of its cocaine hippos to India and Mexico. Of the total 70 hippos, 60 will be sent to India and 10 to Mexico.

There are currently 130-160 hippos in Colombia, and they have spread beyond Escobar’s former ranch. These cocaine hippos are descendants of four hippos brought from Africa or the Americas in the 1970s.

Strange News Around The World

Strange World Director Explains New Disney Film’s Huge Twist

Malaysian reptile lover Yap Ming Yang hopes visitors to his pet-friendly cafe will learn to appreciate snakes and lizards as much as dogs and cats.

Bearded dragons, leopard geckos and corn snakes live in stacked glass tanks around Yap’s Cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

Strange News Around The World

A German ice cream parlor has expanded its menu with cricket-flavored scoops containing dried brown insects.

Fiction: Reviews Of ‘strange Flowers’ And ‘the Killing Hills’

Mikolino has a habit of creating flavors that are outside of the usual German tastes, I think yours and mine too!!!!!

Strange News Around The World

A podcaster captured the crazy moment an SUV crashed into a Houston cafe, shattering glass on it and a visiting guest.

Seconds before the SUV pulled into the cafe, podcaster Nathan Reeves said: “It’s so quiet in here.” Luckily the last words weren’t famous!!!!!!We are going to see some weird news from around the world. Making the news this week.

Strange News Around The World

Orson Welles, The War Of The Worlds, And The ‘panic Of 1938’

Dunblane theater group Rubber Chicken Theater broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest theater production in February 2022. This time they are raising funds through a 24-hour singing marathon after a year.

A small fire inside New York JFK’s Terminal 1 had major consequences, forcing an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to return to Auckland across the North Pacific Ocean after a 16-hour ‘no-where’ flight. Route to New York.

Strange News Around The World

The fire broke out early Thursday morning and was quickly and safely extinguished, but not before it damaged electrical systems.

Is There A ‘strange World’ End Credits Scene? Details Revealed!: Photo 4861181

Passengers on a British Airways flight from Texas to London had to leave their seats mid-flight after spotting a loose scorpion. It is unclear whether the scorpion was a stowaway or escaped from the container during transport. It could not be found, and everyone in the area had to move to empty seats scattered across the plane.

Strange News Around The World

Karen Green kept her first-generation eight-gigabyte phone in its box, realizing that collectors might come along to find it valuable over the years. Her guess was confirmed when appraisers valued it at $5,000.

But the results of an online auction last weekend shattered all expectations when Green’s iPhone 63 sold for $356.40. 100 times more than its original price.

Strange News Around The World

If The U.s. Is In A Recession, It’s A Very Strange One

A pair of North Carolina newlyweds and members of their wedding party have an unforgettable story to tell after they are rescued from a hotel elevator.

Panam and Victoria Jha said they were celebrating after the ceremony when the elevator at Charlotte’s Grand Bohemian Hotel stopped halfway between floors. said the groom.

Strange News Around The World

“We went maybe five feet, then stopped, and the door was leaning a little bit, so I thought, ‘Hmm, that’s not normal.’ Listen to “Certainly a Day They’ll Never Forget,” above. A strange group of sea creatures washed up on beaches around the world, a video of Bigfoot hiding in an Ohio forest, and the upcoming discovery of a legendary treasure lost at sea are among the strange, unusual and intriguing stories. Our radar this past week.

Bananas — Patrick Cotnoir

In an exciting story that could develop further later this year, maritime archaeologists from Spain and Mexico announced this week that they have formed a joint venture to search for a legendary lost ship believed to contain a huge treasure. About four centuries ago the Nuestra Señora del Juncal was sunk en route from the coast of Mexico to Spain, with a great store of gold, silver, and other riches. In the years that followed, no one was able to locate the wreck, but this coming May an expedition finally located the ship and the 120 to 150 tons of treasure it landed with.

Strange News Around The World

Speaking of mysterious sea monsters, this past week there have been three cases of strange creatures spotted on different beaches around the world for some strange reason. First, in South Carolina, a woman walking her dog stumbles upon a gruesome corpse, which she suspects may be an escaped monkey from a nearby observation facility. Then, in Scotland, large remains of a still-unidentified animal were found on a beach after a storm. Also, in Mexico, the body of a strange eyeless creature was found near the popular tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta.

The most talked about story in paranormal circles this past week came by way of Ohio, where a pair of hikers claimed to have captured some amazing footage of what they believe to be Bigfoot. A lengthy video shows what appears to be a giant furry biped walking through the woods of Salt Fork State Park. However, not everyone was convinced it was a real sasquatch encounter, citing the way the footage was edited and the ‘too perfect’ conditions in which witnesses encountered the animal.

Strange News Around The World

Mystery Of ‘alien’ Skeleton Solved

For more weird and unusual news from this past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website. We think we live through a surreal age of weird news, but that’s nothing compared to some of the reported news. Early Seventeenth Century News Pamphlets. During this period there were frequent reports of strange weather, unexplained ghost sightings, horrific births and more. The question is whether people living in the 17th century would have thought these reports as strange as they do today.

In 1616, news broke that three bodies had risen from their graves in a town in Germany. After the ‘storm’, the townspeople believe they have seen three corpses rise from the grave to preach a dire warning of God’s wrath. Rumors of this spread and pamphlets were printed all over Europe, and news of it eventually reached Edward Alde in London, where he printed this account.

Strange News Around The World

On the twentieth day of September last, 1616, wonderful news from the town of Holt, on board the Duke of Munster, Germany. In plain sight three bodies rose from their graves and warned the people of the judgments to come. . London: John Barnes, for 1616 [E. Alde] printed.

Jake Gyllenhaal Discovers Fantastical Creatures & Worlds In Disney’s ‘strange World’ First Teaser

As you can see, like any sensational headline today, ‘Fantastic News’ is splashed across the half-title page, and below is carved a beautiful woodcut of three skeletons. This phenomenon seems surreal to us today, but it is very plausible. In the early modern period people were accustomed to interpreting strange sights and strange events as signs of divine judgment or wrath. This is the only way they can interpret it.

Strange News Around The World

So did people always believe these strange stories? Well, in 1620 Nathaniel Butters published a news report, translated into Italian, describing a vision seen above the Prophet Muhammad’s tomb in ‘Arabia’ and the sky raining blood on Rome.

Cortano, Ludovico. Good news for Christendom. Sent to the Venetians at Lygon from a merchant of Alexandria, met with a wonderful and strange apparition, which was visible for many days… and many other notable accidents. London: Printed for Nathaniel Butters, 1620.

Strange News Around The World

The Long, Strange Life Of The World’s Oldest Naked Mole Rat

In the preface, the translator writes that he finds this account difficult to believe. Finally, other recent strange reports such as the ‘Sussex Serpent, German Ghosts’ (a reference to the pamphlet described above?) and a great army marching through the sky ‘came out of the shophouse’. But apparently he realized his mistake and is now convinced that this vision is not fake news. This is certainly true, and if it is true, it must be a sign from God.

Ghosts and forms are not just divine intervention. Bad weather was also a sign from God. This passage is a ‘true relation’ of the storm and severe floods that hit Barcelona and its surroundings in November 1617. A woodcut shows people drowning in a flood. It was just a lot of prayer and immersing the Holy Cross in the water

Strange News Around The World

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